Will There Be Bail-ins? – Question For Corbett


30-06-20 02:25:00,

SHOW NOTES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=37023

A listener writes in to ask about the economic crash we’re about to experience. Will there be bank bailouts like in the 2008 crisis, or bank bail-ins as we’ve seen the banksters preparing for? Or will this be a different type of crash altogether? Join James for this exploration of the global banking architecture and how the banksters have been scheming to pick your pocket the next time they’re in trouble.

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“There Are Fates Worse Than Death” – Catherine Austin Fitts Exposes the Injection Fraud


06-06-20 02:20:00,

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=36739

Catherine Austin Fitts of solari.com interviews James Corbett about his new documentary, Who Is Bill Gates? We go beyond the focus on Gates to discuss the syndicate that he is leading, the business model it relies on, and the new form of collateral that will underlie the digital economy: the human body. Don’t miss this vital conversation that fills in the missing pieces of the puzzle and draws back the curtains on the real purpose of the injection fraud.

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There Are Dark Days Ahead – James Corbett on Free Man Beyond The Wall


04-04-20 03:11:00,

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There Are More Than 300 US Military Bases With Possible “Toxic Forever” Chemical Contamination


21-12-19 08:19:00,

Authored by Meghann Myers via MilitaryTimes.com,

Hundreds of military installations have either known or likely water contamination caused by runoff from firefighting foam used in response to vehicle and aircraft accidents, according to the Environmental Working Group.

Using Defense Department data, the organization built an interactive map of 305 sites, which are found in all 50 states. Each map dot opens up to information and links on perfluorooctane sulfonate or perfluorooctanoic acid, known as PFAS.

“Of these sites, 138 have not been previously identified on EWG’s map of known PFAS contamination at military bases, civilian airports and industrial sites,” according to a Tuesday new release.

“In addition, 42 of these sites were not included on a list of 401 locations the Pentagon gave to Congress of active and former installations where PFAS contamination was known or suspected.”

An interactive Environmental Working Group map lays out PFAS contamination across 305 military sites. (EWG)

The map went live the day after the House and Senate armed services committees finalized a compromise defense authorization bill for 2020, which includes provisions to approaching the PFAS issue going forward.

Expected to see a vote in the House on Wednesday, the law would prohibit the use of PFAS-laden firefighting foam after Oct. 1, 2024, and immediately ban any use of the foam outside of emergency situations.

While the bill dropped a provision that would have brought PFAS-contaminated bases under the federal Superfund law, providing funding and a requirement to clean them up, the NDAA pushes the Pentagon to work with state governments to start clean up using funds from the Defense Environmental Remediation Account.

It would also require that military firefighters are testing for PFAS levels in their blood, as the chemicals do not break down over time and are known to build up in the human body.

In the mean time, the Air Force has been testing a system that might be able to remove PFAS from ground water, and DoD is funding research into a new firefighting foam.

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There Is No Such Thing as a Free Press – PaulCraigRoberts.org


13-11-19 05:19:00,

There Is No Such Thing as a Free Press

Paul Craig Roberts

Udo Ulfkotte’s amazing book, Gekaufte Journalisten (Bought Journalism) was published by Kopp Verlag in 2014. The book was a sensation and sold 1,500,000 copies in Germany, but no major US publisher would bring out an English translation. Finally, last month a small publisher, Progressive Press, published an English language edition titled Presstitutes Embedded in the Pay of the CIA.

Ulfkotte’s book destroys the illusion/delusion that there is anywhere in the Western world an independent press. Ulfkotte describes in detail the cognitive appropriation of journalists by elites. Journalists serve as propagandists and public relations agents for intelligence agencies, businesses, lobbying organizations, politicians, and US foreign policy. The function of journalism is to deliver to the people the explanations that serve the interests of elites and Washington’s foreign policy. This message was so effectively delivered to the German people that readership of the main German newspapers collapsed.

Ulfkotte describes how journalists are recruited when they are still students and find themselves indebted to and dependent on serving other interests than the truth. All from the lowest reporter to the highest editor to the owners of the news organization are caught up in enabling the elites to control the explanations. Ulfkotte names names and lists the organizations that bring journalists together with intelligence services and related think tanks, politicians, and foreign policy associations. Incestuous relationships between journalists, intelligence agencies, businesses, politicians, and US foreign policy aims are so pervasive that no one thinks anything of it. The only ones who get in trouble are those who don’t go along.

Ulfkotte’s book is written for Germans. Americans might find the German detail boring, but in the detail is the picture of how the subtle process of turning journalists into functionaries of intelligence services, politicians, and businesses is accomplished. The book starts off slowly. Ulfkotte knows that he would face readers’ disbelief if he jumped right into the horror story. So he begins with the perks and rewards of accommodating “sources” and censoring real news, such as the use of German poison gas by Iraq against Iran.

One interesting story is how the German press handled the wave of migrants from Bulgaria and Romania into Germany.

