The Truth About the Coronavirus Vaccine Trials – #NewWorldNextWeek

30-10-20 08:15:00,

Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: How COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Are Rigged

Singapore Halts Dosing of Two Flu Shots After 59 Deaths in South Korea

Japan Gov’t OKs Bill to Offer Free Coronavirus Vaccines

Danish Newspaper Reveals Largest Study On Masks Rejected By Three Medical Journals

That Mask Is Giving You Lung Cancer

FDA Approves Gilead’s Remdesivir Despite Data Showing Drug Doesn’t Work

Some COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates May Make People More Vulnerable to HIV

South Korean Authorities Stick To Flu Vaccine Plan After Deaths Rise To 48

Deaths In South Korea After Flu Vaccinations Shouldn’t Stop Flu Shot Campaigns

Time Magazine Replaces Logo With Plea to ‘Vote’

Story #2: The Great Financial Reset – IMF Managing Director Calls for a ‘New Bretton Woods Moment’

A New Bretton Woods Moment By Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Managing Director

Cross-Border Payment—A Vision for the Future

Story #3: ‘The Purge’ Producers ‘Keep America Great’ Inside the Trump Admin

Hiltzik Strategies

Jared Kushner Hires Hollywood Horror Film Publicist Behind ‘The Purge’ to Head PR For New White House Office

Trump Adviser Hope Hicks Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Biden, 5 Supreme Court Justices Attend Controversial “Red Mass” (Oct. 3, 2010)

Film, Literature and the New World Order: ‘The Purge: Election Year’

Bob Murphy Analyzes “The Hunt” and “The Purge” Movies as an Anarchist

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9/11 Truth ‘Pioneers’ Griffin, Harrit, and Jones Highlight Day 2 of Justice Rising

22-10-20 10:03:00,

The second day of Justice Rising brought the 9/11 Truth Movement back to its roots in a powerful way.

The day, dubbed “Science Saturday,” began with “Lights, Camera, Building 7,” a panel discussion on the historic documentary SEVEN, which AE911Truth is just weeks away from releasing. On hand to discuss the film were director Dylan Avery, creator of the seminal 9/11 film Loose Change; producer Kelly David, who is the chief operating officer of AE911Truth; and Dr. Leroy Hulsey from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, whose study on World Trade Center Building 7 is the primary focus of SEVEN.

Dr. Hulsey explained how this groundbreaking study came together, while Avery and David shared how the story of the study is told in SEVEN.

The discussion also took us back to how Avery became inspired to work on Loose Change in the early years after 9/11.

“It was a slow process of discovery,” he recounted, “and it all started with the military’s response, or lack thereof, to the attacks themselves, and it just kind of spider-webbed out from there.”

Both Richard Gage, who moderated the discussion, and David had strong praise for the profound impact of that early film.

Loose Change had an enormous effect in helping to create the 9/11 Truth Movement,” David said. “When I ask the people what it was about the 9/11 evidence that woke them up, more than anything else I always hear, ‘Oh, I watched Loose Change.’ I feel that most of us wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for that powerful film that a young aspiring filmmaker made on his laptop.”

This panel was followed by “Global Failure: Evidence Engineers Can No Longer Ignore,” a technical presentation of the findings from Dr. Hulsey’s study, which AE911Truth is now disseminating to tens of thousands of engineers across the U.S. (along, of course, with informing them about the evidence for the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers).

On hand to address this subject were Gage and fellow board member Roland Angle.

Angle pointed out that for the east penthouse of the building to fall as it did,

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The Truth about Vaccines op herhaling! – 13-23 oktober gratis te bekijken | Stichting Vaccin Vrij

12-10-20 07:53:00,

‘The Truth about Vaccines’ is een voorheen 7-delige documentaire, die is uitgebreid met 3 extra documentaires over COVID-19. Grijp uw kans en registreer uzelf om deze fantastische serie gedurende 10 opeenvolgende dagen in uw mailbox te ontvangen en gratis te kunnen bekijken. In het onderstaande filmpje legt Ty Bolliger – gastheer en interviewer van de tientallen experts op het gebied van vaccins – u uit waar het allemaal om draait.

Registreer uzelf hier.

Deel deze link met uw vrienden en registreer uzelf hier.

De onderstaande mail is verstuurd naar alle Tweede Kamerleden en mijn huisarts.

