BLM and White Shariah Come to Europe


23-06-20 07:25:00,

Just a normal day in Dijon, France (where you get your mustard).

We are living in kooky times.

The European Parliament has voted a pro-BLM resolution affirming a wide array of victimarian concepts (“structural racism,” intersectionality, “racialized persons,” and the very francophone “Afrophobia”). Yesterday’s kooky left-wing meme is tomorrow’s law of the land.

The EU lawmakers cite the fact that:

[I]n the US, black people and people of colour constitute up to 40 % of the incarcerated population, while they represent 13 % of the total population; whereas the rate of mortality in police custody in the US is six times higher for black people than for white people and is three times higher for Hispanic people, as is the use of excessive or lethal force, which has disproportionately affected people of colour . . .

Apparently none of the 400+ elected officials who voted for this have heard of FBI crime statistics, which show that black and Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly the same proportion as the figures mentioned above. In Europe, one finds more and more the same dumb American memes.

Identity & Democracy, the nationalist group in the EU Parliament, tabled its own resolution denouncing antifa, the practice of kneeling, “the iconoclastic and sectarian drift of progressivism, which is reminiscent of the Taliban,” and the deafening silence surrounding the mass murders of Christians in Nigeria and White farmers in South Africa. This text has no hope of passing but has the merit of showing that not all Europeans are complicit in their suicide.

American liberal elites are radicalizing to a truly frightening degree. The attacks against George Washington and Ulysses S. Grant are a sign that now, for the first time, the very foundations of the American nation are being explicitly attacked. America is no longer considered a tragically flawed experiment on the path to redemption, but an intrinsically evil nation which must be wholly upturned.

European governments, while sympathetic to BLM, have in fact tried to prevent the chaos from spreading to our shores. Both British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron have affirmed that historical statues must not be taken down in their nations.

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Will White People Self-Destruct? –


23-06-20 03:37:00,

Will White People Self-Destruct?

Paul Craig Roberts

The November presidential election has been racialized by the Democrats, media, white liberal elites, and the George Floyd protests. The racialization makes this election a watershed.

The Democrats, media, and white liberal elites have placed the responsibility for the multi-city rioting and looting by blacks on white Americans for being racist.  Although the evidence is clear that Floyd died from a fatal dose of the opioid on which he was strung out, his death is falsely attributed to strangulation by white police.  Thousands of businesses in many cities have been damaged, looted, or destroyed.  People have been injured and killed, and public monuments of white men have been destroyed, including statues of George Washington and Ulysses S. Grant.

White liberal elites are apologizing to blacks for white racism and accept the rioting and looting as an understandable response to Floyd’s alleged murder.  The white elites do not comprehend that what is underway is not a demand for  inclusivity, but a demand for the obliteration of Western civilization.

The Antifa Manual spells it out:  “Whites, especially cis white males, have proven to be the greatest evil mankind has ever known. . . . To create a culture of tolerance,” white power has to be overthrown. The way to do this is to fill up the country with non-white immigrants and to limit the growth of the white population. “It’s well-known that whites in America are not producing as many offspring as their counterparts. It’s important to make abortion, on demand and without apology, overwhelmingly available in predominantly white communities. We must lower the bar to access birth control in these communities and use media to promulgate the image of childless white people as being sexy, hip and cool.”  Once whites are a minority of 30% of the population, they can be cancelled.

The manual was found by an acquaintance floating around on Instagram.  He did screenshots of the pages, but did not do a good job. It is possible that the manual is a fake, but it sounds like Antifa. Fake or not, the manual shows the actual agenda and contains the usual Antifa contradictions, such as simultaneously calling for the elimination of “all forms of hate speech” while damning whites as “racist,

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White House Vaccine Czar Sells $12 Million Slug Of Moderna Options For Massive Profit


19-05-20 06:12:00,

Last night, as dozens of biotech companies rushed to issue stock following the massive spike in Moderna shares on some extremely preliminary trial results inspired the biggest short-squeeze in US equities since the beginning of May, we warned that Moderna shareholders might be in for a bruising “bait-and-switch” as reports about insider share sales emerged, and Moderna, along with dozens of other biotech companies the company, seized on the demand to issue more shares.

But it’s not only Moderna’s billionaire founder/CEO Stephane Bancel – once compared to a post-scandal Elizabeth Holmes – who stands to profit from the action: the White House’s new vaccine czar also holds – or rather, held – more than 150,000 options contracts on Moderna shares worht more than $12 million, and had resisted pressure to divest them despite the blatant conflict of interest. We were joking yesterday when we speculated that he would probably be glad to exercise these options at current prices. But just as every joke contains a nugget of truth, that one turned out to be prophetic, too.


As Moderna shares rallied yesterday, the White House said the new vaccine czar, Moncef Slaoui, who had resigned from the biotech company’s board just days before, planned to sell his options.

A press release touting the sale hit newswires this morning at around 530amET. Most members of the Washington Press Corps are still sleeping off their hangovers at that hour, so it’s hardly surprising that the news seems to have attracted little, if any, media attention on Tuesday.

White House COVID-19 Vaccine Chief to Divest $10 Million Stock Options in Moderna $MRNA

— Steven Spencer (@sspencer_smb) May 19, 2020

Slaoui brushed off accusations that he might be biased about the efficacy of Moderna’s vaccine. Still, considering that Moderna is already working with the NIH, we certainly found it surprising that such preliminary results involving a group of just 8 patients could have such an outsize impact on the market.

At times during the press conference where Trump introduced Slaoui to the public, the new czar’s enthusiastic words about “Operation Warp Speed” – an effort that the White House has tried to compare to the Manhattan Project despite the fact that it appears to have been named by a third-grader –

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White House planning


25-03-20 02:45:00,

As Washington takes stock of the Saudi defeat in Yemen and rumors in Riyadh of a possible coup d’etat are rife, Victoria Coates has been nominated US Special Envoy for Energy. She is reported to have arrived in Riyadh where she will reside.

Ms. Coates is suspected of having penned the column published in 2018 by the New York Times, “I am part of the resistance within the Trump administration” [1] and of having written the book: A warning (Une alert) [2].

Reputed to be close to Donald Rumsfeld, the Pentagon and Israel, she served as advisor to Senator Ted Cruz during his election campaign. In her latter position as deputy to current National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien, Coates was in charge, in particular, of the Iranian dossier.

The White House is reportedly considering taking direct control of Aramco (Saudi Arabian Oil Company) which was privatized in the order of 1.5% last December. Such a move would deprive the Saouds of their only source of income in exchange for being kept in power in one of the five states that would emerge from the dismantling of the country.

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White Helmets, James Lemesurier, and the Humanitarian Regime Change Network – Global Research


15-12-19 10:02:00,

THE conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world. – Edward Bernays, Propaganda (1928) [1]


Click to download the audio (MP3 format)

Since at least as far back as World War I, propaganda has been a major force in our lives, and a critical factor shaping public support for foreign policy.