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Is There a Color Revolution in the Making in Lebanon? – Global Research


31-10-19 01:30:00,

This article is a continuation of my last article about what’s really going on in Lebanon. According to many Lebanese and my regular taxi driver and friend in Beirut, Hussein, Lebanon no longer exists for the Lebanese. According to the recent census, there are about 2 million Syrian refugees in addition hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, and Indians in contrary to the rich Europeans, Americans, and other states’ citizens who live in Beirut. The Lebanese people have become the minority. The economic burden is too heavy. The gap between rich and poor is overwhelming and shows when you drive through the streets of Beirut.

So far it’s understandable why people rise up and go to the streets. But already there are signs that the fifth column is doing its job by infiltrating the crowds, and some embassies have sent their “best man or women” to analyze and stir up the uprising.

Sayyed Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah, said in his speech on October 26th;

Some protests have been financed by embassies and suspicious sides. Certain elements are seeking to stir political tensions in Lebanon in a bid to create political vacuum in the country,” Nasrallah said last Friday, warning that certain factions seek to take the country to a“civil war”, a reference to the country’s bloody 1975-1990 civil war.

Furthermore, Nasrallah said that the government’s resignation is a “waste of time”.

New elections and the consequently timely formation of a new government will ultimately include the same combination of Lebanon’s various political parties already present in the cabinet, failing to address Lebanon’s “systematic” problems and further destabilizing Lebanon, Nasrallah said.

The Hezbollah chief also added that the demonstrations are “spontaneous” and independent from any foreign or domestic political influence, but warning participants to beware of the rallies being hijacked by political groups and countries.

That is exactly what’s happening right now, this is what happens in nearly every uprising, the fifth column comes into action and “hijacks” the so-called revolution. The countries of interest, like the US and of course long time “enemy” next door, the Zionist State of Israel, are working overtime in their embassies in Hamra (the area of the rich and powerful in Beirut).

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Is There a Vaccine Cancer Connection? – Global Research


30-10-19 08:37:00,

First published in October 2018

“This vaccine has not been evaluated for its carcinogenic or mutagenic potentials or impairment of fertility.”

This phrase or one similar can be found on just about every vaccine package insert and should be justification for any reasonable person to decline vaccination.  However, doctors are not required to give full informed consent regarding vaccines and most people blindly trust their doctors.

Considering the recommended vaccine schedule has tripled in the United States over the last thirty years, parents have begun to question whether this is necessary or valuable to their children.

Image of Advisories regarding Triton and Fluarix Vaccines

In 1983, children received up to 23 doses of eight vaccines before the age of eighteen.  Today children receive as many as 69 doses of 16 different vaccines, all given by the age of eighteen.

Coinciding with the ever-increasing vaccine schedule are soaring rates of chronic illness in children, including cancer, which has skyrocketed and is now the leading cause of death by disease in children past infancy.

Government authorities refuse to acknowledge any link between cancer and vaccination, but could injecting toxic chemicals repeatedly into our children, especially at critical intervals in their development be causing cancer in so many?

Toxic Vaccine Ingredients You Need to Know About

Formaldehyde – There is sufficient evidence from cancer studies in humans proving the carcinogenetic effects of this ingredient.  Both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer admit formaldehyde is a known carcinogen.

Millions of children receive injections annually containing this toxic ingredient.

Is it a coincidence that formaldehyde has been associated with leukemia and that the number one cancer in children is leukemia?

Mercury Is In Vaccines Too – Mercury is a known carcinogen and for many years children received up to 237 micrograms (mcg) from vaccines during the first two years of life.  This far exceeds the EPA’s recommended safe (to ingest, not inject), level of 1/10th of 1 microgram per kilogram a day.

A rabbit will die if given 35 mcg of mercury.

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Why War? Is There any Way of Delivering Humanity from the Menace of War? Mutual Exchange between Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud – Global Research


17-09-19 12:25:00,

Caputh near Potsdam, 30th July, 1932.

Dear Professor Freud,

The proposal of the League of Nations and its International Institute of Intellectual Co-operation at Paris that I should invite a person, to be chosen by myself, to a frank exchange of views on any problem that I might select affords me a very welcome opportunity of conferring with you upon a question which, as things now are, seems the most insistent of all the problems civilization has to face. This is the problem: Is there any way of delivering humanity from the menace of war? It is common knowledge that, with the advance of modern science, this issue has come to mean a matter of life and death for civilization as we know it; nevertheless, for all the zeal displayed, every attempt at its solution has ended in a lamentable breakdown.

I believe, moreover, that those whose duty it is to tackle the problem professionally and practically are growing only too aware of their impotence to deal with it, and have now a very lively desire to learn the views of men who, absorbed in the pursuit of science, can see world problems in the perspective distance lends. As for me, the normal objective of my thought affords no insight into the dark places of human will and feeling. Thus, in the enquiry now proposed, I can do little more than seek to clarify the question at issue and, clearing the ground of the more obvious solutions, enable you to bring the light of your far-reaching knowledge of man’s instinctive life to bear upon the problem. There are certain psychological obstacles whose existence a layman in the mental sciences may dimly surmise, but whose interrelations and vagaries he is incompetent to fathom; you, I am convinced, will be able to suggest educative methods, lying more or less outside the scope of politics, which will eliminate these obstacles.