Geachte heer, mevrouw,
Graag wijs ik u op de docuserie: ‘The Truth about vaccines’. De afgelopen jaren is Nederland erg gepolariseerd geraakt. Alleen de mensen die zelf bereid zijn om onderzoek te doen naar vaccins – buiten de media, de vaccinlobby, het universitair medisch onderwijs en de nascholingsdagen voor artsen om – krijgen de informatie die hen in staat stelt om door de zorgvuldig opgestelde rookgordijnen heen te kijken.
Wij verzoeken u dringend om deze docuserie te bekijken – hij is niet alleen gemaakt voor ouders, maar ook voor artsen en iedereen die belangrijke beslissingen moet nemen omtrent vaccineren. In de onderstaande link geeft de host: Ty Bollinger, meer informatie.


Stichting Vaccinvrij

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Why The Truth Behind Hunter Biden’s Actions In Ukraine Matters To Us All

10-10-20 07:45:00,

Authored by David Schoen via,

It is understandable that any father would be uncomfortable discussing his son’s personal problems and ethical transgressions.  In that regard, Joe Biden is no different.  But Joe Biden is not just any father – he is the Democratic Party’s candidate for President of the United States.  And his son Hunter’s Ukraine issues are not just personal matters.

What then Vice-President Joe Biden knew about his son Hunter Biden’s dealings in Ukraine at a time when Joe Biden was the Obama administration’s point person for Ukraine, whether the Vice-President helped facilitate his son’s actions, and just what Hunter Biden did are all matters of public importance.  They impacted on the message our country sent around the world with respect to foreign affairs and our efforts to stamp out corruption.  And the underlying facts provide an important window into Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden’s ethical compass.

Calls for a full investigation into just what happened have rung out for many years from a variety of sources.  But not only have those calls been rejected, President Trump was impeached in large part for trying to force the issue and demand an investigation. His political opponents cast his demands that Ukrainian officials publicly investigate once and for all as an unlawful effort to use a foreign government to affect an election, using the excuse that Joe Biden was one of a large field of Democratic Party primary candidates.In fact, Trump haters in Congress carried this phony claim to the ultimate degree and used it to impeach the President, thereby demeaning the solemnity of the impeachment process and continuing to successfully bury the true facts surrounding the Biden Affair. And so all relevant questions remain unanswered. 

The fact of the matter is, Joe Biden should have been leading the charge all of these years to demand a full investigation to clear him and Hunter of the taint that has continued to attend this matter.  Even an avid Trump hater like the Washington Post’s David Ignatius, earlier this year advised Biden to openly address these issues in his quest for the presidency. 

The American people deserve no less. 

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Truth Is The First Casualty In Cold War: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

02-10-20 07:28:00,

Governments make evidence-free claims which the mass media report uncritically, with ordinary citizens expected to either prove them wrong or shut up and believe. The burden of proof is fallaciously placed on members of the public and tiny indie media outlets with no resources to disprove the claims, instead of on massive news media outlets with abundant wealth and resources. It should be the exact opposite: with unproven government claims ignored until hard proof is provided, and with mass media reporters doing their goddamn jobs.


No institutional changes were made to ensure that the evils of the Iraq invasion wouldn’t be repeated. It’s one of those big, glaring problems people just decided to pretend is resolved, like racism.


Whenever someone says “I oppose Assange’s extradition, but,” everything before the “but” is a lie, and it’s a safe bet that everything after it will be too.


Truth is the first casualty in war. This adage is especially true of cold war, where the absence of hot firepower makes an emphasis on mass-scale psychological operations necessary.


People who tell you that now is not the time for truthful criticisms of Joe Biden are telling you they only like the truth when it’s politically convenient. Do you know what people who only like the truth when it’s politically convenient are called? They’re called liars.


The main thing that will change if Biden wins the election is that when the president does something evil Democrats will shift from saying “I hope you Jill Stein voters are happy” to saying nothing at all.


A Biden win will actually make my job easier. I see the Democratic Party as the main obstacle to real change in the world’s most powerful and destructive government, so it will be much easier to cleanly attack once it’s in a position of power and still advancing oligarchy and imperialism.

The mass delusion that America’s major problems are caused by Trump is a huge propaganda win for the empire. Without that cover they’ll be forced to expose themselves a lot more, and they’ll be doing it with former Trumpers actually drawing attention to it instead of ignoring it.

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