With time, this propaganda campaign has gotten more sophisticated. Consider, for example, the 1991 Persian Gulf War, acceptance of which was ramped up following a testimony of an alleged witness of atrocities by invading Iraqi soldiers. The incident was eventually exposed as a massive deception as explained in the following video by Canadian journalist Barrie Zwicker.

The current conflict in Syria would seem to reveal an unprecedented evolution of this process of mind control in service of imperial conquest.

The general public throughout the West, including many self-described progressives and anti-imperialists, see the Syrian conflict as a civil war. An uprising of democratic rebels against a tyrannical dictator. The Syrian regime, together with the Russian military are, apparently, the main cause of the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians and the dislocation of millions. He stands accused of using chemical weapons on his own people in 2013, 2017, and 2018.

Enter the White Helmets – a team of volunteers rescuers whose exploits have impressed the sympathetic masses as heroes. A documentary about them won an Oscar Award. They have been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. They have also helped foster popular enmity toward president Assad and his government.

As revealed in past episodes of the Global Research News Hour, the Syrian conflict is not a civil war, but an insurgency, backed by the U.S., Qatar,

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The White Helmets: How the U.S. Has Sponsored Terrorists in Syria – Global Research


25-11-19 05:24:00,

James Le Mesurier, the co-founder of the White Helmets, was found dead on November 11, 2019, in Istanbul. It is noteworthy that his body was discovered near one of the headquarters of the organization. This incident brought us once again to the deeds of the volunteers.

The White Helmets have an extremely questionable reputation. In the West, they are considered to be human rights activists. They are invited to participate in various conferences on Syria, and even their documentaries became film festival winners. But, not everyone finds it normal.

A number of journalists claim that the White Helmets supported different terrorist groups. For example, in 2017, the Australian academic Tim Anderson analyzed the posts and photos of the so-called human rights activists in social networks and proved that they were really involved in the crimes of radical armed groups.

The videos of the White Helmets where they show their rescue operations have been also repeatedly criticized. In 2017, a number of Arabic mass media cited a Syrian journalist Abbas Juma who published several remarkable screenshots. It turned out that the same children were rescued by the White Helmets several times in the same places. The only possible explanation is that the videos were staged.

White Helmets in Han-Sheihoun

The Syrians themselves have repeatedly spoken about distrust for the organization. Recently, the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad marked the White Helmets as a part of the al-Nusra Front. He emphasized that the activists are involved in executions of civilians, abuse of prisoners and other crimes against humanity. That is why the majority of Syrians do not trust them.

Initially, the White Helmets arose as a project funded by Western countries to promote the positive image of radical jihadists groups. The British journalist Vanessa Bailey investigated the scheme for creating the organization back in 2015. She found out that besides various private funds, the British Foreign Office as well as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) are among the beneficiaries of the organization.

The list of WH sponsors

Several additional non-profit organizations that actually receive Western funding are operating in Syria today. For example,

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The End of White America Is Now Assured –


07-09-19 12:44:00,

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The End of White America Is Now Assured

The only question is the fate of the remnants. 

The lack of response by white Americans to their demonization as they decline as a percent of the population demonstrates their lack of concern with their fate.

It seems as if the West is dead in every way. The rule of law is dead throughout the West. Democracy is a scam. There is oligarchic rule.  Everything is done for organized interest groups.  Nothing is done for the people.  Putin just declared: “West’s leading role is ending.”  How right he is. 

The Brookings Institution is not a racist white supremacist outfit.  It is a neoliberal/neoconservative “think tank.”  One of its members, William H. Frey, has authored a report, “Less than Half of U.S. Children Under 15 Are White, Census Shows,” based on the recently released 2018 U.S. Census Bureau report. The information in Frey’s article is fascinating. It shows a disappearing white population. 

The number of white children, that is, the group of the next generation of parents, is not only   declining relative to the populations of non-whites but also absolutely.  During 2010-2018 the number of white children shrank by 2.2 million.  Overall, the white population of America has declined from 80 percent of the US population in 1980 to 60 percent in 2018.

The American middle class, which is largely white, bears the brunt of income taxation which means that white Americans bear the brunt of the cost of the welfare support systems.  The white middle class also bears the brunt through property taxes of the public school systems.   Many middle class members pay again in private school tuition for the education of their children in safer and more ordered environments.  The cost of university education is exorbitant. All of these costs are rising faster than middle class incomes, and this limits white procreation.

The decline of people of European descent as a percentage of the US population can only accelerate as the child-bearing ability of the white population evaporates. The median age of Americans of European descent is 43.6 years. The median age of Hispanics is 29.5 years,

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Is White Genocide Possible?


20-08-19 07:58:00,

Readers agree that the demonization of white people is unfair and divisive. Many report that they have experienced reverse discrimination, and they expect discrimination against whites, such as the announced anti-white policy of the New York public school system, to worsen as the media’s demonization of white people escalates. A few readers noted that both the Jewish and Armenian genocides are disputed. They asked if there are any historical episodes of genocides. A few others noted that even when white Americans become a minority, it will be a large and numerous minority and, thus, too numerous for a genocide.

I will address these issues after I walk readers, who never got past my rhetorical title, “Is White Genocide In Our Future,” through my column that provoked their questions.

The liberal/progressive/left, media, and Democratic Party have used the El Paso shootings of Hispanic immigrants to brand President Trump and all who voted for him “racist white supremacists.” In other words one instance has been used to write off half of the white American population. My point is that an enormous edifice of hatred has been built on one instance. Suddenly, all mass shooters are racist white supremacists inspired by President Trump despite the Mass Shooting Tracker that shows that mass shooters in 2019 are 51% black, 29% white, and 11% Latino and that few identify as supremacists of any hue. Hah, you say, you haven’t heard about black and Latino mass shooters, only white ones.

If white people are actually supreme and think of themselves in this way, how can university professors call for the eradication of white people and not be denounced for advocating genocide? What do you think would happen to a professor who called for the eradication of blacks, Jews, Hispanics, or homosexuals? It would be hate speech, a hate crime. But calls for eradication of white people are not regarded as extreme. Such calls are not denounced as hate speech and a hate crime. So who is supreme?

Try to imagine the consequences for NBC Universal if its movie, “The Hunt,” about white Trump supporters being hunted and killed for sport was about hunting blacks or Jews, or immigrants, or transgendered for sport. It would be the end of NBC Universal and the producer of the movie.

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The War on White Supremacist Terror


08-08-19 11:33:00,

If you enjoyed the global corporatocracy’s original War on Islamicist Terror, you’re going to love their latest spinoff, The War on White Supremacist Terror. It’s basically just like the old War on Terror, except that this time the bad guys are all white supremacists, and Donald Trump is Osama bin Laden … unless Putin is Osama bin Laden. OK, I’m not quite sure who’s Osama bin Laden. Whatever. The point is, the Terrorists are coming!

Yes, that’s right, some racist psycho murdered a bunch of people in Texas, so it’s time to “take the gloves off” again, pass some new kind of Patriot Act, further curtail our civil liberties, and generally whip the public up into a mass hysteria over “white supremacist terrorism.”