As one immune from nationalist bias, I personally see a simple way of dealing with the superficial (i.e. administrative) aspect of the problem: the setting up, by international consent, of a legislative and judicial body to settle every conflict arising between nations. Each nation would undertake to abide by the orders issued by this legislative body,

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It’s Now “Incendiary” To Say There Are Two Genders


07-09-19 09:15:00,

Authored by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com,

Happy Friday everyone. Let’s bring on the weekly absurdity!

School cop handcuffs and screams at autistic 8-year-old

An eight year old autistic boy in Southlake, Texas became agitated in his guidance counselor’s office.

At one point the child became fidgety and took out a jump rope (that had been provided to him by the school). Amazingly enough, the counselor felt threatened by this and asked the school cop to come into the office.

So the cop handcuffed the child, screamed in his face, and mocked his frustration. The cop also claimed that the child had a weapon, which he described as “homemade nunchucks”. This ‘weapon’ turned out to be the jump rope that the child was twirling.

When the parents came to retrieve their child, the officer continued to harass the parents, sarcastically telling them, “great parenting.”

Click here for the full story.

*  *  *

82 days in jail for possession of honey

A Jamaican man legally residing in the USA returned from his yearly visit to his home island.

With him he brought two bottles of honey. Unfortunately the airport drug dog thought the man’s bag smelled suspicious. And an initial test said the honey was actually meth.

Another drug test revealed that the honey bottles were shockingly filled with honey.

But they still didn’t want to release him, even on bail. They wanted to send the honey off for more advanced testing.

EIGHTY TWO DAYS LATER the results came back. Honey. US Customs finally released the man from jail… but by then he had already lost his job after being absent for nearly three months.

Click here for the full story.

*  *  *

MSNBC calls it “incendiary” to say there are two genders

MSNBC is an allegedly non-biased news outlet. All they do is report the facts, right?

Last week, an anchor reported that a candidate for Governor “is out with a new TV ad this week, making incendiary comments about gender.”

Here’s what he said: “As a Doctor,

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Is There a Link Between Vaccines & the Rise of Childhood Cancers? – Vaxxter


20-08-19 09:16:00,

Written by Paul Louis

Have you seen the St. Jude Children’s Hospital fundraising commercials on TV? This hospital specializes in pediatric cancer. You may be wondering why so many young children are being diagnosed with cancer. This wasn’t happening a few decades ago.

According to a 2016 UK Telegraph science editorial, childhood cancers have increased 40 percent over the past 16 years, especially among teenagers. Since that report, cancer cases among infants and toddlers have continued to climb.

The following is quoted from Children’s Health Defense, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s site:

“For American children ages one through 14, cancer is the top disease-related cause of death, second only to accidents among all causes of childhood mortality. Leukemia and malignancies of the central nervous system are the most common types of childhood cancers. (Source)

This article will discuss findings that link childhood vaccines to the increased cancer rates among the very young. The explosion of childhood cancers correlates with the increase in vaccination schedules for children during the 1990s up to today.

In October 2016, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny was one of several health expert presenters in a live- on-line Truth About Cancer symposium. She did a 50-minute segment on the relationship of vaccines to cancer. The current Truth About Cancer symposium in Asia.

How Cancer is Created When Normal Cellular Metabolism Fails

Shortly before 1930, Nobel Prize-winning German biochemist, Otto Warburg, discovered that cellular oxygen insufficiency results in a metabolic shift, where cells resort to fermenting glucose for energy instead of using oxygen to metabolize glucose and other nutrients.

This conversion from cellular respiration to glucose fermentation is a cell’s survival mechanism. Unfortunately, the cells survive as cancer.

Based on his research, Warburg postulated that cancer is a metabolic disease. His findings confronted the unproven theory of mainstream oncology, which claims cancer is the result of genetic mutations.

“Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by fermentation of sugar.” – Dr.

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Is There A “Power Player” Behind The Current Tech Craziness Propelling The New World Order’s Geo-governance?


09-06-19 07:27:00,

By Catherine J. Frompovich

“We’ve arranged a society based on science and technology in which nobody understands *anything* about science and technology. And this combustible mixture of ignorance and power sooner or later is
going to blow up in our faces

Carl Sagan, in his final interview on 5/27/96

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. 
 The world will have a generation of idiots.”

…  Albert Einstein

American journalist Abby Martin, an RT News contributor, published a report in June of 2018, which somehow smacks of a “hidden agenda” insofar as the current unrelenting push regarding high tech developments [e.g., 5G, Internet of Things, Transhumanism, etc.], the New World Order, the U.S. Deep State and Shadow Government, and even terrorism, in my opinion.

