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09-07-19 09:01:00,


What is going on? Is Dr. Michael Carpenter a mini-John Bolton in the making?

The timing of the recent protests was to be expected. They sound as if Joe Biden is about ready to use Georgia for his “doomed” presidential campaign in much in the same vein as John McCain attempted to do back in August 2008. The explanation of what happened during the protests depends on who you are listening to, and how you well you are able to separate fact from the carefully-crafted rhetoric.

One of the first things to do when evaluating the situation is to read some of the English language news sites, especially those heavily funded by NED … or the “National Endowment for Destabilization” as it should be called, and other likeminded organisations which operate under the guise of spreading democracy in Georgia.

You will naturally find op eds there, albeit with disclaimers such as Russian Soft Power Fails, Pointing the Way to a New Georgian Consensus, but consider the clients of the author; these appear to be biased. Each one reads as if drafted by VOA or other such mouthpieces of US policy, while their delivery mechanism purports to be neutral and professional.

Such articles present those who support traditional Georgian values including the Georgian Orthodox Church hierarchs and their anti-liberal followers, as a “domestic constituency”, described as “a growing and active minority within the Georgian electorate.”

The agenda becomes clear when a comparison is made: “regardless of that debate about the past, the Georgian Dream (Party) government has been drifting more recently towards the anti-liberal, religious program advocated by Russian propaganda.”

This is pretty heavy stuff – the writer makes a BIG deal out of “close ties” between the ruling government and Russia, and its efforts to seek a balanced policy between the West and Russia and improve relations after the 2008 Georgian Russian war. He presents these as being anti-liberal, and part of a religious agenda, to imply that Georgia is both a Russian vassal state and going backwards, despite the nature of the current US government and its base of support.

Spoiling Russian-Georgian Relations

The purpose of these articles is demonstrated by allegations that the unleashing of “indiscriminate” violence on the mostly peaceful crowd was so sudden that a legitimate question is raised whether Georgia’s informal ruler,

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