The New York Times Editorial Board is already hard at work on that front. In a lengthy op-ed that ran last Sunday, “We Have a White Nationalist Terrorist Problem,” the Board proposes that we would all be safer if the government — but presumably not the current government — could arbitrarily deem people “terrorists,” or “potential terrorists,” or “terrorist sympathizers,” regardless of whether they have any connection to any actual terrorist groups, and … well, here’s what the Editorial Board has in mind.

“The resources of the American government and its international allies would mobilize without delay. The awesome power of the state would work tirelessly to deny future terrorists access to weaponry, money and forums to spread their ideology. The movement would be infiltrated by spies and informants. Its financiers would face sanctions. Places of congregation would be surveilled. Those who gave aid or comfort to terrorists would be prosecuted.”

The Board didn’t mention the offshore gulags, wars of aggression, assassinations, torture, mass surveillance of virtually everyone, and other such features of the original War on Terror, but presumably all that kind of stuff would be included in “the awesome power of the state” that the Board would like the U.S. government to “mobilize without delay.”

And the mandarins of The New York Times were just getting started with the terrorism hysteria. The Tuesday edition was brimming with references to “white supremacy” and “domestic terrorism.” Here are some of the front page headlines … “Trump is a White Supremacist Who Inspires Terrorism.

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White House disinvites author of ‘anti-Semitic’ Soros cartoon from social media summit


11-07-19 09:02:00,

Cartoonist Ben Garrison has been disinvited from the White House Social Media Summit after complaints about a ‘blatantly anti-Semitic’ cartoon he drew depicting controversial financier George Soros as a puppet master.

Because I mentioned Soros and the Rothschilds in a cartoon, the perception from the [Anti-Defamation League] and those on the left is that I’m a ‘blatantly’ anti-Semitic cartoonist and they were all dancing a tantrum because Trump invited me,” Garrison said in a statement on Wednesday via tweet, adding that he and the WH had agreed on Tuesday that his presence would be “a media distraction from the President’s message.” 

Ben Garrison, who drew this cartoon, will be a guest at the White House on Thursday for the social media summit.

It’s important to note the name in the upper right hand corner. The Rothschilds have been the subject of Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories for centuries.

— Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) July 9, 2019

The cartoon, from 2017, shows Soros as a puppet-master controlling then-National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and retired General David Petraeus. Above Soros is the arm of another disembodied puppeteer, labeled “Rothschilds.” Journalist Yashar Ali tweeted the cartoon Tuesday morning, informing his audience (who might not otherwise have realized why the cartoon was anti-Semitic) that the “Rothschilds” arm was the naughty part.

Ali’s followers were split between the perplexed (“Quit stretching for something to be outraged about“) and the incensed (“how is this not a national scandal?“) – with a healthy dose of sarcasm (“Only Nazis criticize bankers“). It’s easy to see how a reader could get lost on the road to righteous indignation, given that Soros – a favorite bogeyman of the Right whose financial speculation has devastated entire nations’ economies while bankrolling progressive political causes – is also portrayed as the victim of “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories” – when he’s not being attacked as an anti-Semite himself by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and others on the Right. Further complicating matters is the fact that McMaster was, in fact, a member of the Soros-funded International Institute for Strategic Studies for 11 years.

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White Helmets plot new false-flag chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib – Russia’s UN envoy


25-04-19 06:24:00,

The White Helmets, a controversial Western-backed ‘civil defense’ group, is readying a new provocation that will see them using toxic agents on civilians to frame the attack on Damascus, Russia’s deputy UN ambassador has said.

Speaking at the UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday, Russian Deputy UN Representative Vladimir Safronkov said the new false-flag attack is being prepared in the rebel-controlled Idlib province.

“The pseudo-humanitarian personnel of the White Helmets continues to prepare ever new provocations in order to accuse the lawful authorities of using toxic agents,” Safronkov said. “We see what is going on.”

Also on
‘Staged fakery’: Eye rolling on Twitter as Sky News posts video of White Helmets ‘rescuing puppies’

Safronkov said that despite the Syrian Army’s advances, Idlib remains a hotbed of terrorism. An Al-Qaeda offshoot in Syria, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham – the rebranded Al-Nusra terrorist group – continues to carry out indiscriminate attacks on government-controlled areas, he added.

“They strike indiscriminately and that includes strikes on civil infrastructure, and the civilians are dying.”

Earlier, Maj. Gen. Viktor Kupchishin, head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, claimed that foreign media appears to have filmed a staged killing of a Syrian family in a “chemical attack” that is to be blamed on Damascus. He said the filming took place in the Hama province, but has not provided any further details.

Read more

BBC producer says hospital scenes after 2018 Douma ‘chemical attack’ were staged

Moscow has repeatedly warned that militants have been plotting to stage a false-flag chemical attack in Syria with the help of foreign intelligence. Last month, the center reported that operatives from the secret services of Belgium and France were allegedly involved in preparations for such an attack along with the White Helmets.

While the White Helmets have received accolades and broad financial support in the West, including a recent US pledge to funnel $5 million to the organization, doubts have been cast on their credibility.

The group operates exclusively in jihadist-controlled areas and has been accused of having ties to terrorist groups and faking evidence of alleged chemical incidents.

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Was UK Paying White Helmets To Produce Syria “Chemical Weapon” PR As Cover For Jaish Al Islam?


20-03-19 07:48:00,

Authored by Vanessa Beeley,

As controversy rages over the alleged April 2018 Douma “chemical weapon attacks” that signaled the end of Jaish Al Islam’s occupation, life in the Syrian city gradually returns to peace and stability.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons’ (OPCW) interim report and final report have thrown the Western media community into disarray. Already scrambling to salvage their loss of face after the “no sarin” conclusions were drawn by the OPCW in July 2018, they are now trying to convert an inconclusive OPCW report into a definitive claim regarding chlorine use, in order to reassert their declining narrative supremacy.

A “chemical weapon” narrative that has effectively sustained the criminalization of the Syrian government and thus the continued unlawful aggression, direct and through Takfiri proxies, by the US coalition against Syria.

Reasonable grounds that the use of a toxic chemical as a weapon took place” is transformed into “OPCW confirms chlorine gas used in attack on Douma by Syrian government” by the state media revisionists across the Western media echo chambers.

A retraction for the Western media’s earlier certainty that Sarin was used is above their pay grade, presumably. An apology to the Syrian people for enabling the unlawful bombing of Syrian territory by a rapacious FUKUS alliance is clearly not within their moral remit.

Putting aside the almost unassailable evidence that the NATO-member-state-financed White Helmets staged the now notorious hospital scenes that were universally distributed by NATO-aligned media outlets and incredulity that a yellow cylinder could be dropped from a helicopter through the roof of an apartment and then bounce from the floor and onto an undamaged bed, what is largely being ignored by the West and the OPCW is the context of the attack.

Who was in charge in Douma? How had they treated civilians leading up to the attack? To what degree should we rely upon the dubious testimony of organizations collaborating with the extremist regime ruling Douma with a rod of iron?

