The US Is Using Wheat as a Weapon of War in Syria – Global Research


20-05-20 02:38:00,

Apache helicopters of the US occupation forces flew low Sunday morning, according to residents of the Adla village, in the Shaddadi countryside, south of Hasaka, as they dropped ‘thermal balloons’, an incendiary weapon, causing the wheat fields to explode into flames while the hot dry winds fanned the raging fire.

After delivering their fiery pay-load, the helicopters flew close to homes in an aggressive manner, which caused residents and especially small children to fear for their lives.  The military maneuver was delivering a clear message: don’t sell your wheat to the Syrian government. Head of Hasaka Agricultural Directorate Rajab Salameh said in a statement to SANA that several fires have broken out in agricultural fields in Tal Tamer countryside, as well.

The US illegal bases in Syria fly Apache helicopters.  US President Trump portrays himself as a champion of the American Christians, and he has millions of loyal supporters among the Christian churches across the US.  However, the Christian Bible states in Deuteronomy 20:19 that it is a sin against God to destroy food or food crops even during times of war.

Bread is the most important staple in Syria, and two weeks into the annual wheat harvest, Damascus is keen on securing its supply of grain, while beset by the global pandemic.  On May 4, President Assad said in a meeting with his COVID-19 team that “our most difficult internal challenge is securing basic goods, especially foodstuffs.”

Since the beginning of the US-NATO attack on Syria in 2011, wheat production has fallen from an average of 4.1 million tons per year to just 2.2 million tons in 2019. Syria had been a wheat importer but switched to being an exporter of grain in the 1990s.

According to the UN, Syria was hit by acute food insecurity in 2019, with approximately 6.5 million people considered food insecure.

The northern provinces of Hasakah, Raqqa, Aleppo, and Deir e-Zor, in addition to Hama in central Syria, accounting for 96% of total national wheat production. Using fire as a weapon of war, 85,000 hectares of grain were burnt in 2019, and the Syrian government was forced to import 2.7 million tons to cover the losses.

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Police Are Using Drones To Monitor The Homeless And Check People’s Temperatures – Activist Post


07-05-20 04:19:00,

By MassPrivateI

All across the country, law enforcement is using the pandemic as an excuse to use Chinese-made drones to monitor the public, which breaks EVERY promise law enforcement has ever made regarding the use of drones. (More on that later.)

A recent Miami Herald article revealed how police are using Chinese-made DJI drones to monitor the homeless and check a person’s temperature.

Last month, police departments in Daytona Beach and Connecticut unveiled what was initially touted as a potential new tool against a pandemic: drones capable of taking a person’s temperature from 300 feet in the air.

The article, written by Charles Rabin, said that both agencies stopped using thermal imaging drones after civil liberties groups warned that police drones have essentially become “Big Doctor” in the sky.

Monitoring a person’s health is protected under federal law thus posing the question,  “Are drone readings, even with sophisticated infrared sensors, a trustworthy way to protect public health without violating individual rights?”

But none of that matters to American law enforcement.

In Florida, the Daytona Police Department has found away to justify using drones to check a person’s health.

But after public backlash, Westport police killed the plan before it was activated. And police in Daytona Beach clarified that the technology hasn’t been used to seek out random fevers in public spaces. Daytona Beach Police spokesman Messod Bendayon conceded the drone had been used but not to search public spaces for random fevers.

The Daytona Police Departments’ justification for using drones is intentionally misleading. Either police are using thermal imaging drones on the public or they are not. Their is no middle ground when it comes to using drones to invade the public’s privacy.

An article in the Daytona Beach Journal revealed just how misleading the Daytona Police Department has been about using drones to monitor the marginalized.

“When the homeless do gather in groups, the police department’s drones have swooped in to ask them to disperse,” Buck James, executive director of Halifax Urban Ministries said.

A comment made by Tom Sherick, 

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Yale Prof: Trump’s Using Subconscious Techniques To Push “Armed Troops In The Streets” Toward A “Massacre”


24-04-20 08:10:00,

Authored by Jonathan Turley,

It often appears that there is no medical or legal theory that is too unhinged to trigger criticism in the media so long as it is targeting President Donald Trump or his supporters.  

