Geneva Telecom Antenna Map Illustrates How the “Stop 5G!” Campaign Misleads Supporters – Activist Post


07-02-20 07:54:00,

By Peter Tocci

In What Do YOU Mean When You Say “5G”? (WDYM) much space is devoted to analyzing news stories about the dreaded “5G” rollout. Two of the greatest fallacies presented in this hysteria are 1) “5G” has not been tested for safety, and 2) there are many reports of harm when “5G” is turned on. The first is untrue, the second much confused.

Since WDYM covers these issues thoroughly, we won’t reinvent the wheel here, except to say that hysteria ‘1’ is a ploy. No one should be singling out “5G” about safety testing, since no ‘G’ has been properly tested from the outset – including “5G”.

So it’s quite irresponsible to make it sound like the other G’s have been safety tested. It’s been scientific fraud embraced by the FCC all the way in order to get this pathological atrocity intimately woven into society and people’s lives. You wouldn’t be off calling it evil.

Both hysterias arise from the fact that few opposers seem to know/acknowledge/care that “5G” isn’t one thing, but two. New international specifications cover the new, higher frequencies all the harangue is about, often called ‘millimeter wave’ (I designate it 5Gmmw); as well as the old 2G-4G frequencies called ‘sub-6 GHz’ or ‘mid-/low-band’ microwave frequencies (5Gmlb) — 4G “on steroids”. The quotes around “5G” indicate this misunderstanding.

A corollary is that “5G” opposition implies that we must be rid of “5G,” but that 3G/4G, though ultimately fatal,’ can be tamed with “tips” for reducing exposure and with “safe” exposure limits. The former is simply futile, since no exposure is safe. The latter is best described as a pipe dream. The establishment knew all the harm 20 years before 1G (see History of Official Awareness in WDYM).

Before we get to the harm issue, it’s necessary to understand that the ecosystem and humans have been exposed to radio frequencies for about a century.25. But especially telecom/WiFi microwave, and especially again, digital, signals, since 1991-2 in the US, meaning 2G. 1G was ‘analog.’

Keep in mind, then, that long-term exposure and quite probably cumulative effect and latency, as with hospital x-rays and tobacco,

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Miljardenclaim voor telecom bedrijven in strijd tegen uitrol #5G –


14-12-19 09:27:00,


De drie mobiele telecom leveranciers die 5G gaan uitrollen in Nederland krijgen voor het jaareinde een claim van 2,8 miljard euro per jaar, volgens woordvoerder van de Nationale Bond tegen Overheidszaken Jordy Zwarts. De Bond is een aansprakelijkheidsactie begonnen tegen de telecomproviders. De reden is dat het mobiele 5G-netwerk een ernstige bedreiging vormt voor de gezondheid en persoonlijke levenssfeer van iedereen die eraan wordt blootgesteld. Meer dan vierduizend mensen hebben zich voor deze actie aangemeld en hun financiële steun gegeven.

Wat staat concreet te gebeuren

  1. De Nationale Bond tegen Overheidszaken laat de verbintenissen van alle deelnemers aan deze actie door een deurwaarder betekend afleveren bij de aansprakelijke directeuren van de telecomproviders.
  2. De Bond stuurt namens alle deelnemers nota’s aan de aansprakelijke partijen. Worden deze nota’s niet betaald, dan gaat de Bond via de Wet massaschadeclaim deze aansprakelijke partijen dagvaarden. De advocaat en de gerechtelijke kosten komen voor rekening van de Bond.
  3. De deelnemer heeft aan de Bond een eenmalige bijdrage van € 29,- betaald en staat een gage van 5% af wanneer de Bond de rechtszaak wint en de deelnemer een vergoeding ontvangt.
  4. De deelnemers geven voor de activering van 5G geen toestemming en maken dit feit juridisch ‘hard’. Dit doen ze door een verbintenis aan te gaan met de directeuren van de telecomproviders, voor de activering van het 5G-netwerk.
  5. Zonder toestemming (wilsverklaring, Art 3.33 BW) is een persoonlijke service (dienstbaarheid) in welke benaming dan ook niet acceptabel (Art. 1.1 lid 2 BW), anders wordt een onrechtmatige daad gepleegd met recht op een schadevergoeding (Art. 6.162 BW).  Deze schadevergoeding bedraagt 2,8 miljard euro per jaar.

Bescherming van deelnemers actie

Als de rechter in een mogelijke procedure toch tot een negatieve uitspraak zou komen, dan kunnen de telecom bedrijven geen kosten op de Bond of deelnemers verhalen. De Bond neemt de gerechtskosten en advocaatkosten voor zijn rekening en daar horen bij ook de kosten bij eventueel in rekening zouden worden gebracht. De Bond zorgt ervoor dat voldoende middelen in reserve blijven om die eventuele kosten te kunnen betalen.

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Russian telecom giant & China’s Huawei launch 5G zones in Russian cities


30-08-19 12:16:00,

Russian mobile operator MTS has teamed up with Chinese tech giant Huawei for a 5G pilot scheme in Moscow and Kronshtadt, where for the first time the super-fast network will cover almost the entire city.

The agreement between the two parties was signed during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia in June, when he met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and took part in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The network became operational at the VDNKh (All-Russian Exhibition Center), one of the major attractions in the Russian capital, on Thursday. Functioning on the 28GHz and 4.9GHz frequency bands, it will test so-called Smart City technology, designed to improve security and urban services management, as well as helping to develop the transport system, according to MTS.

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Russia enters super-fast communication era with launch of first 5G zone in Moscow

5G also makes some futuristic movie-like applications realistic, for example, you can make a “holographic” phone call, the head of Huawei’s division in Russia, Zhao Lei, said. It also speeds up development of self-driving transport in the city and other future technologies, according to Eduard Lysenko, head of the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow.