When we start to examine these and other questions, we can begin to comprehend the extent to which the OPCW report has failed to take into account the conditions on the ground and the relevance of these for understanding the alleged attack on April 7,

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In Venezuela, White Supremacy is a Key to Trump’s Coup


12-02-19 08:46:00,

Venezuela, White Supremacy is a Key to
Trump’s Coup

Greg Palast

February 10, 2019 “Information
Clearing House

On January 23, right after a

phone call
from Donald Trump, Juan
Guaidó, former

speaker of Venezuela’s National Assembly
declared himself president. No voting. When
you have

official recognition
from The Donald,
who needs elections?

Say what?

I can explain what’s going on in
Venezuela in three photos:

First, we have Juan Guaidó,
self-proclaimed (and Trump-proclaimed)
president of the nation, with his wife and
child, a photo prominently placed in The
New York Times

Next, the class photo
of Guaidó’s party members in the National
Assembly, white as snow…

…especially when compared to their
political opposites in the third photo, the
congress members who support the elected
President Nicolás Maduro. The Maduro
supporters are nearly all of a darker hue.

This is the story of Venezuela in black
and white, the story not told in The New
York Times
nor the rest of our
establishment media. This year’s so-called
popular uprising is, at its heart, a furious
backlash of the

whiter (and wealthier)
against their replacement by the larger

(mixed-race) poor.

Four centuries of white supremacy in
Venezuela by those who identify their
ancestors as European came to an end with
the 1998 election of Hugo Chavez who won
with the overwhelming support of the Mestizo
majority. This turn away from white
supremacy continues under Maduro, Chavez’
chosen successor.

In my interviews with Chavez for BBC
beginning in 2002, he talked with humor
about the fury of a white ruling class
finding itself displaced by dark-skinned man
who was so visibly “Negro e Indio,” a label
he wore loudly and proudly.

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As she enters White House race, demonization of ‘Kremlin’s crush’ Tulsi Gabbard goes full tilt


04-02-19 10:11:00,

The sky may have been clear in Hawaii when Tulsi Gabbard read her speech promising to fight “greed and corruption,” but she enters her bid under a cloud of negative media coverage and accusations of being Russia’s darling.

At first glance Gabbard would seem almost too perfect for the Democratic candidate to face Trump in 2020: a 37-year-old part-Samoan woman, who previously broke off a promising career in local politics to volunteer for combat zone service in Iraq, and is unfailingly popular with voters on her home island.

“What our country needs now more than ever is the spirit of Aloha. That spirit of respect and love for one another and for our country,” she said in a launch speech that the 2008 Barack Obama, himself, might have found too idealistically bland.

Hours earlier, in a two-author NBC investigation an entirely different picture had been painted of the “controversial” Gabbard – the centerpoint of “the first stirrings of an upcoming Russian campaign” in which the Kremlin “propaganda machine” would seek to inject pro-Russian positions into the Democratic Party’s discussions and debates with help from “inauthentic accounts.”

I’m Not With Her

To understand why Gabbard is not treated as a customary feel-good story of a woman breaking multiple glass ceilings, but as a tool of the Kremlin, several pages of her biography need to be revisited.

The first, her resignation from the senior post of Vice President of the Democratic National Committee in protest at the lack of scheduled debates between frontrunner Hillary Clinton and the rising Bernie Sanders, whom she subsequently went on to endorse.

The second, a now-famous meeting with Bashar Assad in 2017, and Gabbard’s insistence that Washington should not engage in “regime change” or sponsorship of radical militant organizations in Syria or anywhere else.

Also on
Gabbard stands her ground on Syria, says she doesn’t regret meeting Assad

Those two incidents alone have pitted Gabbard against two major establishment forces, and that is before one gets into the details of her socialist-tinged platform from healthcare for all to anti-Wall Street policy proposals.

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The Delegitimization of the White Male –

28-01-19 03:40:00,

The Delegitimization of the White Male

Paul Craig Roberts

We know that the white male has been delegitimized. Women’s studies, black studies, Latino studies, and Identity Politics have been demonizing, and teaching hatered of, white males since the 1980s. But where did these hate-filled special interest groups get their power? The answer is that effete white males handed it to them.

It was white male university administrators who created the anti-white male propaganda degrees called women’s studies and black studies. It is the white males in the Democratic Party who endorse Identity Politics, an ideology that puts responsibility for all the evil in the world on white males.

The latest white male collapse is that of the president of Notre Dame University. Catholics, themselves formerly a marginalized people in the United States and Great Britain, are guilty, according to Rev. John Jenkins, Notre Dame’s president, of displaying in Notre Dame’s main building a wall mural painted by Luis Gregori in 1880. In the Identity Politics that now rules even Catholic universities, the 1880 painting is viewed in the 21st century as depicting native Americans in stereotypical submissive poses before white European explorers.

I would bet that most Americans would not read the painting in this way. But in American everything is determined by the few.

Notre Dame’s president has decided that the solution to this “offense” is for the university to cover the mural.

Apparently the only intelligent person present at Notre Dame university is a law student, Grant Strobl, who said that “if we adopt the standard of judging previous generations by current standards, we may reach a point where there are no longer accomplishments to celebrate.”

This is a good point, but I would go farther. Luis Gregori’s painting was not intended to depict the submission of native Americans to the white man. Here we have another case of real history replaced by fake history with the connivance of the president of Notre Dame University.

Think about this for a moment. Is Luis Gregori’s painting the only painting, the only piece of art that can be construed, or misconstrued, as giving offense?

What about, for example, the iconic photograph of the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima?

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The White Helmets, Alleged Organ Traders & Child Kidnappers, Should be Condemned Not Condoned – Global Research


26-01-19 11:15:00,

The White Helmets, “volunteers” who reportedly “rescue Syrians from rubble.” Never in history has such a group been so feted by the elite, or received so many awards from institutions acting as extensions of US and UK hegemony.

A recent panel at the UN Security Council in New York revealed the shocking evidence of White Helmet involvement in organ trafficking in Syria. The lucrative trade of human body parts, bones, blood and organs is one of the most protected and hidden harvests of war.

The potential of White Helmet involvement in these nefarious activities raises questions that must be answered. Why were the shocking revelations met by a wall of silence from corporate media present at the panel in New York?

Not one media outlet pursued the subject, preferring to divert onto more comfortable issues that did not challenge the iconization of the White Helmets that has been the default position for virtually all state-aligned media since the establishment of the group in 2013 in Jordan and Turkey.

© Screenshot from the presentation of Maxim Grigoriev

Above is one of the slides from the presentation of Maxim Grigoriev, director of the Foundation for the Study of Democracy, given to the panel and audience at the UNSC in New York, December 2018.

In July 2017, I had interviewed residents of the East Aleppo districts that had been under occupation of the various extremist armed groups and the White Helmets. Salaheddin Azazi was a resident of the Jib Al Qubbeh area (also mentioned in Grigoriev’s presentation).

Azazi went through the details of the November 2016 Nusra Front attack on civilians trying to flee via the Syrian and Russian-established humanitarian corridors which had been spun by the White Helmets into a “regime” bombing raid that resulted in a civilian massacre. It was a complete misrepresentation of reality which was seized upon by corporate media with no fact checking. My full report on that incident and the White Helmet involvement in the massacre and subsequent theft of civilian belongings from the dead and dying is here.