Martin claims there’s a “mother of all multi-national corporations.”  She alleges it to be SERCO. 

Readers ought to listen to what Abby tells us about how far-reaching SERCO’s influences run, including managing prisons; air traffic control; public transportation; it runs every state school in Bradford, England; privatizing community centers; it acquires hospitals in Australia and England; it sets Greenwich Mean Time (GMT); it supplies defense and intelligence services across the USA by providing services to the U.S. Army, Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Dept. of Homeland Security, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, U.S. Dept. of State, and the Intelligence community!

Who is Serco? What is Serco?
19:36 minutes


Oh, SERCO also works with the U.S. government to fight cyber-terrorism!  “We are the company that runs the world,” according to Martin.  She adds, “There’s no doubt we live in a Corporatocracy.”

Pay particular attention from 6:11 to 10:37 minutes on the timeline for a most revealing commentary about SERCO and a shareholders’ meeting on the 47th floor of the World Trade Center North Tower on that fateful day, 9/11, 2001!  I won’t divulge any more,

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‘We Will Soon Pray There’: Israeli Minister Urges Jewish Settlers to Enter Al-Aqsa (The Temple Mount) – Global Research


06-06-19 06:20:00,

An Israeli minister has called on settlers to continue entering Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa compound and thanked security officials for making their visits possible after hundreds broke into the mosque during the final days of Ramadan.

In a video released on Monday, Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev said:

“We should do everything to keep ascending to the Temple Mount [the name used by Jews for Al-Aqsa].”

“And hopefully soon, we will pray in the Temple Mount, our sacred place,” she added.

Regev also thanked Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Interior Security Minister, and Jerusalem’s Police Chief for their “fight and contribution for Jews to ascend to the Temple Mount”.

Regev’s comments come days after Palestinians and Israeli police clashed at the compound. On Sunday, tensions ratcheted up in the city with Israel’s Jerusalem Day – a celebration of the country’s capture and occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967 – coinciding with the last days of Ramadan.

As Israelis planned to march through the Old City, including the Muslim Quarter, to observe the holiday, Palestinians were urged to occupy the Al-Aqsa compound, an act of defiance against Jewish Israelis that were expected to enter the holy site.

In response to Palestinians rallying in Al-Aqsa, Israeli police – who reportedly allowed the settlers to enter the site – raided the mosque.

The Waqf, an Islamic organisation that oversees the site, said Israeli police fired rubber bullets and used pepper spray against Palestinians as they cracked down on the rally. Two Palestinians were arrested, the Waqf said.

In a statement, the police said protesters had barricaded themselves in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and threw chairs and stones at forces who were attempting to “disperse” them.

Settlers regularly praying at holy site

The status of the Al-Aqsa compound is one of the most sensitive issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Al-Aqsa compound is one of the holiest sites in Islam and served as the first Qibla, the direction towards which Muslims must turn to pray, before that was changed to Mecca, in Saudi Arabia.

It is also the holiest site in Judaism, believed to be the location of the Jewish temple that was destroyed 2,000 years ago.

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Is There Hope For Ukrainians, At Last?


28-03-19 10:23:00,

Authored by Eric Zuesse via Washingtonsblog.com,

Finally, it appears that there is realistic hope for an end to the brutal, far-right, regime that U.S. President Barack Obama, through his chief agent on Ukraine, Victoria Nuland, had imposed upon Ukraine, by means of an extraordinarily violent coup in February 2014, which replaced Ukraine’s democratically elected sitting President, by a rabidly anti-Russian imposed regime.

Although, until recent days, there were signs that none of the three leading Presidential candidates in Ukraine’s upcoming March 31st election would veer far off the coup-installed regime’s hard-right path, that has changed drastically in recent days.

On March 15th, French Ambassador to Ukraine, Isabel Dumont, communicating privately on behalf of all seven of the G7 Ambassadors, warned Ukraine’s far-right Minister of the Interior, Arsen Avakov, that “the G7 group is concerned by extreme political movements in Ukraine.” As America’s Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty reported this on March 22nd, under the headline “G7 Letter Takes Aim At Role Of Violent Extremists In Ukrainian Society, Election”, the G7’s concern referred specifically to “products of the Azov Battalion.” This battalion is (though RFERL carefully ignores the fact) a white-supremacist Ukrainian organization. Its founder and leader, Andrei Biletsky (or “Beletsky”), calls his movement “Ukrainian Social Nationalism,” and he has laid out in writing its program as “racial purification of the Nation” and specifically as a return to “old Ukrainian Aryan values forgotten in modern society.” His followers had, under Obama (during and since the coup), powerfully helped to install the far-right new regime, which now possibly could finally end – Obama’s coup in Ukraine thus to become terminated in abject failure (which it actually already is) and ultimately abandonment by the Europeans (unless the U.S. Government gets out of there).

