Blue Truth: Bezorgde agenten komen in opstand vanwege politiegeweld tegen burgers – Xandernieuws

20-03-21 06:38:00,

DDR aan de Noordzee, Malieveld 14 maart 2021: Een man die allang op de grond lag kreeg alsnog talloze stokslagen en een hond op zich afgestuurd. (Afbeelding: social media).


‘Als een volk bang is voor de overheid, bang voor de politie, spreek je eigenlijk over tirannie’ – ‘Politie krijgt nieuwe ambtsinstructies om vuurwapens te gebruiken tegen demonstranten die geweld LIJKEN te gaan gebruiken’


Gisteren had Tom Zwitser (Blue Tiger) een uiterst belangwekkend gesprek met 4 agenten, die de moed hadden om zich uit te spreken tegen het schokkende politiegeweld tegen burgers in het afgelopen jaar. Zoals we al vaak hebben geschreven is het van cruciaal belang dat het verzet tegen de ‘Great Reset – Agenda 2030’ staatsgreep tegen onze vrijheid en democratie niet alleen van burgers, artsen en wetenschappers komt, maar dat ook wetshandhavers de kant van het volk kiezen. Nu de eerste agenten dit hebben aangedurfd, mogen we misschien dan toch nog hopen op een kentering? Vooral het afgelopen jaar is ons land door onze autoritaire bestuurders in razendsnel tempo in DDR aan de Noordzee veranderd.

Voormalig agent Abe Dijkstra, die diverse leidinggevende functies heeft gehad en teams heeft aangestuurd, en marechaussee in actieve dienst Melchior zitten aan tafel. Twee agenten (waarvan een met 20 jaar dienstverband) praten met vervormde stem mee via een videogesprek. Ze worden ‘Joëlla’ en ‘Sandra’ genoemd – niet hun echte namen, want ‘de reden daarvoor zal duidelijk zijn,’ aldus Zwitser. Als je werkzaam bent of was bij de overheid, de gezondheidszorg of de media kun je in dit land niet meer zonder ingrijpende consequenties je mening geven of kritiek leveren.

Sinds de boerendemonstraties worden gewone burgers met honden, stokken, paarden, knuppels en waterkanonnen uit- en in elkaar geslagen. Dat gaat ook veel agenten niet in de koude kleren zitten; bij de Buitenparlementaire Onderzoekscommissie spreken zich al tientallen van hen uit. Er wordt ook gewerkt aan een speciale website voor onder andere agenten en zorgmedewerkers, die vastlopen op hun werk.

‘Ik zie een heel andere overheid: Door angst is er totale controle’

Dijkstra: ‘Als mensen zien dat veel meer collega’s met hetzelfde probleem zitten, denken we dat veel meer mensen zich uit durven spreken. Door het groepsgebeuren is het nu zo dat als je zegt dat je twijfels hebt bij het beleid en geen zin hebt om mensen in elkaar te slaan,

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“It’s Time For The Truth” – One Year After Lockdowns Began | ZeroHedge

16-03-21 02:18:00,

Authored by Edward Peter Stringham via The American Institute for Economic Research,

One year ago, between March 13 and 16, 2020, began what most of us would agree were the most difficult days of our lives. We thought our rights and liberties were more or less secure or could only be hobbled on the margin. We took certain things for granted, such as that our governments would not – and could not – order us to stay home, close most businesses and schools, shut down travel, padlock churches and concert halls, cancel events, much less lock down society in the name of virus control.

All that changed with a federal document issued March 13, 2020, and declassified three months later. It was the lockdown guidelines. Over the following days, governors panicked. People panicked. Bureaucrats were unleashed. All the powers of the state at all levels of society were deployed not on the virus but on the people, which is all that governments can really control. The lockdowns were nearly universal, implemented around the world but for a few holdouts, one of which was in the US (South Dakota). 

A year later, most states are opening up while those still clinging to lockdowns can no longer control people. Regardless of warnings from the top that going back to normal life is too dangerous, most people have decided to be done with the whole dreadful episode. 

All year we’ve asked ourselves the question: why did this happen? Pathogens are part of life now and always have been. For the better part of a century, social and economic outcomes from new viruses were ever less disruptive. Public health had a settled consensus that disease is something to mitigate through doctor-patient relationships. Taking away people’s rights was out of the question. The last time that was tried in very limited ways in 1918 demonstrated that coercion only distracts, divides, and delays. This is why lockdowns were not attempted for another hundred years. Wisely so. 

In the severe pandemic of 1957-58, officials explicitly said:

“[T]here is no practical advantage in the closing of schools or the curtailment of public gatherings as it relates to the spread of this disease.’’

It was the same in 1968-69,

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The real truth on Uyghurs which is used to taint China

09-03-21 11:00:00,

11th October 2019

They are everywhere, where their Western, Gulf states and Turkish handlers want them to be.

Their combat as well as political cells and units are based in Syria and Indonesia, in Turkey and occasionally in Egypt.

When they are told to kill, they murder with unimaginable brutality; decapitating, or cutting to pieces priests, infants, old women.

They are China’s worst nightmare. They are unleashing religious fundamentalism and foreign-sponsored militant nationalism and separatism. They are potentially the greatest obstacle and danger to President’s Xi Jinping’s marvelous BRI (Belt and Road Initiative).

