De EU, de NAVO, NewsGuard, Het Voltaire Netwerk, door Thierry Meyssan

05-05-20 04:43:00,

Het propagandamiddel dat gericht is op het verstikken van afwijkende stemmen heeft een stap vooruit gezet. Het is niet langer een kwestie van hen alleen maar te beschuldigen van het begaan van feitelijke fouten of het opzettelijk liegen, maar hen voor te stellen als verraders van een vreemde mogendheid.

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Volgens de officiële website van de Europese Unie is het Voltaire Netwerk een bende verraders in dienst van de Russische Federatie die belast is met het belasteren van het Amerikaanse leger.

De Europese Dienst voor extern optreden heeft in 2015 de EastStratCom Task Force opgericht, een eenheid die belast is met de bestrijding van desinformatie van de Russische geheime diensten. De taskforce publiceert een website,, en stuurt wekelijks e-mails naar EU-journalisten, zodat zij de boodschap kunnen verspreiden. We hebben al gemeld dat deze eenheid verbonden is met het NAVO-communicatiecentrum in Riga [1].

Deze eenheid heeft zojuist de journalisten van de Unie gewaarschuwd en trouwens ook allen die de informatie hebben opgevangen [2] dat ons artikel van 31 maart, “Coupschisten in de schaduw van het coronavirus” [3], Russische desinformatie is [4].

Ten eerste hebben wij op een officiële site van de Unie degene aangetroffen die verantwoordelijk is voor de identificatie van Russische desinformatie – en niet voor de eerste keer. Wij hebben geen enkele band met de Russische autoriteiten, noch met die van een ander land. Dit is pure laster.

Ten tweede wordt in de weerlegging van de EU alleen maar gezegd dat ons werk “Een overdreven interpretatie van een artikel uit de Newsweek van medio maart, zou zijn. Newsweek beschrijft de rol van het Amerikaanse leger in het geval van onbekwaamheid van politieke leiders” (Een overdreven interpretatie van een Newsweek-artikel uit medio maart. Newsweek beschrijft de rol van het Amerikaanse leger, mocht de politieke leiding onbekwaam zijn). We hebben echter een deel van William Arkin’s artikel geciteerd zonder het te vervalsen en door de informatie te analyseren in relatie tot anderen die niet meer omstreden zijn. Het is de relativering van al deze gegevens die de EU belemmert.

Tot nu toe heeft de overheid particuliere initiatieven gefinancierd om dissidente bronnen te ontkrachten. Dit is bijvoorbeeld de functie van de Decodex du Monde [5].

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The Voltaire Network Still Needs You

02-10-19 08:22:00,

The funding drive we initiated in July on “Le Pot Common” having been illegally cancelled, we opened a second one in August. When they understood who we were, the banks involved refused to continue it and legally closed it down. At the same time, we negotiated a repayment delay for our debt.

To date, we are still short about 5,000 euros to raise.

Please finance the Voltaire Network by paying your participation to this Paypal account:… It is not necessary to be registered on Paypal to use this service, a credit card is sufficient.

Roger Lagassé

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News from the Voltaire Network, by Thierry Meyssan

29-08-19 07:21:00,

After fundraising in favor of the Voltaire Network was illegally diverted by a bank and many other banks have closed or refused to open an account for a funding campaign, Thierry Meyssan takes stock of the legal and financial situation of the association.

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A month ago, we asked for your help to pay back a debt that jeopardized the continuation of our work. The outstanding sum was collected in a few days but the website that collected it did not forward it to us and illegally returned it to the donors.

However, we have since collected 26,000 euros from an account opened by Alain Benajam and the related PayPal account.

The bank that manages this account, panicked at the fuss around our kitty and blocked any transaction as the law allows it. In the end, we recovered that money and that account was closed.

We negotiated with our creditor. We transfer the money already collected and got a reprieve for the rest, knowing that our readers are ready to refund and that the problem is not one of cash, but of transfer.

These repeated problems confirm the existence of an international blacklist that prevents us from benefiting from banking services for political reasons.

In the tradition of Voltaire, we have never dissociated political analysis from the defense of fundamental freedoms. It is very important for us to make the law triumph. In 2001-03, we were sued by a multinational company asking us for 1 million euros in damages for using the name of its brands and its logo during a boycott campaign. We had indeed denounced the closure of a profitable and surplus plant because the shareholders of the firm wanted to invest its value in an even more juicy operation. From our point of view, property rights, like all rights, have limits and the owners could not put hundreds of workers out of work, not out of economic necessity, but out of financial gain alone. This affair was announced as the Iron Pot against the Pot of Earth. We then argued in Court that the right of expression is superior to trademark law and that we were entitled to nominally and visually designate this multinational by its logo in the context of a democratic debate.

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Who wants to kill the Voltaire Network?

04-08-19 10:34:00,

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For 8 years, the Voltaire Network has been unable to open a bank account in a Western country. Whatever the location, after having received a primary agreement, we were informed that our account had been refused by the Central Bank of the country concerned, but without any reason being given. Everything transpires as if there existed a confidential international black list shared by the Central Banks.

Today we are obliged to reimburse the money invested for the hosting and maintenance of the site over the last few years – a total of 48,000 Euros.

A collection box system – the Internet site Leetchi – was created in France by a branch of the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa for the collection of donations. In last June, this site was blocked by the Justice Department after it had acted to close down a collection on behalf of the boxer Christophe Dettinger, accusing him of wanting to avoid paying his legal expenses, but to put money aside in order to pay any eventual fines, which is illegal. Mr.Dettinger was charged with having bare-knuckled some gendarmes (in riot gear) who were manhandling a woman during a Yellow Vests demonstration.

Then came the sudden appearance of second collection box system, Le Pot Commun. It is in all points absolutely identical to the first. Its Internet site is the copy and paste of Leetchi, which leads us to believe that it is run by the same company. Two weeks ago, we contacted them to organise a collection. They accepted our request as well as the administrative credentials we had sent them. However, when we gave them the order to transfer the money already collected to a designated bank account which had been opened for the occasion, they no longer replied. On 25 July, they wrote that the order had been recorded, but not executed. We wrote to them several times. They did not answer. Suddenly, on 1 August, they closed our collection and sent a message to all our donors announcing they would reimburse them, allegedly « at their demand ».

To sum up:
- We still have to reimburse 48,000 Euros, and we don’t have a penny. Your money did not reach us.
- Le Pot Commun has refused to honour the contract – not because of the suspicion of a possible infraction,

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