“The bodies of the dead and dying were left unattended for ten hours in the street after the Nusra Front rocket attack that killed 15 civilians.

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Spy Theories and the White House: Donald Trump as Russian Agent – Global Research


19-01-19 09:10:00,

The level of absurdity in US politics has now reached such vertigo inducing levels as to render all manner of things permissible.  Contact with the unwashed implies collaboration; discussion with the enemy implies assent.  To go to a dinner party with a perceived hostile force in the context of business of diplomacy has become a child’s condemnation of misplaced loyalties.  Yet everyday, thousands of engagements are made between powers and interests where nothing other than a hello is exchanged, or a pleasantry.  Perhaps the more relevant question to ask here is that businessmen and women in power suggest the limits of the nation state and representation: to what extent can such figures claim to be legitimate as figure who think outside the logic of money and finance? 

In the impoverished, manic era of Donald Trump, the accusers have mimicked the man they wish to destroy.  Mimicry replaces originality; the copycat cat reigns with derivative accusation and complaint.  It is with ironic semblance that the individuals accuse him of mendacity, a dislike of evidence, and an aversion to the record, should be happy to throw all convention out as they take ring seats in speculation.  Trump, the spy, the man of treason, the sell-out, runs the stables of the addled and confused. 

CNN was particularly busy on this dithering foolishness, demonstrating yet again that newfangled point that no news is worthy unless it can be made into a confection of some heft.  The president demands this because of his character, the sensationalist figure, the man of game shows and the reality television persona.  He must be sensationalised.

Such theatre leads to such levels of gabbing as to be moronic.  The president might be a Russian agent, because the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation in 2017 on Trump.  Pause for laughter.  The President was investigated by that glorious agency of record, the FBI, for suspected links.  Pause for befuddlement.  The Washington Post then ran a story claiming that Trump had gone to extensive lengths to conceal, even from his own aides, his interactions with Russia’s Vladimir Putin.  Tax payers’ funds, it seems, are being used for the most notable of ends. 

Wired was similarly speculating along such lines,

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The War on Syria: Are the White Helmets preparing another Chemical Weapons False Flag? – Global Research


09-01-19 04:01:00,

It should be clear to anyone who is paying attention that the war on Syria is not based on humanitarian issues.

It should also be clear that the war is not a War on Terror, since the Western-supported terrorist forces that existed in Syria, dubbed “the largest terrorist army on earth”, is estimated to have numbered almost 500,000 terrorists at its peak.[1]

Equally transparent is National Security Advisor John Bolton’s warning to Syria against the use of chemical weapons.  Political commentator Sarah Abdallah summed up Bolton’s signal for a CW false flag with these words:

Yeah. With nearly all of Syria liberated from terrorists and US troops illegally present on Syrian soil finally preparing to leave, Assad’s just going to launch a chemical attack and trigger a NATO response.

This only makes sense in the minds of endless-war-fanatics like Bolton.

— Sarah Abdallah (@sahouraxo) January 7, 2019

So, can we expect another false flag attack?

Given what we already know about the White Helmets’ involvement in organ harvesting, kidnapping, thievery, fake news, staged rescues, and assorted terrorist activities[2], their anticipated involvement in preparations for yet another false flag attack is credible.

As Canadians we must demand an end to our government’s war on Syria. Canada should open its Embassy in Syria and resume diplomatic relations. Furthermore, Canada should leave NATO. And Canada must be held to account for the crimes that it has committed against the sovereign nation of Syria, and for the crimes that it continues to commit against the sovereign nation of Syria.

Normalized permanent warfare and support for terrorism is madness. To borrow a concept from How the US Creates “Sh*thole” Countries,[3] not only are we destroying countries as policy (i.e Ukraine, Libya, Iraq, Syria and beyond), but in so-doing, we have already earned for ourselves permanent residency in the Sh*thole Hall of Infamy.


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Mark Taliano is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) and the author of Voices from Syria,

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White Helmets: Helden oder Verbrecher? |

23-12-18 03:38:00,

Von westlichen Regierungen hochgelobt, ausgezeichnet und finanziert, und von ihren Kriegsgegnern in Syrien als „Humanitäre-Fakes“ mit illegalen bewaffneten Gruppen gleichgestellt. 

Von Jochen Mitschka.

Das Narrativ der von westlichen Regierungen gegründeten und finanzierten Organisation White Helmets, die ausschließlich in von „Rebellen“ kontrollierten Gebieten Syriens präsent sind, besagt, dass es sich um uneigennützige Freiwillige handelt, die als Zivilschutz in nicht von der Regierung kontrollierten Gebieten agieren. Syrien, Russland und Kritiker des Krieges im Westen erklären seit Jahren, dass die White Helmets in erster Linie zu Propaganda-Zwecken vom Westen gegründet und unterstützt wurde, um den Regime-Change in Syrien zu rechtfertigen. Tatsächlich, so die Behauptung, untermauert von Fotos und Videos, wären die White-Helmets eine Hilfsorganisation von Al-Kaida-Terrorgruppen und anderen Terrororganisationen. Nun hat ein russisches Forschungsinstitut eine systematische Datenerhebung durchgeführt und erhebt ungeheuer erscheinende Anschuldigungen in einer Anhörung im UNO Hauptquartier in New York am Donnerstag, den 20. Dezember.

Der folgende Text basiert auf der Live-Übertragung der Präsentation im UNO-Hauptquartier bzw. dem daraufhin erstellten Video, das über   YouTube abrufbar ist.

Die Organisation und Methodik

Maxim Grigoriew: „Unsere Organisation, die ‚Foundation for the study of Democracy‘ beurteilt Menschenrechtsangelegenheiten und analysiert terroristische Ideologien in der ganzen Welt. Wir sind Mitglied des globalen Anti-Terror-Netzwerkes, das vom Exekutivdirektorat der UNO für Antiterrorismus eingerichtet wurde, und uns wurde ein beratender Status beim UNO Rat für wirtschaftliche und  soziale Fragen eingeräumt. (…) Als wir Garantiegeber für das Buch (Anmerkung des Übersetzers: „countering the terrorist propaganda“, das im Jahr 2016 bei einer Sondersitzung des UN-Sicherheitsrates vorgestellt worden war) waren,  überraschte uns, dass hunderte von Facebook-Konten von Weißhelmen Daesh / ISIS Propaganda enthielten. Nachdem wir das festgestellt hatten, begannen wir einen Faktencheck der Aktivitäten der White Helmets. Ich werde beginnen mit einer Beschreibung unserer Methoden.

Wir haben über 100 Augenzeugen interviewt, mehr als 40 Mitglieder der White Helmets, 50 ehemalige Kämpfer von illegalen bewaffneten Gruppen, 50 Personen im Gebiet der von illegalen bewaffneten Gruppen kontrolliertem Gebiet, wo die White Helmets aktiv waren. (Anmerkung des Autors: Alle Interviews wurden auf Video festgehalten und werden der Öffentlichkeit zur Verfügung gestellt.) Wir führten auch zwei soziologische Umfragen in Aleppo und Dara mit der Hilfe von Freiwilligen durch. 