Both the West and Turkey are glorifying them; the most extremist of Uyghurs. They are financing and arming them. They are labelling them as victims. Uyghurs are now a new ‘secret weapon’, to be used against Beijing’s determined march forward, towards socialism with Chinese characteristics.

The West and its allies are doing all they can, to smear China (PRC), to derail its progressive course, and to arrest its increasingly positive and optimistic influence on all the corners of the world. They invent and then support/finance all imaginable and unimaginable adversaries of the Communist Party of China. Religious sects are the favorite ‘weapon’ used against China by both North America and Europe. That is true about the extremists who belong to Tibetan Buddhism, concentrated around an agent and darling of the Western intelligence agencies, the Dalai Lama. Or yet another radical Buddhist/Taoist extremist sect – Falun Gong.

The West does everything in its power to destroy China. It was clearly detectable 30 years ago during the so-called Tiananmen Square Incident (an event supported by the West, and later twisted by Western mass media), as it has been obvious during two recent ‘rebellions’ in Hong Kong, fully sponsored by Western organizations (NGOs) and governments.

The latest chapter of the anti-Chinese attacks, conducted by the West, is perhaps the most dangerous, and the ‘best crafted’ multi-national onslaught against the interests of both China (PRC) and the developing world, particularly the former Soviet republics of Central Asia.

It is the so-called Uyghur issue.


Uyghurs live predominantly in the northwest of China. They were recognized as ‘native’ in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China.

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‘TRUTH’ With RFK, Jr. and Naomi Wolf: Fighting for Our Constitutional Rights • Children’s Health Defense

08-03-21 09:54:00,

CHD Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and author, journalist and former political advisor Naomi Wolf weigh in on the battle to maintain the rights put in place by our founding fathers.

In the latest episode of “TRUTH” with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Kennedy sat down with the iconic Naomi Wolf for a spirited discussion on abuse of power, standing up to tyranny and preserving our Constitution. Wolf explained how tyrants always follow the same predictable route in their attempts to bring democracies to a close and how she believes our society has reached “Step 10” of her “Fascism in 10 Easy Steps.”

Highlights of their conversation include:

  • We’re reaching a point reminiscent of what led to the American Revolution: People were willing to die rather than give up their rights.
  • The Constitution wasn’t written for easy times but for emergencies such as the current COVID crisis.
  • Arbitrary restrictions are being put in place by those abusing emergency powers at local, state and federal levels.
  • In a free society, points are made and arguments won through free speech and open debate rather than censoring opinions that differ from ours.
  • Authoritarianism has no place in medicine although most liberals are accepting edicts promoted by Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates.
  • Direct-to-consumer advertising that started in 1997 marked the beginning of Pharma’s takeover of American media.
  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation neutralized once-independent media including The Guardian, NPR and public television through financial gifts.
  • Democrats are leading the “biofascism” charge.
  • There’s no science to back up the widespread suspension of our Constitutional rights.
  • Non-partisan grassroots efforts are gaining momentum and can preserve our freedom and prevent totalitarian takeover.

All “Truth” episodes can be found on Children’s Health Defense’s social media and on Children’s Health Defense’s channel found on Peeps TV, a network on Roku. Roku is accessible from any Smart TV and can be purchased separately for older TVs.

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What IS the truth about Covid deaths?

08-03-21 08:52:00,

Grieving families last night said deaths had been wrongly certified as Covid-19.

Demanding an inquiry, top medical experts and MPs also insisted they were ‘certain’ that too many fatalities were being blamed on the virus.

One funeral director said it was ‘a national scandal’. The claims are part of a Daily Mail investigation that raises serious questions over the spiralling death toll.

More than 100 readers wrote heartbreaking letters following a moving article by Bel Mooney last Saturday. She revealed the death of her 99-year-old father, who suffered from dementia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, was recorded as coronavirus.

Layla Moran (pictured) , the Liberal Democrat MP who chairs the all-party parliamentary group on coronavirus, said: ‘The Government should call a public inquiry into the handling of the pandemic immediately with an interim investigation into all Covid deaths that should report as soon as possible’

Dozens expressed similar frustrations that the causes of death of elderly and already-unwell relatives had been wrongly attributed. Eight of the families who wrote to the Daily Mail have successfully urged doctors to change causes of death previously recorded as Covid-19.

Layla Moran, the Liberal Democrat MP who chairs the all-party parliamentary group on coronavirus, said: ‘The Government should call a public inquiry into the handling of the pandemic immediately with an interim investigation into all Covid deaths that should report as soon as possible.’

Tory MP Paul Bristow, a member of the Commons health committee, said: ‘It’s almost certain that a number of deaths have been wrongly attributed to Covid-19.

‘Not only has this skewed figures when data has been so important in deciding how we respond to the pandemic, it has caused distress and anxiety for relatives.

‘Whether we have received the most appropriate figures should definitely be considered in any future inquiry.’

Tory MP Paul Bristow (pictured), a member of the Commons health committee, said: ‘It’s almost certain that a number of deaths have been wrongly attributed to Covid-19′

A funeral director in the North West told the Mail: ‘The way Covid has been recorded and reported is a national scandal and a thorough enquiry should be opened immediately.’

Medical experts have cited pressure on doctors to include Covid-19 as a cause of death because it was last year ruled a ‘notifiable disease’,

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