Updated Covid-19 data


14-08-20 03:14:00,

Several SPR documents on Covid-19 have been updated recently:

  1. The summary of Covid facts is now available in Chinese and in Malay and has been updated in Spanish.
  2. The Covid early treatment protocol has been updated to include ivermectin and favipiravir, of which first treatment successes have been reported. Early treatment by primary care doctors continues to be one of the most important pandemic policies.
  3. The section on cloth facemask effectiveness now includes a video illustrating the aerosol issue and a chart illustrating the case of Hawaii (surging cases despite mandatory masks, similar to California, Japan, Spain and other places).
  4. The Covid lethality study overview has a new section on places with and without a partial or total collapse of local health and elderly care. The former obviously report much higher IFR values, which drop by about 60% as soon as the situation is under control. On the plus side, places like India and Kenya have reported very low IFRs (

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‘Updated communism & Napoleon’: Farage savages EU Commission head nominee & Macron (VIDEO)


16-07-19 01:13:00,

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has delivered a brutal assessment of the EU’s top nominee for president, claiming that she has ambitions to build an “updated form of communism,” and branded Macron as a new “version of Napoleon.”

In the wake of Ursula von der Leyen’s last-ditch pitch to politicians in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Tuesday, Farage unleashed a damning verdict on the credentials of the EU Council’s top nominee for Commission president.

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The Brexit Party leader warned that von der Leyen was a “fanatic for building a European army,” who will make NATO redundant or at the very least a diminishing military influence on the world. Farage also suggested that her main objective, if officially elected, would be to create an EU that will make nation-state parliaments irrelevant.

She wants to build a centralized, undemocratic, updated form of communism.

It wasn’t just von der Leyen that felt Farage’s fury, as French President Emmanuel Macron also came in for a drubbing over his public appearance at Bastille Day on Sunday.

…[Macron] stood at the front of an open-top car, with his nascent European Defense Force behind him, looking for all the world like an updated version of Napoleon.

Earlier, von der Leyen had revealed during her speech that she was prepared to extend the UK’s exit from the EU beyond the October 31 deadline if there was “a good reason” to do so. Her comments prompted howls of derision from pro-Brexit members of the European Parliament.

EU politicians will cast their crucial votes for Jean-Claude Juncker’s successor later on Tuesday.

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