Iran Has Warned to Target Arab Countries in Case of War: The US “Like a Lion in a Persian Story” – Global Research


28-06-19 12:15:00,

Iran has summoned  the United Arab Emirates’ chargé d’affaires in Tehran to protest that the UAE allowed the US to use its Al-Dhafra base in UAE to launch the Global Hawk surveillance drone (worth some $130 million) that was downed on the 20thof June by the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) air defence missile system. The Iranian message was clear: this is not a diplomatic gesture and complaint but a straight warning that any country hosting a US military base which allows a hostile military action against Iran will be considered under attack, along with the US base it is accommodating.

Iran is informing Arab countries that any US attack starting from any neighbouring or Middle Eastern country will be considered an act of war by the country itself, in the words of a high ranking IRGC officer. The IRGC – recently designated a terrorist organisation by the US State Department – is the force in charge of protecting the Strait of Hormuz, and is coordinating on a varying scale with the regular Army intending to stand against the US in case of war.

The Pentagon recently announced that it is sending a squadron  of US F-15E Strike Eagles to the region, in response to the attack on two oil tankers  earlier this month in the Gulf of Oman. In response to the non-downing of the P-8 on June 20, Trump announced the imposition of what he called “significant additional sanctions” against the Leader of the Revolution Sayyed Ali Khamenei and pre-announced that the Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif will also be included, closing the path to diplomacy between the US and Iran.

Moreover, the US claim it has conducted a cyber-attack on Iranian weapon systems on Thursday, an act of cyber-warfare that apparently disabled the Iranian computer systems that control its missile launchers.

The IRGC source said the tension “is far from being over, on the contrary, it might just be starting. Trump is increasing the sanctions and we shall increase the tensions. Let us see where all this will lead the US. One thing is certain: if we don’t export our oil,

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You’ve been warned: Widespread US face surveillance is ‘imminent reality’, says tech privacy report


19-05-19 06:57:00,

Georgetown researchers are warning Americans about a sophisticated real-time face surveillance system that’s about to become an “imminent reality” for millions of citizens across the country.

The ‘America Under Watch’ report is a warning that authorities in select US cities may soon be able to pick you out from a crowd, identify you, and trace your movements via a secret network of cameras constantly capturing images of your face.

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The report claims both Detroit and Chicago purchased software from a South Carolina company, DataWorks Plus, that gives police the ability to scan live video from cameras located at businesses, health clinics, schools, and apartment buildings. Both cities say they are not currently using the technology.

Facial recognition software has proven problematic for violating ppl’s civil liberties and discriminating against Black people and (to a lesser extent), other POC. Seems like a waste of an investment given the composition of the city of #Detroit.

— Educate to Liberate LLC (@NefertariNkenge) May 15, 2019

I think it’s helpful to treat privacy like a form of environmental health. Violations of privacy are sometimes individual, and always collective.

— sarah jeong (@sarahjeong) May 17, 2019

DataWorks says it provides software which “provides continuous screening and monitoring of live video streams.” The system is also designed to operate on “not less than 100 concurrent video feeds.”

According to the research team’s report, live footage is captured by cameras installed around Detroit as part of Project Green Light, a public-private initiative to deter crime which launched in 2016. The expanse of the police department’s facial recognition policy last summer, however, means the face recognition technology can now be connected to any live video, including security cameras, drone footage, and body-worn cams.

RT @copystar: “Detroit’s real-time face surveillance is designed to operate together with a program called Project Green Light Detroit, an initiative launched in January 2016 that has dramatically expanded the city’s network of surveillance cameras”

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Pentagon Warned President Bush Global Warming Was Bigger Threat Than Terrorism | Armstrong Economics

Pentagon Warned President Bush Global Warming Was Bigger Threat Than Terrorism | Armstrong Economics

19-09-18 08:54:00,

A secret report by the US defense chiefs warned President Bush that Global Warming was such a great threat that it would destroy the United States and major European cities. They told the President that cities would sink beneath rising seas and Britain would be plunged into a “Siberian” climate by 2020. They warned that mega-droughts, famine, and widespread rioting will erupt across the world. The document warned that the planet would fall into anarchy and the nuclear threat would rise as countries then sought to defend themselves in the face of declining food, water, and energy supplies.

I remember as a child going to Washington with my father when he would report at the Pentagon for some reason I never knew. I do remember walking down the halls with my father when I was less than 10 years old. I do remember people running around all serious with stacks of papers. After this report was leaked and reported on back in 2004 by the Guardian, it makes you wonder about how these people conduct long-range forecasts. I do not think London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, or Sydney will sink below the waves. It is just another example of how one-dimensional analysis is our doom. We are now only two-years from 2020 when Britain was supposed to be the new Siberia.

The Washington Post tells everyone Climat Change is real because of Hurricane Florence – a Category 1 event. You really have to wonder why these newspaper put out such lies and make no effort to do any research. The list of North Carolina hurricanes prior to 1900 yields a list of 139 tropical cyclones/hurricanes. In fact, North Carolina was hit by 7 storms during 1893 ALONE!!!!! During 1893, BEFORE the combustion engine, that remains the record for the most hurricanes to his North Carolina in a single season. On August 27th, 1893, a major hurricane which came to be known as the Sea Islands Hurricane which hit Georgia and went up through North Caroline killing they believe around 2,000 people. There was the category 3 Charleston Hurricane of 1893 and came ashore near McClellanville, SC with maximum sustained winds near 120 mph.

It really does not take much of an effort to report the truth just for once.

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Man Who Sold America The Iraq War Just Warned Iran Is Next… But Is Anyone Listening?

Man Who Sold America The Iraq War Just Warned Iran Is Next… But Is Anyone Listening?

08-02-18 12:37:00,

Authored by Carey Wedler via,

Fifteen years after the calamitous U.S. invasion of Iraq, an architect of the propaganda used to drum up support for the war is warning that it’s happening again — this time with Iran.

Lawrence Wilkerson, who was chief of staff to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, helped the then-secretary “paint a clear picture that war was the only choice” in his infamous 2003 speech to the U.N. This week, writing for the New York Times — an outlet that, at the time, parroted misleading narratives in support of the war — Wilkerson accused the Trump administration of manipulating evidence and fear-mongering in the same way the Bush administration did to cultivate public support for ousting Saddam Hussein.

In his Monday op-ed, titled “ I Helped Sell the False Choice of War Once. It’s Happening Again,” he wrote:

As his chief of staff, I helped Secretary Powell paint a clear picture that war was the only choice, that when ‘we confront a regime that harbors ambitions for regional domination, hides weapons of mass destruction and provides haven and active support for terrorists, we are not confronting the past, we are confronting the present. And unless we act, we are confronting an even more frightening future.’”

Though the U.N. and much of the world didn’t buy it, Wilkerson says Americans did, and it amounted to the culmination of a two-year effort by the Bush administration to initiate the war, which he now condemns.

That effort led to a war of choice with Iraq — one that resulted in catastrophic losses for the region and the United States-led coalition, and that destabilized the entire Middle East,” he wrote, going on to call out the Trump administration for pushing the United States down the same path in Iran.

This should not be forgotten,” he urged, “since the Trump administration is using much the same playbook to create a false impression that war is the only way to address the threats posed by Iran.”

Wilkerson singled out Nikki Haley,

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