Avakov had, himself, been instrumental in the campaign to exterminate anyone in Ukraine who opposedthe political movements active in Ukraine that had supported Hitler against Stalin during the 1940s. This is why Ukraine’s hard-right calls itself “Social Nationalist” in order to hide its admiration for what had been German National Socialism or the original Nazism — the ideological pattern for all nazisms (racist fascisms) since.

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Is There Such A Maniacal State In The USA Known As The “Deep State”? | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


29-11-18 10:11:00,

By Catherine J. Frompovich

For many years, especially since the infamous and diabolical decimation of the NYC World Trade Towers and Building No.7, which no plane hit, there’s been much talk about the “Deep State” and/or the “Shadow Government” being the very real government running the USA.  Most folks really don’t give a damn, or so it seems.  However, there are three sets of ‘actors’ who U.S. citizens seemingly can’t equate with manipulating the strings of governance, especially those folks who propose ‘socialism’.

Most folks think it’s the President and the political party they vote for and elect who run the country.  Think again!  Would you accept the President is not permitted to know the devious plans of the Deep State and Shadow Government; how about the machinations of the Federal Reserve and its cadre of fiat money economy manipulators; and what’s euphemistically referred to as the New World Order under the auspices of the United Nations!  See the UN’s Agenda 21 and 2030, if you don’t believe that.  Those are the defining actors, or “string pullers,” running the U.S., and most of the world, since they were able to get away with assassinating President John F. Kennedy, in my opinion.  I remember that day like it was yesterday!

So, who or what make up the Deep State or Shadow Government?  Basically, it’s a conglomerate of military-influenced and/or run alphabet agencies within the U.S. federal government.  Here’s a list and don’t gasp:

  • CIA       Central Intelligence Agency
  • IRS        Internal Revenue Service
  • FBI        Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • DoD      Department of Defense
  • DHS      Department of Homeland Security
  • DoS       Department of State
  • EPA       Environmental Protection Agency
  • NOAA   National Ocean and Atmospheric Agency
  • NWS     National Weather Service
  • NSA      National Security Agency
  • DOJ       Department of Justice

We can accept the above because they were named by former CIA agent Kevin Shipp on August 5, 2016 before an audience gathered to hear about weather geoengineering.

Coup d’etat in Slowmotion
by Ole Dammegard

For almost 30 years investigator Ole Dammegård has been on a quest to find the truth behind some of the worst conspiracies in the history of world – such as the murders US President John F.

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There Is No Case Against Julian Assange So Lies Take the Place of Evidence – PaulCraigRoberts.org


29-11-18 09:52:00,

There Is No Case Against Julian Assange So Lies Take the Place of Evidence

Paul Craig Roberts

Julian Assange is not guilty of any crime. But Washington is going to convict him anyway. Documents are being fabricated to show that Assange met inside the Ecuadoran Embassy in London with Paul Manafort and some Russians.

The logs of all visits to the Embassy have been released and show no such meetings.

This latest fabrication was dumped on the public by the Guardian, formerly a leftwing newspaper but today a MI6 asset. Luke Harding who was leaked the fake documents is either extremely gullible or himself a MI6 asset.

The purpose of the leak is to create in the public’s mind that Assange was involved in “Russiagate” along with Trump and Putin. The fact that no evidence has been found that Russiagate exists except as a made-up allegation to justify a special prosecutor to investigate President Trump has not stopped the continued use of this canard.

Washington and London are relying on the public’s insouciance to shield their shamelessness.

Julian Assange’s life has been ruined because he was a professional journalist who told the truth instead of serving as a shill for the ruling elite. Now the intention is to give him a show trial and to convict him without evidence, relying on presstitutes to spread fake evidence that a meeting that did not occur occurred and with no explanation of how such a meeting if it had actuallly occurred would constitute espionage.

Former British ambassador Craig Murry explains the shameful use of government power against an innocent person that has been unfolding under our eyes for the last six years. What is being done to Assange is as bad as any of Stalin’s show trials and is worse because it is happening in full view in front of Western Democracy.

Here is Ambassador Murray:

November 27, 2018

Assange Never Met Manafort. Luke Harding and the Guardian Publish Still More Blatant MI6 Lies

By Craig Murray

The right wing Ecuadorean government of President Moreno continues to churn out its production line of fake documents regarding Julian Assange, and channel them straight to MI6 mouthpiece Luke Harding of the Guardian.

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There’s Something Suspicious Going On With Georgia’s Voting Machines

There’s Something Suspicious Going On With Georgia’s Voting Machines

26-10-18 06:25:00,

Carl Mikoy / Flickr Creative Commons

The Georgia governor’s race is in a deadlock, according to CNBC News, with Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp each polling at 47 percent as of Wednesday. In such a tight race, every vote will count, but voting rights advocates are raising the alarm over reports of voter suppression.