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The White House prepares the return of the Euromissiles, by Manlio Dinucci

The White House prepares the return of the Euromissiles, by Manlio Dinucci

24-10-18 08:03:00,

JPEG - 29.8 kb

The announcement that “Trump breaks the historic nuclear treaty with Moscow” – the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) – was no surprise. Now, however, it is official. To understand the scope of this act, we should review the historical context from which the INF Treaty was born.

The president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, and the president of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, signed the INF in Washington, on Dec. 8, 1987, after having agreed on it the year before at the Reykjavik, Iceland, summit. According to the INF, the United States undertook to eliminate the “Euromissiles”: the Pershing 2 ballistic missiles, deployed in Western Germany, and the land-based cruise missiles, deployed in Britain, Italy, Western Germany, Belgium and Holland. The Soviet Union committed to eliminating the SS-20 ballistic missiles, deployed on its territory.

The INF Treaty established not only a ceiling to the deployment of a specific category of nuclear missiles, but the elimination of all missiles in that category: By 1991 a total of 2,692 were eliminated. The limitation of the Treaty was that it eliminated short- and intermediate-range nuclear missiles launched from land, but not those launched from sea and air. Nevertheless, the INF Treaty was a first step on the road to real nuclear disarmament.

This important result was essentially due to the “disarmament offensive” launched by the Soviet Union of Gorbachev: On Jan. 15, 1986, the Soviet Union had proposed not only to eliminate Soviet and U.S. mid-range missiles, but to implement a comprehensive three-stage programme to ban nuclear weapons by the year 2000. This project remained on paper because Washington took advantage of the crisis and the disintegration of the rival superpower to increase its strategic superiority, including its nuclear superiority. The United States thus remained the only superpower on the world stage.

It is no coincidence that Washington only called the INF Treaty into question when the United States saw its strategic advantage over Russia, China and other powers diminish. In 2014, the Obama administration accused Russia, without presenting any evidence, of having experimented with a cruise missile of the category prohibited by the Treaty. The administration announced that “the United States is considering the deployment of ground-based missiles in Europe,” that is, the abandonment of the INF Treaty [1].

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The White House Has A Step-By-Step “Program Of Escalation” For Venezuela

The White House Has A Step-By-Step “Program Of Escalation” For Venezuela

25-09-18 08:49:00,

The White House has prepared an intelligence blueprint for regime change in Venezuela, according to a bombshell Monday evening report in Axios

According to the report, which follows a New York Times story from early this month that confirmed the administration had previously established a “clandestine channel” involving covert meetings with Venezuelan military coup plotters targeting President Nicolás Maduro, the White House has prepared for multiple scenarios involving dramatic military escalation that could trigger US invasion of the small Latin American country.

Per Axios

The White House National Security Council drafted a step-by-step “program of escalation” for Venezuela after President Trump took office, including the grounds for military intervention, a former senior official said today.

The plans were revealed by Fernando Cutz, who was a top adviser to former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and the top National Security Council official on South America, while speaking at an event at the Wilson Center. 

Cutz said he was part of a working group to lay out potential scenarios of escalating crises in Venezuela and corresponding options detailing the US reaction to events. 

Among the scenarios Cutz outlined included the potential for a Venezuelan military assault and takeover of the US embassy in Caracas, or a massacre of 1,000 civilians which could trigger an America military response on humanitarian grounds. 

However Cutz voiced skepticism over the success of many of the plans, questioning what would come the day after if a coup d’état or even complete regime collapse were to occur.

According to Axios,

He said other steps the White House “had ready” included a full oil embargo, which would severely restrict Venezuela’s cashflow but presented the question: “If we destroy Venezuela, and we make the situation worse for the people of Venezuela, what comes next?” They didn’t have a satisfactory answer.

Concerning prior reports that Trump White House officials had previously met with Venezuelan military coup plotters to discuss potential support for fomenting regime change:

Cutz was asked about the meetings and said the White House “never debated supporting a coup” or offered support or tacit approval to coup plotters,

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Bizarre White Helmets evacuation aims to cover up crimes committed by ISIS and Al Qaeda (Video)

Bizarre White Helmets evacuation aims to cover up crimes committed by ISIS and Al Qaeda (Video)

26-07-18 09:46:00,

Among the Deep State actors who signed the Carter Page FISA application were:

James Comey, John Kerry, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, James Clapper and Susan Rice.

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the heavily redacted Carter Page FISA warrant, and the man that no one seems keen to talk about or bring to DC to testify in front of the American public…British spy and central figure in the entire Trump-Russia collusion hoax, Christopher Steele.

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According to  Zerohedge once it was issued, the FISA warrant and its subsequent renewals allowed the Obama administration to better spy on the Trump campaign using a wide investigatory net. As such, the October, 2016 application painted Page in the most criminal light possible, as intended, in order to convince the FISA judge to grant the warrant. It flat out accuses Page of being a Russian spy who was recruited by the Kremlin, which sought to “undermine and influence the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election in violation of U.S. criminal law,” the application reads.

In order to reinforce their argument, the FBI presented various claims from the dossier as facts, such as “The FBI learned that Page met with at least two Russian officials” – when in fact that was simply another unverified claim from the dossier.

ALERT: The declassified FBI warrant application attests to secret FISA court that “THE FBI LEARNED that Page met with at least two Russian officials during the trip,”as if FBI learned this independently,when in fact it’s clear it relied on Clinton-paid dossier for the information

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) July 22, 2018

FBI represented to a federal judge that investigators knew for certain that Carter Page met w/ Igor Sechin and Diveykin. Except, the FISA app acknowledges this intel came from Steele dossier. And FBI has acknowledged dossier was not verifieid.

— Chuck Ross (@ChuckRossDC) July 21, 2018

Zerohedge breaks down the massive cover up that took place in order to derail Trump’s presidency…

Another approach used to beef up the FISA application’s curb appeal was circular evidence,

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Syria: The White Helmets’ Final Performance | New Eastern Outlook

Syria: The White Helmets’ Final Performance | New Eastern Outlook

24-07-18 04:26:00,


It is commonly known that when a ship is sinking, the crew does not board the lifeboats before the passengers. Most noble of all is when the captain and crew go down with the ship. Then with what level of ignobility should we assess the so-called “Syrian Civil Defense” more commonly referred to as the White Helmets?

We are told that Syrian forces backed by Russian airpower are brutalizing the remnants of “rebels” in southern Syria near the Jordanian border and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Surely now more than ever do the people of southern Syria need the “bravest of the brave” – as UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt described them on social media.

Yet instead of rushing to where the cannons sound loudest, the White Helmets slunk across Syria’s borders with the aid of the Israeli Defense Forces, onward to Jordan, where the UN is working to relocate them – allegedly to Europe and North America.