While the super-fast network is now available only around one pavilion of the historical complex, by 2020 the pilot zone is expected to expand and cover almost the whole of the VDNKh area.

“According to our forecasts, we expect a sevenfold increase of 5G traffic in Moscow by 2025,” said Igor Egorov, MTS’s Moscow region director.

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Huawei’s smartphones will not have Google apps

Meanwhile in Kronshtadt, a city in Kotlin Island, not far from St. Petersburg, is to become the first city in Russia where the next-generation network covers almost the entire population, according to MTS.

Those who have 5G-capable smartphones will enjoy super-fast internet, as the first phone connected to the network demonstrated an internet speed of 1.2Gbps. In reality, it means that it will take you around one minute to download a full HD movie.

The first 5G zone was launched in Moscow earlier this month,

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Telecom Construction Expert Offers Opinion on YouTube Video of Dead Bees Under 5G Cell Towers


04-08-19 07:13:00,

By B.N. Frank

Earlier this week, Activist Post reported about the viral YouTube video that shows dead bees under what was reported to be 5G small cells installed in California.

A Telecom Industry Construction Expert has weighed in and provided information that is equally if not more depressing:

Tyler Vanover

Industry construction expert here. Those towers are not 5g they are 4g. All modern 4g sites are outfitted with 5g capabilities. Not specifically to operate at 5g frequencies, but at the lower band using 4g radios to communicate with the future 5g infrastructure which will be much smaller antennas, every several hundred meters in every direction on every public street. This bee killing phenomenon has been talked about for years inside the industry. All tower climbers can attest to bees getting “drunk” on rf signal coming from the towers, which act as a lure. Heavily concentrated 4g activity like the site featured in this video, can aggregate alot of frequency, and since its so low to the ground, it becomes quite dangerous for low flying insects. Blame California city regulations for these “hidden” low height cell structures. We build them up high and away from people for a reason.

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From ResearchGate:

The exponential increase of mobile telephony has led to a pronounced increase in electromagnetic fields in the environment that may affect pollinator communities and threaten pollination as a key ecosystem service. Previous studies conducted on model species under laboratory conditions have shown negative effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on reproductive success, development, and navigation of insects.

Environmental Health Trust also offers two web pages that reference research on bees (see 1, 2).

Activist Post reports regularly about research that has determined all sources of cell phone and wireless radiation are biologically and environmentally harmful.  For more information, visit our archives and the following websites:

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Telecom Execs Say There Is No Proof 5G Is Safe. FCC Employees and Lobbyists Still Blame Russia for 5G Opposition in U.S. and Post Accusations On Social Media


16-05-19 03:26:00,

By B.N. Frank

The Telecom Industry gave congressional testimony in February that they cannot provide any evidence that 5G is safe.

There is research that proves 5G is harmful.  There are also very serious cybersecurity issues that have been identified with 5G as well.

For those just tuning in, Americans aren’t the only ones opposed to 5G.  People everywhere have valid reasons to try to stop it from being installed in their communities (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).  U.S. elected officials have been raising red flags about 5G too (see 1, 2, 3).  There are lawsuits that have been filed against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding 5G installation as well (see 1, 2, 3).

Despite all of this, a recent New York Times article blamed Russia for the American 5G opposition.  More desperate behavior has ensued since, including FCC employees and lobbyists using social media to also blame Russia.

So an NYT science reporter wrote this piece on how RT is pushing conspiracies about 5G … /1

— Molly McKew (@MollyMcKew) May 12, 2019

As reported by the @nytimes, Russian influence operations are propagating a false narrative that 5G can cause cancer and other health risks. Ryan Fox, New Knowledge COO, comments on the disinformation tactics being used against 5G and the intent driving it

— New Knowledge (@NewKnowledgeAI) May 13, 2019

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‘Telecom Industry Did No Research on Health Impacts of 5G’ – Global Research


05-04-19 06:35:00,

India plans to begin 5G trials by 2020, but experts and industry stand at odds over its impact on human health and environment. The fifth generation wireless network promises to be 50 times faster than its predecessor — 4G. Down To Earth talked to a series of experts on the issue


Paul Heroux, professor of toxicology and health effects of electromagnetism at Department of Surgery, McGill University Health Centre, Canada, speaks with Down To Earth about adoption of 5G will be detrimental towards people’s health.

Akshit Sangomla: What are the primary health impacts of using 5G mobile network and is there enough scientific evidence to prove that these impacts will take place?

Paul Heroux: All artificial electromagnetic radiation is a problem because biological systems are not adapted to it. Since exposure has increased progressively and started at a time when disease detection was primitive, those impacts went largely unnoticed. The health evidence has been there, but ignored for decades. 5G will promote cell phone use and therefore human exposures to phones and base stations. The higher frequencies will concentrate the radiation in a smaller portion of the human body because of smaller penetration depth. These frequencies also need more intensity to allow penetration through obstacles. The exposures will be more concentrated over time because of the beam-forming (5-10°) that is specific to 5G. On the specific issue of cancer, all major animal studies, including Chou (1992), Repacholi (1997) and NTP-Ramzzini (2019) confirm carcinogenic action of electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

AS: Countries like UK, US and even India are pushing for faster adoption of 5G? Have the concerns around health impacts been resolved?

PH: Industry has performed no health studies on 5G. They do not need to as they have a stranglehold on legislation that allows them to arbitrarily place base stations where they went on streets close to homes and people have no recourse whatsoever. Dominique Bellepomme, an oncologist in Paris, calls this a “crime against humanity”. As usual, to push adoption of the next update, industry represents that 5G is a revolution, while in fact it is only an expansion of wireless. Most of the applications presented to promote it are “vapourware”, things that either already exist or will never see implementation.

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