India’s Waging a State-on-Citizen Hybrid War to Build Modi’s Hindu Rashtra – Global Research


28-02-20 10:45:00,

New Delhi, the capital of the self-professed “World’s Largest Democracy”, has turned into a dystopia after anti-government protests during the time of Trump’s geostrategically pivotal visit quickly descended into Islamophobic attacks and a state-backed killing spree as a direct result of the latest iteration of Prime Minister Modi’s infamous “Gujarat model” of state-on-citizen Hybrid War.

Dystopia In The Capital Of The Self-Professed “World’s Largest Democracy”

The Self-Professed ‘World’s Largest Democracy’ Is Experiencing A Real Uprising” as the author wrote late last year in response to the nationwide protests that erupted there against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), which expedites the granting of this political privilege to religious minorities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan who moved to India in order to supposedly flee persecution for their beliefs but which adds an overtly religious element to what’s constitutionally supposed to be the secular nature of the Indian state. Last month’s “Jawaharlal Nehru University Attack Showed Just How Fascist The ‘Modi Mob’ Is“, with the author using the neologism “Modi Mob” to describe the nationwide network of BJP supporters that actively works to intimidate all who are opposed to them on social media and increasingly in the streets. Seeing as how “India’s Building A ‘Hindu Rashtra’ Through Large-Scale ‘Demographic Engineering’“, it’s conceivable that a large-scale massacre against the Muslim minority had been planned for some time, especially since “India’s Doing Everything That Israel Wishes It Could Do, But Few Seem To Care” following its de-facto annexation of Kashmir last August. That’s exactly what’s happening in New Delhi nowadays after anti-government protests during the time of Trump’s geostrategically pivotal visit quickly descended into Islamophobic attacks and a state-backed killing spree as a result of the latest iteration of Prime Minister Modi’s infamous “Gujarat model” of siccing Hindutva paramilitary death squads against Indian Muslims for political-religious purposes.

The Modi Mob Might Be Planning A Massive Anti-Muslim Massacre

The capital of the self-professed “world’s largest democracy” is in such a state of dystopia at the moment that a so-called “prohibitory order” has just been imposed by the police. According to Sputnik, “Carrying weapons or any incendiary material is prohibited.

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US Waging Wars on Multiple Fronts: Cold Wars, Hot Wars, Economic Wars, Propaganda Wars … – Global Research


16-08-19 09:32:00,

Supported by both hawkish wings of its war party, the US is waging hot wars, cold wars, economic wars, financial wars, trade wars, anti-social justice wars, anti-human rights wars, anti-democracy wars, propaganda wars, sanctions wars, tariffs wars, protest wars, homeland wars, and environmental wars on multiple fronts worldwide — ordinary people everywhere the losers.

During decades of Cold War years, the US got along with Soviet Russia, even if uneasily at times. Nixon went to China. Relations today with both countries and many others are more dismal and dangerous than any previous time in the post-WW II period.

New wars could erupt without warning. The threat of possible nuclear war is ominously real by accident or design.

The land of opportunity I remember as a youth is now consumed by its hubris, arrogance, rage to colonize planet earth, control its resources and exploit it people.

New Deal, Fair Deal, Great Society years I grew up in were replaced by neoliberal harshness, endless wars on humanity at home and abroad, a growing wealth disparity exceeding the robber baron years, along with mass unemployment and underemployment, growing homelessness, hunger, and poverty, as well as a ruling class dismissive of the public welfare.

Current US leadership is militantly hawkish and anti-populist, led by a racist geopolitical/economic know-nothing/reality TV president.

Dark forces run things, headquartered on Wall Street and in corporate boardrooms, the rule of law replaced by police state governance, a free and open society by mass surveillance and growing totalitarianism.

Challenging authority disruptively with collective activism when vitally needed is absent.

The US reached peak power, prominence, influence, and leadership on the world stage following WW II, the only major nation left unscathed by its ravages.

Its preemptive war of aggression on nonbelligerent North Korea, a nation threatening no one, started its downward trajectory.

Today it’s a nation in decline while China, Russia and other countries are rising. It spends countless trillions of dollars for militarism and warmaking against invented enemies. No real ones exist.

Its preeminence as a military super-power was overtaken by Russia, China heading toward becoming the world’s leading economic power one day, multi-world polarity replacing unipolarity the US favors to dominate other nations.

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