I have previously criticized Dr. Bandy X. Lee who has called for such nonexistent actions as Speaker Nancy Pelosi “putting a medical hold” on Trump.  Lee also was prominent among a group of mental health professionals soon after the election to declare Trump mentally ill. Such views are reported without the type of scrutiny that they would normally warrant.

Now Lee is again using her credentials in the law and psychology to say that Trump is using subconscious techniques to send “armed troops in the streets,” a technique she explains is used with “child soldiers.”  She warns that Trump will not leave office and is pushing the country toward a “massacre.”

I have previously criticized professors and legal experts who regularly distort existing case law to argue that Trump can be charged with over a dozen different crimes connected to an assortment of scandals.  Lee, who also writes for Huffington Post, has become the same type of perpetual motion machine of psychiatric theories against Trump. Her most recent expert analysis is that Trump is using standard subconscious technique to enlist the “child soldiers” seen in his supporters opposing the pandemic restrictions:

“Subconsciously, it is a loyalty test for the people. In Africa, where I did some ethnographic work, child soldiers would be recruited and made to kill a family member to demonstrate their allegiance to the government and not to the family. Similarly, in urban gangs in America, one may be challenged to kill a police officer to prove one’s willingness to uphold gang rules over societal rules…

When Donald Trump suggests that the virus be taken as a ‘hoax’, that people gather in churches or that people protest for their own sacrifice, he is actually testing people’s loyalty to the ‘laws’ of his mind over the laws of nature, or even impulse for survival. The more he abuses them, the greater their devotion grows, since the psychological cost of admitting their mistake is ever higher — and so it becomes easier to dig a well of unreality than to see the obvious truth.”

She adds that this is all supported by her training:

“We are now entering my specialty: public health approaches to violence prevention,

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Scandal-Ridden OPCW Now Using Twitter’s “Hide Replies” Function


19-02-20 07:46:00,

When Twitter first implemented its “hide replies” function last year I published an article warning that it could be used by establishment narrative managers to marginalize dissident voices and diminish the relatively egalitarian nature of the platform. When I wrote it I was imagining the function being used by overt manipulators like cable TV pundits and Washington Post columnists, and think tank operatives like Neera Tanden who vocally supported the implementation of the function.

What I absolutely was not expecting, as paranoid and conspiracy-minded as I am, was a highly regarded UN-associated international chemical watchdog group using the function for that purpose.

As of this writing, if you go to the Twitter account for the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), you’ll see this tweet at the second from the top:

#OPCW Joins @IUPAC Global Women’s Breakfast #GWB2020 #WomenInScience #GenderChampions

— OPCW (@OPCW) February 12, 2020

If you log on to Twitter and go to that tweet and click this little button, it will take you to a section of “hidden replies” which aren’t visible on the main tweet.

You will not be surprised to learn that the tweet which the OPCW’s Twitter account has chosen to hide is critical of the organization:

That “#wikileaksdoumareport” hashtag in the hidden tweet refers to the leaks which have been pouring out from the OPCW adding to the mountain of evidence that the US, UK and France bombed the Syrian government in 2018 as a retaliation for a chemical weapons attack in the town Douma which did not occur. Whoever is in charge of the OPCW’s Twitter account does not like the lowly commoners talking about this on their page.

Here’s an OPCW tweet from a week ago which has the same issue:

Today, #OPCW women build chemical bonds to symbolise the diverse and inclusive workforce needed to achieve #ChemistryForPeace at the @IUPAC Global Women’s Breakfast.

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Erdogan Using Government Establishments to Promote ISIS Ideology


10-11-19 04:17:00,

Continuing on the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi ideologies, the Turkish pariah and caliph wannabe Erdogan is using Turkish state establishments to promote the ISIS school of thought.

SANA: A former veteran officer in the Turkish police disclosed that the Turkish President Erdogan is using the state establishments to distribute ISIS books which will lead to the creation of new generations of terrorists.

