Weaponized Drone Swarms Should Be Declared As “WMD”


30-08-20 09:08:00,

A new study for the US Air Force argues that a large-scale adversarial drone swarm attack could be classified as a “weapon of mass destruction” (WMD), a term commonly used to describe chemical, biological, or radioactive weapon capable of causing widespread death and destruction, reported Intelligent Aerospace.

Zachary Kallenborn, a senior consultant at ABS Group, specializing in drone swarms, WMD terrorism, and WMD warfare, authored the report for the Air Force Center for Strategic Deterrence Studies at Air University Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama where he makes the case that some weaponized drone swarm attacks could be viewed as a WMD:

“Drone swarms can also serve in traditional WMD roles. They would be highly effective as mass-casualty weapons, especially against soft targets,” writes Kallenborn.

“They could also be strategic deterrent weapons, though the variety of defenses means nuclear weapons are likely to continue to be more reliable deterrents. Drone swarms could be effective in assassination attempts due to the ability to overwhelm defenses. 

However, the lack of stealth means they are likely to only appeal to actors unconcerned with (or desire) their role being known. In some circumstances, drone swarms could function as an-access, area-denial weapons.”

Drone swarming technology, one that is deployed in squadrons, able to autonomously operate in a pack, is the future of warfare on the modern battlefield. 

Readers may recall, a rudimentary version of swarming technology made global headlines in 2018 after small drones attacked a Russian military base in Syria

Back in 2017, artificial-intelligence researcher Stuart Russell presented a video on “Slaughterbots” to the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons. He warned the development of lethal autonomous weapons could easily destabilize society if an attack was seen. 

It’s only a matter of time before armed, fully autonomous drone swarms are labeled as WMD because of their ability to inflict highly precise damage on hard and soft targets. 

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Weaponized wild: Scientists discover how to control locust swarms using single chemical


13-08-20 08:25:00,

Researchers have discovered a possible secret weapon which could be used to not only keep the billions-strong hordes of locusts plaguing crops around the world at bay, but kill them off entirely.

Gigantic locust swarms have been threatening the food supplies of millions of humans in Asia and Africa since January, which along with wildfires were the only two plagues humanity had to worry about at the time, before the coronavirus spread across the globe.

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These swarms can devastate crops and turn day to night almost instantly, but now scientists have unlocked the secret to swarm behavior among migratory locusts: a pheromone called 4-vinylanisole (4VA). 

4VA is specific to only one subspecies of locust but could pave the way to discovering similar swarm control pheromones in other locusts. 

The study’s authors propose a variety of ways of weaponizing this pheromone against the locust, either by corralling them into specific areas before killing them off en masse or by bioengineering more passive, less genocidal solutions. 

“This study has found the long-anticipated but never-before-described aggregation pheromone that is responsible for bringing solitary locusts together and turning them into gregarious, dangerous swarming locusts,” said Leslie Vosshall, a neurobiologist who wrote an accompanying article explaining the study’s findings. 

The researchers found that 4VA was equally effective on male and female, as well as young and old locusts and that, as the density of the swarm increased, so too did the amount of 4VA in the air. 

Just four or five solitary locusts congregating together was all that was required to begin production and emission of 4VA, so the contagion effect was almost immediate.  

To test out their theories about the effectiveness of manipulating the pheromone, researchers used sticky traps baited with 4VA as a small-scale test which proved highly effective at both luring and killing the insects. 

They also proposed devising methods to prevent locusts from detecting 4VA altogether, by genetically engineering locusts without the receptor necessary to detect the pheromone,

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How Science is Weaponized to Depopulate Humanity


10-11-19 09:04:00,

By Anarchy for Freedom India

This video explains how vaccines, GMOs, pesticides, endocrine disruptors, EMFs, engineered wars, geoengineering, veganism & the climate change hoax are being used to systematically cull the human population.

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1:00 – Introduction
2:30 – Website Recommendations for Indian news & perspectives
5:10 – Vaccines
21:50 – GMOs
31:00 – Pesticides
32:00 – Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
34:10 – Geoengineering / Chemtrails
39:15 – Electromagnetic Frequencies
42:00 – Engineered wars & False flag terror attacks
44:00 – Diet & Veganism
51:00 – Other factors (Blue light, SSRIs, Alcohol, Marijuana, Engineered Poverty)
53:00 – Narendra Modi & Henry Kissinger
54:40 – Human caused climate change hoax
59:05 – Solutions


For book recommendations on all subjects covered in the video, please visit: https://anarchyforfreedom.com/books/

1) Vaccines:

2) GMOs:

3) Pesticides & Endocrine Disruptors:

4) Chemtrails/Geoengineering:

5) EMFs:

6) Veganism:

Climate change hoax:


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Gay Pride Weaponized by CIA in Georgia | New Eastern Outlook


18-06-19 12:28:00,


Who said religion and politics don’t mix? Religion is one of the failsafe of any politician – lie and cheat and abuse people, and if you say that your actions are motivated by religion, everything will be forgiven. Trump was even sent to us to save Israel!

Religious groups themselves are happy to indulge the worst kinds of politicians, as long as they feel it will give them a bigger platform to do as they want. How Evangelicals can support a man like Trump, with his track record of doing everything their Bibles tell them not to, is one of the great ironies of the US political system. But they do it because they feel his sort of outsider politics gives them a bigger platform to spread their message from – they are still “voices crying in the wilderness” (John 1:23), but when that wilderness is the White House, they might be heard.

All of which makes it so much sadder that the US is so determined to fight religion as a matter of policy. The same Bible-thumpers who claim moral superiority by displaying their faith in public (Matthew 6:5) are not prepared to allow religion to inform the policies of other nations.

Whenever faith rears its head to the US and its allies, this has to be a bad thing, to be cut off it its root. We are told that Islam equals terrorism; despite the fact no Quranic scholar accepts that. Judaism equals Zionism, trying to undermine Christianity, while Christianity itself is a negative force trying to undermine secular values, as if there can be any secular values without religious ones to form a blueprint.

But it is not hard to see why this position is taken. Both common faith and tolerance of other faiths bind nations and populations together. They form a large part of individual identities and of national culture – the very things which make people believe they have value, and should be respected and listened to, and not blindly fulfil the role a greater power has assigned them.

Remember those big parades in Communist countries, where people carried banners of the leaders and demonstrated their military might and the force of their ideology? This was the only way these Godless atheists could try and supplant religion – using all the externals of religion to try and convince the public theirs was the only one—and they had been drugged with these fake religions.

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‘Weaponized gossip’: RT looks at MSM use of anonymous sources to spread false info


02-05-19 10:43:00,

The Washington Post has warned journalists to act responsibly when handling independent sources, offering them a quick crash course in Journalism 101 to avoid being caught publishing fake news that could swing the 2020 elections.

“Don’t publish weaponized gossip. Verify relentlessly. Nail down, and emphasize, the source of the hack and its motivation. And be transparent with news consumers,” the Post’s Margaret Sullivan wrote this week, warning that failure to comply with basic principles of the profession could lead them to being “’the de facto instrument’” of a foreign adversary’s fondest hopes.”

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TIME sinks to new depths of hypocrisy and propaganda with latest cover story on scary Russia

But as RT’s Caleb Maupin discovered, the mass media in the US are more than happy to be serving as instruments of the American government.

“Anonymous sources seem to be a big trend when it comes to inside scoops inside the White House,” Maupin says, noting that mainstream media are the very “definition of weaponized gossip.”

WATCH the full report.

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