It is a final act laying to rest once and for all a monumental lie – that the White Helmets were anything more than an extension of the foreign-funded proxy war aimed at overthrowing Damascus.

And now that overthrowing Damascus is no longer a possibility, the White Helmets are being evacuated to lie another day.

An Acting Troupe

The White Helmets were never “rescuers,” but a public relations wing of Al Qaeda and its various affiliates. The US did not arm and funded terrorists for years to ravage Syria only to “also” fund groups to help save lives. Instead, the White Helmets’ only real mandate was to augment the proxy war, exploiting humanitarian themes similar to how the US and NATO justified and executed the destruction of Libya.

Videos of clearly uninjured individuals – showered in dust and red paint – rushed to awaiting ambulances often feature more cameramen in the frame than supposed rescue workers. Absent from the vast majority of the White Helmets’ videos is the actual gore, horror, and misery of real war – gaping wounds, dangling or missing limbs, burnt flesh and hair – all the horrors real Syrians faced daily since 2011 when the US-backed proxy war began.

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White Helmets sollen nach Deutschland evakuiert werden

White Helmets sollen nach Deutschland evakuiert werden

21-07-18 07:05:00,

Aktionsgebiete der White Helmets. (Grafik: White Helmets)

Aktionsgebiete der White Helmets. (Grafik: White Helmets)

Nach Angaben des US-Magazins TIME stehen die USA kurz davor, Mitglieder der Zivilschutzorganisation White Helmets aus dem Südwesten Syriens zu evakuieren. Das Magazin beruft sich bei seinen Angaben auf Informationen von zwei hochrangigen US-Beamten. Die Evakuierung soll von den USA, Kanada und Großbritannien geleitet werden. In der ersten Phase sollen die White Helmets aus dem Südwesten in Transitlager der Nachbarländer gebracht werden. Das Magazin wörtlich: „Von dort aus werden sie in Drittländer, darunter Großbritannien, Deutschland, die Niederlande und möglicherweise Kanada, geschickt, so die Beamten, die unter der Bedingung der Anonymität gesprochen haben, weil sie nicht befugt waren, die Angelegenheit öffentlich zu diskutieren.”

Abraham Wagner vom Center for Advanced Studies on Terrorism (CAST) sagte den Deutschen Wirtschaftsnachrichten, dass am Rande des NATO-Gipfels in Brüssel über die Evakuierung der White Helmets gesprochen wurde. Wagner wörtlich: „Der Krieg wird hier zurückgeschraubt und Syrien (Regierung in Damaskus, Anm. d. Red.) erlangt die Kontrolle über ganz Syrien zurück. Diese Organisation (White Helmets, Anm. d. Red.) ist größtenteils eine humanitäre Organisation, die versucht, mitten im syrischen Bürgerkrieg Katastrophenhilfe zu leisten, und es gibt viele Beweise dafür, dass sie viele Menschen gerettet haben. Es gab einige ’Berichte’, wonach sie irgendwie mit Terroristen in Verbindung stehen, von denen die meisten glauben, sie seien falsche Berichte. Ich weiß wirklich nicht, wohin sie evakuiert werden würden, wenn sie syrische Staatsangehörige sind. Es wäre problematisch, wenn sie nach dem derzeitigen US-Reiseverbot versuchen würden, in die USA einzureisen, es sei denn, sie würden Ausnahmegenehmigungen erhalten. Es könnte auch sein, dass die Russen Assad dazu bringen könnten, sie gut zu behandeln, so dass die Evakuierung nicht notwendig wird.”

Auch ein Sprecher der White Helmets hat dem US-Magazin diesen Evakuierungsplan bestätigt, da die syrische Armee (SAA) in den südwestlichen Regionen Quneitra und Daraa an Boden gewinnt. Die Evakuierungsmaßnahmen würden seit geraumer Zeit stattfinden. Allerdings seien diese nach dem NATO-Gipfel in Brüssel beschleunigt worden. „Das sind harte Stunden und Minuten (…) Dies ist der schlimmste Tag meines Lebens. Ich hoffe, sie retten uns, bevor es zu spät ist”, so ein Sprecher der White Helmets aus Quneitra. Quneitra ist der letzte Landstreifen in Syrien, der sich noch nicht komplett unter der Kontrolle der SAA befindet.

Zwischen Söldner-Truppen und der Regierung in Damaskus laufen auch Verhandlungen über die Evakuierung der Söldner aus Syrien in die nordwestliche Provinz Idlib.

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Syrien: White Helmets und al-Nusra planen laut Russland einen “chemischen” False Flag-Angriff |

Syrien: White Helmets und al-Nusra planen laut Russland einen “chemischen” False Flag-Angriff |

15-02-18 08:25:00,

Dass die White Helmets ein Propagandainstrument sind, um die Meinung der westlichen Öffentlichkeit zu manipulieren, dürfte jeden bekannt sein, der sich schon länger und intensiver mit Syrien beschäftigt oder den einen oder anderen Artikel auf diesen Blog dazu gelesen hat.

Proteste zu Syrienangriff - Bildquelle: www.activistpost.comProteste zu Syrienangriff - Bildquelle:

Proteste zu Syrienangriff – Bildquelle:

Nach Informationen des Russischen Zentrums für Versöhnung, das natürlich auch parteiisch ist und dessen Meldungen auch unter diesem Kontext zu sehen sind, plant die Terrorgruppe Jobhat al-Nusra einen “chemischen” False Flag-Angriff, der wiederum von den White Helmets medial, also propagandistisch “begleitet” werden soll. Letztlich einmal mehr der Versuch die syrische Regierung unter Assad zu dämonisieren.

Das Russische Zentrum für Versöhnung gab am Montag bekannt, dass es einen Telefonanruf eines Einwohners aus Serakab in der Provinz Idlib erhalten habe, der die geplante Aktion detailliert beschrieb. Laut der Quelle soll die Terrorgruppe Jobhat al-Nusra am 12. Februar drei Autos nach Serakab gebracht haben, die mit 20 Behältern Chlor und “persönlicher Schutzausrüstung” beladen waren.

Die Quelle führte weiterhin aus, dass die White Helmets in Serakab “individuelle Schutzmaßnahmen” probten sowie “Erste Hilfe für Einwohner”, die Opfer einer Vergiftung geworden sind.

Bislang stammen die Informationen nur aus einer Quelle und sind nicht von einer zweiten bestätigt worden. Dennoch scheinen die Informationen für das Russische Zentrum für Versöhnung so stichhaltig und glaubwürdig zu sein, dass man damit an die Öffentlichkeit geht und vor der Möglichkeit eines “chemischen” False Flag-Angriffs in Syrien warnt.

Bereits bei den letzten, medial bestens “begleiteten” Chemieattacken in Syrien geht man davon aus, dass diese von Terrorgruppen inszeniert bzw. durchgeführt wurden – zum Teil in “Zusammenarbeit” mit den White Helmets, die dann den propagandistischen Part übernahmen. Erwähnenswert ist hier insbesondere der Chemiewaffenangriff auf Khan Sheikhoun für den es zahlreiche Beweise gibt, die darauf hindeuten, dass dieser von den Gegnern Assads durchgeführt wurde.