Ahmet Aela said in a video distributed by social media said: ‘Erdogan can communicate with many people using state’s funding and by brainwashing the people working in the public establishments, Erdogan using the twisted thoughts by promoting the twisted books.’

The Turkish retired officer who served for 25 years in the Turkish police added: ‘Erdogan is taking advantage of public establishments to distribute ISIS publications which are bought by the Turkish Ministry of Education, and these ISIS books are distributed to Turkish libraries with the Turkish state emblem on it.’

Ayla pointed to the authoritarian and repressive practices of the Erdogan regime against the Turks, he added: He said: “There is a great fear among Turkish citizens to write any tweet on social networking sites or raise their voice for fear of imprisonment.”

Events over the past years have demonstrated the involvement of the Erdogan regime and its government in supporting and financing armed terrorist organizations in Syria and other countries in addition to making Turkey a passage for the crossing of tens of thousands of terrorists coming from different countries of the world to Syrian territory.

Six and half years ago we detailed the schools Erdogan is using to graduate the radical generations who are loyal to him. Our colleague went inside one of their schools and joined their events. He was astonished by the amounts of money spent on these schools and the communities attached to it.

Syrian Spy in Turkey

We tried to warn the Turks since that time about the danger of radicalizing their youngmen in these schools but it was useless, Turks think they’re somehow superior to Arabs, not sure how and why, but they wouldn’t listen.

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UPS Quietly Using Self-Driving Trucks For Months


19-08-19 06:45:00,

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk,

UPS teamed up with TuSimple in May for autonomous delivery of cargo.

Gizmodo reports UPS Has Been Delivering Cargo in Self-Driving Trucks for Months And No One Knew.

UPS announced on Thursday that its venture capital arm has made a minority investment in TuSimple. The announcement also revealed that since May TuSimple autonomous trucks have been hauling UPS loads on a 115-mile route between Phoenix and Tucson.

UPS confirmed to Gizmodo this is the first time UPS has announced it has been using TuSimple autonomous trucks to deliver packages in the state.

Around the same time as the UPS and TuSimple program began, the United States Postal Service and TuSimple publicized a two-week pilot program to deliver mail between Phoenix and Dallas, a 1,000 mile trip.

TuSimple claims it can cut the average cost of shipping in a tractor-trailer by 30 percent. In an announcement about the new partnership, UPS Ventures managing partner, Todd Lewis, said the venture arm “collaborates with startups to explore new technologies and tailor them to help meet our specific needs.”

UPS would not share the terms of the deal with Gizmodo. TuSimple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

TuSimple puts its own autonomous tech—which relies on nine cameras and two LIDAR sensors—in Navistar vehicles.

TuSimple Video

Zero engagements in a storm.

TuSimple is now hooked up with both UPS and the US Post Office (USPS).

On February 16, I commented Self-Driving Truck Startup “TuSimple” Confident of Commercial Driverless by 2021.

The company’s cameras can see about 1,000 meters, or 3,280 feet ahead, said Chuck Price, TuSimple’s chief product officer. “From a half mile away we can spot emergency vehicles, cars broken down on the side of the road, people walking around,” said Price.

We are confident that we will have our first commercial driverless operation in late 2020 to 2021,” Mr. Price said.

Technology Not the Holdup

For now there are backup drivers. That will change within the next two years.

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US/NATO Using Europe For Strategy Of Controlled Chaos


19-04-19 06:51:00,

Authored by Manlio Dinucci via GlobalResearch,

Everyone against everyone else – this is the media image of chaos which is spreading across the Southern shores of the Mediterranean, from Libya to Syria. It is a situation before which even Washington seems powerless. But in reality, Washington is not the sorcerer’s apprentice unable to control the forces now in motion. It is the central motor of a strategy – the strategy of chaos – which, by demolishing entire States, is provoking a chain reaction of conflicts which can be used in the manner of the ancient method of “divide and rule”.

Emerging victorious from the Cold War in 1991, the USA self-appointed themselves as “the only State with power, reach, and influence in all dimensions – political, economic and military – which are truly global”, and proposed to “prevent any hostile power from dominating any region – Western Europe, Eastern Asia, the territories of the ex-Soviet Union, and South-Western Asia (the Middle East) – whose resources could be enough to generate a world power”.

