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28-02-20 08:03:00,

Turkey has allegedly lost another 33 troops in Syria this week amid its refusal to withdraw from Syrian territory amid Syrian government gains in the northern governorate of Idlib. 

The BBC in its article, “Syria war: 33 Turkish troops killed in air strike in Idlib,” would report:

At least 33 Turkish soldiers have been killed in an air strike by Syrian “regime forces” in north-western Syria, a senior Turkish official has said.

More were hurt in Idlib province, said Rahmi Dogan, the governor of Turkey’s Hatay province. Other reports put the death toll higher.

Turkey later retaliated against Syrian troops government targets.

The US-led proxy war against Syria is all but over. It is just a matter of time before Damascus and its allies restore control over the entire nation and begin rebuilding.

The US-armed and funded terrorists that have ravaged the country since 2011 have been exposed, depleted, and cornered. So desperate is the state of this proxy war that in recent years the US and its allies including Turkey and Israel have resorted increasingly to direct military action against Damascus itself as their proxies are no longer capable of carrying out sustained military operations themselves.

And despite brazen aggression against Damascus and its forces – the combined military might of the US, Turkey, and Israel have failed to produce any noteworthy or sustainable gains in contrast to Damascus’ imminent victory.

Giving Up a Graceful Exit 

Turkey has been a NATO member since the 1950’s and was an eager participant in Washington’s proxy war on Syria allowing its territory and resources to be used to flood Syria with terrorists, weapons, equipment, and money to fuel the destructive 9 year conflict.

Despite Turkey’s integral role in facilitating Washington’s malice and destructive proxy war, Syria’s allies – seeing the conflict as ending in Damascus’ favor – attempted to create a graceful exit for Turkey and the possibility of playing a more constructive role in the region they – not Washington – would now be shaping.

This included economic and military ties with Russia and Iran to help ease pressure from Washington who was attempting to cut both to punish and increasingly uncompliant Ankara.

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Turkey’s Madman Erdogan Sends NATO Troops to Defend al-Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib


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Turkish pariah Erdogan lost his mind and sends NATO troops into the Syrian province of Idlib to establish military checkpoints in front of the advancing Syrian Arab Army from the south to protect his defeated and collapsing al-Qaeda terrorists.

Even someone like Trump would stand down in such an event who had to stand down after Iran delivered its first slap and destroyed Ayn Alasad military base east of Iraq housing US troops avenging Trump’s killing of Iran’s top General Qasim Soleimani.

But Erdogan is on a very different level of madness, he has been a faithful servant to the same cult of Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush who indoctrinated him to ‘lead the Greater Israel Project in the region’.

The following report by Mohammad Al-Khodr of the Lebanese-based Al-Mayadeen news channel sheds more light, the video followed by the transcript of the English translation of the video:

The video is also available on BitChute.

Transcript of the English translation of the above video:

A Turkish movement on the ground tries to hinder the Syrian army’s advance on the fronts east of Idlib and southern Aleppo.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threats of a full-scale military operation in Idlib, was translated by his army as erecting a military post in Kafr-Ammem, east of Saraqib.

Another attack launched by the Turkish-backed ‘National Army’ on the Tadif axis in eastern Aleppo.

Safwan Korbi, member of the Syrian People’s Assembly for Idlib: I understand the shouting and I understand the noise and I understand the loud voice of Erdogan because the effects of the fall of Idlib and its return to the Syrian state will be disastrous for Erdogan inside Turkey first, especially in the presence of relations that I do not see at its best with Russia.

In western Aleppo, Noureddine Zanki’s militants entered the fronts of adults and Journalists District under Turkish supervision and with the approval of the Hay’at Tahrir Sham (al-Qaeda Levant aka Nusra Front).

Erdogan is pushing jihadist groups in a last-ditch attempt to stop the Syrian army’s surge on expanding fronts that allow militants to maneuver to the Turkish border.

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They Rescued Pigs and Turkeys From Factory Farms — and Now Face Decades in Prison


23-12-18 03:55:00,

In the fall of 2017, Glenn Greenwald reported on a nationwide FBI manhunt for two pigs named Lily and Lizzie. The pigs had been removed from a factory farm in Utah by animal rights activists from a group called Direct Action Everywhere. From the perspective of the activists, the pigs were rescued. From the perspective of Smithfield Farms, the Chinese-owned multinational corporation that owns the factory farm, they were stolen.

Direct Action Everywhere, also known as DxE, engages in a practice called “open rescue.” Open rescue involves entering, without authorization, the facilities of animal-based industries, such as farms, slaughterhouses, and puppy mills, documenting the conditions within them, and removing as many animals as possible, usually from among the sick and injured. The activists don’t wear masks and make no effort to conceal their identities; they post the videos on social media for the world to see. By practically inviting prosecution, the activists aim to make a point: that the laws that regard these animals as mere property are wrong and that violating those laws is a moral imperative.

Since Greenwald’s story was published, prosecutors in Utah have charged six DxE activists with multiple felonies, both for the Smithfield action and for a separate open rescue of turkeys at a Utah factory farm owned by Norbest. In Utah, stealing property worth less than $1,500 is generally a misdemeanor. But lawmakers have carved out an exception specifically for the benefit of the animal agriculture industry. If the property in question is an animal “raised for commercial purposes,” then no matter how little economic value that animal may have, the crime is a felony. Because of this exception, DxE activists are potentially facing decades in prison.

Our new documentary tells the rest of the story to date. It’s an alarming example of the power of the animal agriculture industry, the confluence of interests between industry and law enforcement, and the appalling treatment of animals in industrial agricultural production.

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Turkey’s Collapse Could Send “Millions” Of Refugees Flooding Into Europe

Turkey’s Collapse Could Send “Millions” Of Refugees Flooding Into Europe

17-08-18 04:26:00,

As Turkey braces for a fresh round of US sanctions amid a plummeting lira and what Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan says is “economic warfare” with Washington over the detention of US pastor Andrew Brunson, millions of refugees – primarily from Northern Africa and neighboring Syria, would likely flood into Europe as the Turkish economy collapses according to Newsweek.

Over 3.5 million refugees now live in Turkey after having escaped the brutal conflict that has continued for over seven years in neighboring Syria. At the same time, there are at least half a million refugees from other parts of the Middle East and Northern Africa also living in the transcontinental country.

Many of these migrants settled in the country because of a deal Ankara struck with the European Union in 2016. –Newsweek

“There are 4 million refugees in Turkey. Even though they haven’t integrated into Turkish society, they have benefited from a welcoming government. Erdoğan says he’s spent $20 billion of unbudgeted funds on these people. It’s quite clear these are unbudgeted expenditures he’s been willing to spend. But if you add another million on top of that, who knows,” Bulent Alizira, director of the Turkey program at the Washington, D.C.–based Center for Strategic and International Studies, told Newsweek.

Erdoğan was convinced to bring the European migrant influx under control in exchange for $6.6 billion in assistance, however this may be untenable as the Turkish economy goes deeper into a death-spiral, and another million migrants may cross the border after an impending Russian-backed Syrian government offensive in the jihadist stronghold of Idlib province. 

Turkey, meanwhile, has threatened to open the floodgates to Europe in the past – as foreign minister Süleyman Soylu warning that Ankara could send “15,000 refugees to you… each month and blow your mind,” while threatening Brussels into footing the bill for the multi-billion dollar deal. 

Such a scenario “could have major political consequences for politicians like German Chancellor Angela Merkel,” whose internal battles within her coalition government have left it in a precarious state after significant pressure to dial back her EU open-border migration policies which began in 2015. 

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