As Michael Harriot reports in The Root, the NAACP Georgia State Conference has filed complaints with the state Board of Elections over alleged voter suppression tactics. According to Harriot, voters have complained to the NAACP of multiple irregularities, including vote switching (usually from Democrat to Republican) and malfunctioning touchscreens.

Harriot writes that “NAACP Georgia State Conference president Phyllis T. Blake filed complaints with Georgia’s State Board [of] Elections after early voters and eyewitnesses in Bartow, Cobb, Henry, and Dodge County, Ga., notified the civil rights organization of the defective machines.”

Khyla Craine, the NAACP’s assistant general counsel, told The Root that “we’ve seen issues across the state of Georgia, and not just the Atlanta Metroplex. … We’ve seen this in central Georgia and have seen issues in southeastern Georgia, near Savannah.”

The machines are 17 years old and, as Harriot points out, Georgia “is one of five U.S. states whose voting machines have no paper trail, making them the most vulnerable to hacking, according to cybersecurity experts.”

Voting irregularities and potential voter suppression, however, are not limited to the machines:

Craine said that many Georgia voters who have requested or cast absentee ballots have been unable to track them using the Secretary of State’s “My Voter” page.

When a potential voter requests an absentee ballot, the voter is supposed to be able to enter their information on the Secretary of State’s website and see the status of their vote. Craine notes one specific incident in Candler County, Ga., where the county election official wasn’t even aware that they were supposed to input the information into the system.

All of this is “a very real threat” to election security, Robert DeMillo, a professor of computing at Georgia Institute of Technology and former chief technology officer at Hewlett-Packard, told The Root.

The NAACP says this is not the first time Georgia’s voting laws have come under fire in recent weeks.

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There Are Two Types of Pole Shifts & We Seem to be on Course for an event Faster than Most Ever Believed | Armstrong Economics

There Are Two Types of Pole Shifts & We Seem to be on Course for an event Faster than Most Ever Believed | Armstrong Economics

23-10-18 09:06:00,

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I agree that something seems to be changing faster than perhaps we might have expected. Is there anything that points to how fast a pole change might actually take place? How long do such events last? Is that a permanent change?

Thank you for a most thought-provoking blog


ANSWER: First of all, there are two types of pole shifts. There are the major polarity shifts which seem to be 720,000 years. Then there are what are known as excursions. The last “excursion” took place around 41,000 years ago and it was also associated with an Ice Age. This excursion was, in fact, a Global Event from all the data and these tend to be just short-term flips that are not permanent. Factoring in that data with the broader more permanent reversals warns that we are potentially in line for such an event and it may, in fact, line up with the Economic Confidence Model come 2032.

The central question that dominates virtually every field of science has been to identify HOW something moves? Do things move in a nice progressive linear fashion, or are they a burst of chaotic energy from the unknown abyss? This debate between a sudden catastrophic event that appears almost out of nowhere without warning and the slow gradual progression portraying the linear world of uniformity, has been raging since the mid to late 1700s when they began to discover frozen mammoths in Russia. This debate becomes critical today if we expect to ascertain what the future might bring. For at its very core lies the way we not merely should expect things to happen, but how we can then deal with them from a social-economic management perspective.

The field of geology also began to create great debates that perhaps the earth simply burst into a catastrophic convulsion. This view of sequential destructive upheavals at irregular intervals emerged during the 1700s. This school of thought was perhaps best expressed by a forgotten contributor to the knowledge of mankind, George Hoggart Toulmin in his rare 1785 book, “The Eternity of the World

” ••• convulsions and revolutions violent beyond our experience or conception,

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There Was No Debate When We Needed One – PaulCraigRoberts.org

There Was No Debate When We Needed One – PaulCraigRoberts.org

07-10-18 10:17:00,

There Was No Debate When We Needed One
The utter failure of democratic politics

Paul Craig Roberts

The Democrats and their feminist allies failed the country in their approach to the Kavanaugh hearing. Instead of finding out whether Kavanaugh believes in the unitary executive theory that the president has powers unaccountable to Congress and the Judiciary and agrees that a Justice Department underling, a Korean immigrant, can write secret memos that permit the president to violate the US Constitution, US statutory law, and international treaties, the Democrats’ entire focus was on a vague and unsubstantiated accusation that Kavanaugh when 17 years old and under the influence of alcohol tussled fully clothed with a fully clothed 15 year old girl in a bed at an unchaperoned house party.

Feminists turned this vague accusation missing in crucial details into “rape,” with a crazed feminist Georgetown University professor declaring Kavanaugh to be “a serial rapist” who along with the Senate Judiciary Committee’s male members should be given agonizing deaths and then castrated and fed to swine.

A presstitute at USA Today suggested that Kavanaugh was a pedofile and should not be allowed to coach his daughter’s sports team. On the basis of nothing real, a Supreme Court nominee’s reputation was squandered.