Since then, the United States, with NATO under their command, have fragmented or destroyed by war, one by one, the states they considered to represent an obstacle to their plan for world domination – Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and others – while still others are in their sights (among which are Iran and Venezuela).

In the same strategy came the coup d’État in Ukraine under the direction of the USA and NATO, in order to provoke a new Cold War in Europe intended to isolate Russia and reinforce the influence of the United States in Europe.

While we concentrate politico-media attention on the fighting in Libya, we leave in the shadows the increasingly threatening scenario of NATO’s escalation against Russia. The meeting of the 29 Ministers for Foreign Affairs, convened in Washington on 4 April to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Alliance, reaffirmed, without any proof, that “Russia violated the FNI Treaty by deploying new missiles with a nuclear capacity in Europe”.

One week later, on 11 April, NATO announced that the “update” of the US Aegis “anti-missile defence system”, based at Deveselu in Romania,

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Study: More Than Half Quit Using Prescription Drugs After Using Cannabis and CBD Products | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


08-04-19 06:19:00,

By Aaron Kesel

A survey on cannabidiol (CBD) usage found that women are more likely than men to use CBD; and once they start using it they quit traditional forms of big pharma painkillers like Tylenol, ibuprofen, and Vicodin, Forbes reported.

Brightfield Group, a cannabis market research organization, and HelloMD, an online community that brings together doctors and cannabis patients, studied 2,400 of HelloMD’s community of 150,000 members by monitoring their usage of CBD products and their overall effectiveness.

CBD oil is derived as a powerful ingredient reaped from the hemp plant. Many may find it shocking to learn that CBD is similar to a compound that our bodies produce naturally, and from birth, called endocannabinoids. Cannabinoids aren’t just found in the cannabis plant, they’re also naturally occurring in other plants in nature, they are just found at a higher potency in cannabis or hemp.

Book Ad
Leaves From The Tree of My Life
by Bente Dammegard


Written a few years before the author Bente Dammegaard left this world: “At the moment I am 81 years old and live on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain. When I wrote the book I looked back on my life wondering how on earth I had succeeded in collecting so many years. Along the way I have become the mother of three wonderful and very different children, have spent a lot of my life as a translator and, as such, have translated books, films, comics and scientific texts. I have been an instructor of non-violent jiujitsu, been a teacher of languages for adults and never had a steady job but always been a free lance person, that is to say I have worked my bum off when others were on holiday, been a tourist guide at an old fortress/castle – which the Swedes built against us Danes, and I was the first and only one to conquer it. I am a Dane by birth, moved to Sweden in 1966 with husband and three children, lived there for more than 35 years and moved to Spain because the ice and snow on the roads of Sweden were just too much. I am now, more than ever,

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The CIA is using Turkey to pressure China, by Thierry Meyssan


19-02-19 09:00:00,

While Turkey has fostered economic links with China in order to solve its economic crisis, it has also publicly denounced the repression of the Uyghurs, basing its accusations on false information. Beijing sent a very cold reply. Everything is happening, now that Daesh has disappeared from Iraq and Syria, as if Ankara was once again running secret operations on behalf of the CIA, this time in Xinjiang.

JPEG - 49.7 kb
Chinese Uyghur jihadists in Syria.

For the last few weeks, the Turkish Press has been talking about the fate of the Uyghurs, the Turkish-speaking Muslim population of China. The political parties of the opposition, including the Kemalists, have been outdoing one another to condemn the Han repression of this minority and its religion.

