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By B.N. Frank

For many years, firefighter unions have been opposed to cell towers and antennas being installed at their stations due to health and safety risks (see 1, 2, 3). If some of America’s strongest and bravest are opposed to cell towers and 5G being installed in close proximity to where they spend long periods of time – it would seem logical that most people would be opposed to them being installed within close proximity to where they and their loved ones spend long periods of time, right?

Recently, firefighter opposition to cell towers and antennas was addressed again at a California council meeting.

From Environmental Health Trust:

Numerous testimonies against 5G were presented to the Malibu City Council  at their   Monday, August 24, 2020 Meeting.

Medical Writer Susan Foster sent EHT her testimony to the Malibu City Council to share. Foster was instrumental in working with firefighters on the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIRE FIGHTERS  Official Position Against  Cell Towers on Fire Stations passed in 2004. She was also the organizer of a brain study of firefighters exposed to RF radiation from a cell tower adjacent to their fire station of over 5 years which found brain damage. Read her affidavit here.

Firefighter groups in the United States have long opposed cell towers on their stations. Not only that, but in California firefighters have lobbied for and sometimes achieved certain exemptions from  forced placement of towers on their stations because of their strong opposition due to health concerns from the radiation. Firefighters have long contended they are willing to risk their lives for their fellow citizens; they are unwilling to risk deadly consequences as a result of living with cell towers on their stations in order to facilitate corporate profits.

What exemptions were California firefighters  fought for that that stopped cell towers on their stations?

  • AB57- Firefighters have gotten an exemption to have cell towers on or adjacent to their facilities. This was codified in California’s 2015 legislation AB57 . CA AB57 (2015) Legiscan Text of Bill.  ” Section 65964.1.  (f) Due to the unique duties and infrastructure requirements for the swift and effective deployment of firefighters,

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Kim Dong Chul’s New Testimony: More Unpleasant Truth on Espionage in North Korea | New Eastern Outlook


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Five years ago, the author pointed out to what occurred after the North Korean authorities released three convicted US citizens (46-year-old Kenneth Bae, 24-year-old Matthew Todd Miller and 56-year-old Jeffrey E. Fowle), who were all considered “innocent victims of the regime.” Kenneth Bae, during his visit to an orphanage, took several compromising pictures illustrating what awful conditions the children live in; Matthew Miller wanted to be granted a political asylum in the North and got a six year imprisonment; Jeffrey E. Fowle accidentally left his pocket Bible in the toilet and was charged with religious propaganda.

Later another thing became clear. Fowle, upon his return home, wasted no time stating that he did indeed conduct religious propaganda and intentionally left the Bible so that it could be picked up, thus intending to contribute to Christianity dissemination in North Korea. Matthew Miller wanted to be arrested in the first place and planned it in order to “get to know the North Korean people better.” For this reason, he deliberately tried to give the North Koreans false information (records he had made on his laptop including schemes of the US troops withdrawal from South Korea and access to the US military base files), and, in court, he did not make any attempts to get acquitted. Kenneth Bae did not make any public statements because the legal proceedings, which received a lot of media coverage, ended with his guilt proved only too well and rather exhaustively.

But that is just the introduction. The audience might remember that, among the US citizens detained for espionage and later released against the backdrop of the US-North Korean rapprochement, there was Kim Dong Chul, a missionary and the president of the company engaged in services in the spheres of trade and hotel business in the Rason Special Economic Zone. In October 2015, Kim was arrested during the meeting with his informant where he received a flash stick on which information on the military facilities of the country was stored. He later held a detailed press conference, where he reported that, in 2011, he had been contacted by South Korean intelligence agents, under the direction and at the expense of whom he collected various information, including that of the military: “I was assigned to photograph military secrets and scandalous phenomena.” He was given a 10 year imprisonment,

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