There are important issues before the United States having to do with the very soul of the country. They involve constitutional and seperation of powers constraints on executive branch powers and the protection of US civil liberty. Important books, such as Charlie Savage’s Takeover have been written about the Cheney-Bush successful assault on the principle that the president is accountable under law. Can the executive branch torture despite domestic and international laws against torture? Can the executive branch spy on citizens without warrants and cause, despite laws and constitutional prohibitions to the contrary? Can the executive branch detain citizens indefinitely despite habeas corpus, despite the US Constitution’s prohibition? Can the executive branch kill US citizens without due process of law, despite the US Constitution’s prohibition? Dick Cheney and University of California law professor John Yoo say “yes the president can.”

Instead of using the opportunity to find out if Kavanaugh stood for liberty or unbridled presidential power,

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There is No FSA, There is Only Al-Qaeda

There is No FSA, There is Only Al-Qaeda

17-09-18 02:46:00,

There is No FSA, There is Only Al-Qaeda


 William Van Wagenen

December 27, 2017

A brief overview of collaboration between the US-backed Free Syrian Army and al-Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front.
Among Syria commentators in the West, both left and mainstream, it is commonly claimed that the Syrian government led by Bashar al-Assad has attempted to crush the supposedly moderate, secular rebels of the Western-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA), while at the same time deliberately supporting extremist rebel groups in order to “Islamize” the Syrian rebellion and to convince the West the Syrian government is really fighting terrorism. It is argued that if Assad could claim his government was fighting al-Qaeda terrorists, rather than secular freedom fighters struggling for democracy, this would force the US and other Western powers to end their support for the Syrian rebels trying to topple the Syrian government, and to instead embrace Assad as a partner with the West in the so-called War on Terror.
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A closer review of events in Syria shows the opposite, however, namely that it is the US-backed FSA-branded Syrian rebel groups that have consistently collaborated with and fought alongside al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, the Nusra Front, as well as alongside other Salafi-Jihadi rebel groups, namely Ahrar al-Sham and Jaish al-Islam, and at times even alongside the Islamic State (ISIS).
Nusra and FSA-affiliated brigades have essentially functioned as a coalition in the fight against the Syrian government, with FSA commanders often referring to fighters from Nusra as members of the FSA itself. In many cases, FSA offensives against Syrian government military bases or check points have begun with suicide or truck bombings carried out by Nusra militants. Nusra and FSA-affiliated brigades have established joint committees to divide weapons captured from the Syrian army in rebel offensives. FSA commanders often sell US and Gulf-supplied weapons to Nusra.
Certain FSA brigades and Nusra have of coursed clashed at times, however, there is a clear pattern of FSA collaboration with Nusra generally. FSA and Nusra militants have fought side by side in key battles in which the Syrian opposition has been able to capture large population centers and territory from the Syrian government.  » Lees verder

How Can There be Thousands of Cryptocurrencies? | Armstrong Economics

How Can There be Thousands of Cryptocurrencies? | Armstrong Economics

08-06-18 07:33:00,

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; There are these people so desperate to argue that cryptocurrency will change the world, I have heard the same pitch behind gold and I suspect most are just goldbugs who gave up and moved to cryptocurrencies. The same arguments of fiat and central banks are at the base of this as well. Do you think that cryptocurrency can somehow emerge as a solution after the Crash and Burn? How can there be thousands of these cryptos? If the dream they pitch is even plausible, then does there not have to be just one cryptocurrency?

Thank you


ANSWER: We have to ask what is at the core of this trend. In essence, it is the very same trend that put Trump in office. The entire 2007-2009 global financial crisis and bank bailout created an entirely new “skepticism” of government in most countries. This is where the digital assets have come into play. Are they capable of altering or influencing traditional global monetary policy? The answer: absolutely no possible way. To accomplish that we MUST end socialism. I doubt these people really understand the full scope of structural changes that would need to be made to move to any cryptocurrency. Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand rules the question. Until it is in the self-interest of those in power to hand back the scepter of power itself, there is just no way to accomplish such a monumental change without the house burning down FIRST. The other possibility is that governments just usurp the crypto world like they confiscated gold and then control it for taxes. They do want to eliminate all paper currency to collect 100% taxes they believe are avoided. They also pitch it would end crime as we know it. The black market would then no doubt emerge as barter once again. To think that cryptocurrency can defeat central banks and governments is really far-fetched.

The political changes are monumental. Politicians can no longer run for office promising benefits by robbing the rich and handing it to the poor. In order for crypto assets to replace money, it would require a profound change in politics. It is not simply central bank money. The entire pitch of cryptocurrency is that it will take the creation of money away from central banks and thus government.