This effervescence follows:
- The report by the Jamestown Foundation on the « 73 Chinese detention centres » [1] ;
- The Radio Free Asia campaign, which broadcast a number of interviews with ex-prisoners of the Chinese camps, and went so far as to pretend that China had outlawed the Coran (sic) [2] ;
- The campaign launched on 13 November 2018 by the United States and their allies of the Human Rights Council in Geneva against the repression of Islam in China [3] ;
- And the hearing, organised in Washington on 28 November 2018 by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ), before the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, (CECC), on « the repression of religions by the Chinese Communist Party » [4]. Thus we learned that between one and three million Uyghurs are being submitted to electrical torture in the re-education camps. These accusations have been reprised by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

It was in this context that the spokesman for the Turkish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hami Aksoy, published a communiqué on 9 February 2019 officially condemning the « Chinesation » … of « the ethnic, religious and cultural identities of the Turkish Uyghurs » and the death in prison of the famous poet Abdurehim Heyit, who was serving an « eight-year » sentence of confinement for « one of his songs » [5].

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Authorities Are Using A “Mysterious New Tool” That Can Unlock Virtually Any Cellphone


23-11-18 09:13:00,

Authored by Michael Snyder via The End of The American Dream blog,

Your cellphone is a gold mine of information about where you have been, who you have been talking to, and what you have been doing online.  And now a “mysterious new tool” is enabling law enforcement authorities all over the nation to get access to that information on virtually any phone. 

So if you end up going to prison someday, it could be the evidence that is pulled out of your cellphone that ultimately puts you away.  Of course most Americans never even consider that their own cellphones could be systematically gathering evidence against them.  For most of us, cellphones are simply extremely convenient tools that allow us to communicate effectively with the rest of the world.  But if the authorities decide to investigate you, your cellphone is going to be one of the first things that they want, and what they find on there could put you behind bars for a very, very long time.

There are some people out there that are still operating under the assumption that the data on their cellphones is safe from the prying eyes of law enforcement authorities.  That actually has not been true for a long time, and now a new tool is enabling them to unlock virtually any cellphone.  The following comes from WHIO

Law enforcement agencies are using a mysterious new tool to unlock the cellphones of criminal suspects and access their text messages, emails and voice messages. Some agencies around the country, concerned about security, are not even acknowledging use of the devices. Adding to the secrecy surrounding the new tool, one of the companies that makes and sells the devices to police and government agencies does not display their products on the company website.

These are basically “hacking devices”, and it may take a number of hours, but they will eventually get into your cellphone.

These hacking devices reportedly cost between $15,000 and $30,000, so they are quite expensive, but apparently law enforcement agencies all over the nation have been heavily buying them.

Because if you can get into the cellphone of a suspect, it often provides everything that is needed to solve a case

Dave Langos,

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US Now Using Dollar as Weapon Against Allies


03-11-18 07:47:00,

Among the many legacies that US President Donald Trump received from his predecessors is a “secondary sanctions” regime that allows the US to bar malign actors from most of the global economy. Under Trump, however, this sophisticated set of tools has become a bludgeon with which to threaten allies

BERLIN – Donald Trump may not want to launch wars in the Middle East, but that doesn’t mean he’s getting the United States out of the regime-change business. His administration has made it clear that it wants crippling sanctions on Iran to serve the same purpose as the Bush administration’s 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Since withdrawing in May from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Trump has been looking for ways to turn up the pressure on the Iranian regime. On November 4, US sanctions on the country’s vital oil industry will go into force. And the administration wants to go even further, by imposing secondary sanctions on other countries with the goal of shutting Iran out of the dollar-based global economy entirely.

To that end, the US wants to bar Iranian banks from the Society for World Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) and the global payments system that it oversees. This would effectively send Iran back to a pre-globalization dark age. The problem for Trump and his advisers, though, is that SWIFT is not a US institution. It is registered and based in Belgium, which, along with the European Union’s 27 other member states, supports the JCPOA.

America’s exploration of increasingly sophisticated “smart” sanctions is not new. At least since the start of the “war on terror,” the US has been pulling every financial lever that it can to destroy global networks like the one Osama bin Laden used to launch the attacks of September 11, 2001.

At first, the US focused mainly on freezing the assets of extremist groups and their affiliates. But then Stuart Levey, the under secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence at the US Department of the Treasury, had another idea. While traveling in Bahrain, he read a local newspaper report about a Swiss bank shutting down its business with Iran. It occurred to him that the US could use its own influence over the private sector to block malign actors from the global economy.

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