Zwar kommt diese Information der inszenierten Giftgaseinsätze immer mehr im Mainstream an, aber nichtsdestotrotz bleiben sie auch “medial gefährlich”. Wie das Beispiel Khan Sheikhoun gezeigt hat, nutzen die USA wiederholt diese angeblichen Angriffe als Entschuldigung,

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Syrien: White Helmets und al-Nusra planen laut Russland einen “chemischen” False Flag-Angriff |

Syrien: White Helmets und al-Nusra planen laut Russland einen “chemischen” False Flag-Angriff |

15-02-18 08:25:00,

Dass die White Helmets ein Propagandainstrument sind, um die Meinung der westlichen Öffentlichkeit zu manipulieren, dürfte jeden bekannt sein, der sich schon länger und intensiver mit Syrien beschäftigt oder den einen oder anderen Artikel auf diesen Blog dazu gelesen hat.

Proteste zu Syrienangriff - Bildquelle: www.activistpost.comProteste zu Syrienangriff - Bildquelle:

Proteste zu Syrienangriff – Bildquelle:

Nach Informationen des Russischen Zentrums für Versöhnung, das natürlich auch parteiisch ist und dessen Meldungen auch unter diesem Kontext zu sehen sind, plant die Terrorgruppe Jobhat al-Nusra einen “chemischen” False Flag-Angriff, der wiederum von den White Helmets medial, also propagandistisch “begleitet” werden soll. Letztlich einmal mehr der Versuch die syrische Regierung unter Assad zu dämonisieren.

Das Russische Zentrum für Versöhnung gab am Montag bekannt, dass es einen Telefonanruf eines Einwohners aus Serakab in der Provinz Idlib erhalten habe, der die geplante Aktion detailliert beschrieb. Laut der Quelle soll die Terrorgruppe Jobhat al-Nusra am 12. Februar drei Autos nach Serakab gebracht haben, die mit 20 Behältern Chlor und “persönlicher Schutzausrüstung” beladen waren.

Die Quelle führte weiterhin aus, dass die White Helmets in Serakab “individuelle Schutzmaßnahmen” probten sowie “Erste Hilfe für Einwohner”, die Opfer einer Vergiftung geworden sind.

Bislang stammen die Informationen nur aus einer Quelle und sind nicht von einer zweiten bestätigt worden. Dennoch scheinen die Informationen für das Russische Zentrum für Versöhnung so stichhaltig und glaubwürdig zu sein, dass man damit an die Öffentlichkeit geht und vor der Möglichkeit eines “chemischen” False Flag-Angriffs in Syrien warnt.

Bereits bei den letzten, medial bestens “begleiteten” Chemieattacken in Syrien geht man davon aus, dass diese von Terrorgruppen inszeniert bzw. durchgeführt wurden – zum Teil in “Zusammenarbeit” mit den White Helmets, die dann den propagandistischen Part übernahmen. Erwähnenswert ist hier insbesondere der Chemiewaffenangriff auf Khan Sheikhoun für den es zahlreiche Beweise gibt, die darauf hindeuten, dass dieser von den Gegnern Assads durchgeführt wurde.

Zwar kommt diese Information der inszenierten Giftgaseinsätze immer mehr im Mainstream an, aber nichtsdestotrotz bleiben sie auch “medial gefährlich”. Wie das Beispiel Khan Sheikhoun gezeigt hat, nutzen die USA wiederholt diese angeblichen Angriffe als Entschuldigung,

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Episode 330 – The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct : The Corbett Report

Episode 330 – The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct : The Corbett Report

09-02-18 03:47:00,

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed

Contrary to what its multi-million dollar international PR campaign would have you believe, the “White Helmets” are not a group of volunteer search-and-rescue workers that sprang spontaneously out of the Syrian soil. When you peel back the layers of foreign financing and reveal the foreign intelligence operatives and murky lobbying groups at the heart of the organization, what you find is that the White Helmets are, in fact, a propaganda construct.

For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE to download a smaller, lower file size version of this episode.

For those interested in audio quality, CLICK HERE for the highest-quality version of this episode (WARNING: very large download).


In November 2017, journalist Vanessa Beeley gave a groundbreaking presentation to the Swiss Press Club in Geneva on the so-called “Syria Civil Defence” (better known as the “White Helmets”), which bills itself as an impartial group of volunteer search and rescue workers working “to save lives and strengthen communities in Syria.” In her presentation, Beeley demonstrated the connections between this supposedly “neutral” organization, recognized terrorist groups operating in Syria, and the UK government.

VANESSA BEELEY: During my time working in East Aleppo, it was clear that the councils were working hand in hand with [Al] Nusra Front. Their centers in each district were always next door to Nusra Front headquarters and White Helmet centres, i.e., they always formed an integrated complex.

SOURCE: “They don’t care about us”. White Helmets true agenda

Less than three weeks later, The Guardian released a report painting all skeptics of the White Helmets, including Beeley and other “anti-imperialist activists,” as proponents of a Russian propaganda campaign directed by the Kremlin.

This is no coincidence. The White Helmets are in fact part of a coordinated propaganda campaign. But that campaign is not being directed by the Kremlin, but the western governments which have been responsible for the founding and funding of the White Helmets. And the ones promoting that propaganda are not independent journalists like Beeley, but establishment mouthpieces like The Guardian.

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White House Is Planning To Nationalize 5G Network: Report

White House Is Planning To Nationalize 5G Network: Report

29-01-18 05:57:00,

In a stunning – if accurate – report published Sunday night, Axios claims that White House national security officials are considering an unprecedented federal takeover of a portion of the nation’s mobile spectrum/network to protect against Chinese attacks, in what may well be a pre-emptive shot, hinting at upcoming trade wars between the two superpowers.

Axios got its hands on PowerPoint deck and a memo, both of which were purportedly produced by a senior National Security Council official, which were presented to other senior officials at other agencies during a recent meeting.  The documents argue that America needs a centralized nationwide 5G network within three years. There’ll be a fierce debate inside the Trump administration, and an outcry from the industry over the next 6-8 months over how such a network is going to be built and paid for.

For those unfamiliar with 5G, Quora has a useful discussion on “How is 5G different from 4G and when will it be launched?”

The document’s author presents two options:

  • The U.S. government pays for and builds the single network — which would be an unprecedented nationalization of a historically private infrastructure.
  • An alternative plan where wireless providers build their own 5G networks that compete with one another — though the document says the downside is it could take longer and cost more. It argues that one of the “pros” of that plan is that it would cause “less commercial disruption” to the wireless industry than the government building a network.

Another expert who discussed the plan with Axios said the second option isn’t really feasible because a single, centralized network is what is needed to protect against cyberattacks from the Chinese or other foreign powers.

The source said the internal White House debate will be over whether the U.S. government owns and builds the network or whether the carriers bind together in a consortium to build the network, an idea that would require them to put aside their business models to serve the country’s greater good.

Option 1 would lead to federal control of a part of the economy that today is largely controlled by private wireless providers;

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