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Is There A Global Climate Engineering Cover-up? A Live Debate, Parts 1 and 2

Is There A Global Climate Engineering Cover-up? A Live Debate, Parts 1 and 2

09-05-18 03:23:00,

Is There A Global Climate Engineering Cover-up? A Live Debate, Parts 1 and 2

Dane Wigington

Have illegal and highly destructive global climate intervention programs already been fully deployed? Or are such controversial climate engineering operations only “proposals”? This question is addressed in this one our live on-air debate that was hosted by WBAI radio in New York (hosted by Geoff Brady). Dane Wigington (lead researcher from GeoengineeringWatch.org) presents evidence to corroborate the conclusion that climate engineering / geoengineering operations are fully deployed and causing immense damage to the planet’s life support systems. Paul Beckwith (professor and engineer from the University of Ottawa) adamantly denies that climate engineering is occurring, yet he states it should be immediately deployed. The purpose of this debate is to allow the listening audience to decide for themselves whether or not climate engineering is actually occurring. There were two one hour debates between Wigington and Beckwith, this is the first one hour debate.

Part 1

Part 2

Coming to credible conclusions requires objective investigation of facts, there is no place for ideology, bias, or preconception. The whole of academia is denying the ongoing geoengineering operations, to do otherwise is a bad career decision for them, or worse. So, while the the science communities are trying to protect their paychecks and pensions by denying climate engineering, the biosphere assault from geoengineering operations continues to wreak havoc on Earth’s life support systems. All are needed to help in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering, help us to sound the alarm.

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Is There a Cycle to Religion? | Armstrong Economics

Is There a Cycle to Religion? | Armstrong Economics

03-04-18 10:41:00,


Mr. Armstrong,

 With the rise and fall of civilizations comes the rise and fall of religion. Are we due for a new religion to be born, or to have a rapid growth of popularity? Christianity grew rapidly during the fall of the Roman empire, and with the persecution of believers, where are we today in this cycle?

Thank you for your education. I’ve read your blog since I was in high school and realize how life is governed by cycles. Some weeks are rough, some are fantastic, but it all regresses to the mean eventfully.


ANSWER: Oh yes. There is a Cycle of Religion that prevails throughout all cultures. It is clearly tied to economics and the business cycle. I am sure some people will naturally disagree with that one, but it cannot be removed from the business cycle itself. Religion has so often inspired war with some even called Holy Wars. The dominance of a given religion has turned with the economy. The rise and fall of civilizations have been clearly linked to religion. Even if we go back to the Stone Age, we find graves with goods place in there with the deceased with obvious demonstrations of love as well as a belief in an after-life.  Burial rites characterize religion and extend back into the Middle Paleolithic, as early as 300,000 years ago, coinciding with the first appearance human communities.

Religion is an integral part of the entire human society. But keep in mind that this goes beyond the simple shifts from Paganism to Christianity and the rise of Islam. There are cycles within each as there are cycles in Asian cultures and religions all tied to the business cycle. The English Civil War was the Protestants against the Catholics which ended up beheading the King. The Puritans seized power under Oliver Cromwell who placed his own portrait on coins wearing a wreath as if he were a Roman Emperor. The Puritans outlawed kissing your wife in public, plays, all sports, and celebrating Christmas. They were so strict that the Protestants rebelled and overthrew the Puritans. It was the Puritans who infected the United States for they were the Pilgrims.

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There Are Now So Many Admissions by Government Officials of False Flag Terror that Only the Willfully Ignorant Still Doubt the Reality of the Concept | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

There Are Now So Many Admissions by Government Officials of False Flag Terror that Only the Willfully Ignorant Still Doubt the Reality of the Concept | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

18-12-17 03:55:00,

Scores of government officials throughout the world have admitted (either orally, in writing, or through photographs or videos) to carrying out – or seriously proposing – false flag attacks:

(1) Japanese troops set off a small explosion on a train track in 1931, and falsely blamed it on China in order to justify an invasion of Manchuria. This is known as the “Mukden Incident” or the “Manchurian Incident”. The Tokyo International Military Tribunal found: “Several of the participators in the plan, including Hashimoto [a high-ranking Japanese army officer], have on various occasions admitted their part in the plot and have stated that the object of the ‘Incident’ was to afford an excuse for the occupation of Manchuria by the Kwantung Army ….” And see this, this and this.

(2) A major with the Nazi SS admitted at the Nuremberg trials that – under orders from the chief of the Gestapo – he and some other Nazi operatives faked several attacks on their own people and resources which they blamed on the Poles, to justify the invasion of Poland. The staged attacks included:

  • The German radio station at Gleiwitz [details below]
  • The strategic railway at Jabłonków Pass, located on the border between Poland and Czechoslovakia
  • The German customs station at Hochlinden
  • The forest service station in Pitschen
  • The communications station at Neubersteich
  • The railroad station in Alt-Eiche
  • A woman and her companion in Katowice

The details of the Gleiwitz radio station incident include:

On the night of 31 August 1939, a small group of German operatives dressed in Polish uniforms and led by Naujocks seized the Gleiwitz station and broadcast a short anti-German message in Polish (sources vary on the content of the message). The Germans’ goal was to make the attack and the broadcast look like the work of anti-German Polish saboteurs.

To make the attack seem more convincing, the Germans used human corpses to pass them off as Polish attackers. They murdered Franciszek Honiok,

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