‘All we have are Trump’s words’: UN isn’t confirming elimination of IS chief al-Baghdadi


28-10-19 09:04:00,

The US President’s statement on the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi sounded confident, but the United Nations is still unable to confirm the death of the Islamic State leader for lack of proof, a high-ranking UN official has said.

The UN Monitoring Team on terrorist groups is going to put questions to the US and other involved parties to clarify the fate of al-Baghdadi, Edmund Fitton-Brown, a British diplomat who coordinates the team, told RIA Novosti news agency.

“All we have so far is the public announcement from the Americans, but it does seem like a very confident announcement. They seem very sure of themselves. They claim that they have verified it… So, I think that should be taken very seriously.”

However, Fitton-Brown pointed out that Washington “would be setting themselves up to a considerable embarrassment” if the report on the death of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) chief turns out to be false.

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On Sunday, Trump went on air to announce that the US forces have eliminated al-Baghdadi in “a daring night-time raid” in northwest Syria, involving special forces and aviation assets. He said the terrorist’s body was mutilated and buried underground as he’d blown himself up in a tunnel leading from his hideout, insisting that a DNA test still verified that it was him.

Trump initially promised to release a video of the raid, but the Pentagon later said that it had disposed of al-Baghdadi’s remains at sea and have no plans to share any videos or photos.

Shortly after the address, Russia’s Defense Ministry doubted Trump’s words, saying that it didn’t record any US coalition airstrikes in the area when the raid was said to have been carried out. It also poured cold water on Trump’s claims that Russian forces had opened up the airspace under its control in Syria to American warplanes, so that they could reach al-Baghdadi’s compound.

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Woke words: PC bastion Berkeley adopts gender-neutral city code, ‘manpower’ becomes ‘human effort’


18-07-19 12:11:00,

In the latest politically correct escalation of the ongoing culture war in the US, Berkeley City Council voted unanimously to remove gender-specific words and phrases from its municipal code on Tuesday.

“Language has power. The words we use are important,” 23-year-old council member Rigel Robinson, author of the proposed changes, said. “It’s not only timely, but necessary to make sure that our laws really speak for everyone.”

Tonight, Berkeley City Council adopted first reading of an ordinance responding to my proposal revising the municipal code to include gender neutral pronouns. There is power in language. This is a small move, but it matters. #berkmtghttps://t.co/njo58NYgNw

— Rigel Robinson (@RigelRobinson) July 17, 2019

As part of the politically correct purge of offending, gendered language within the city’s municipal code, a “manhole” will now become “maintenance hole,” “craftsmen” are now “artisans,” “heirs” are “beneficiaries,” and “manpower” will now be classified as “human effort.”

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Over two dozen commonly used expressions will be changed under the new guidelines, which will replace the previous municipal code that predominantly used “he” (which has now been replaced with “they”). The ordinance does not yet include a timeline for compliance, or any penalties for failure to comply, though the council will hold a second reading next Tuesday. 

The cost of the changes is reportedly $600. 

“If it makes the city happy, I guess they can go ahead. They can change it to maintenance hole. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt anybody,” said Erin Davis of Berkley. 

“Gender-neutral language creates a lot of room to acknowledge that it’s not just men running the country,” said Robinson, who submitted the proposal back in March. As expected, many online bemoaned the perceived waste of time and city resources. 

Some described the move as “equal measures childish, pompous, prudish, self-righteous, narcissistic, and insane,” while others argued that city hall must have “a lot of spare time on their hands dreaming up ways to be politically correct.”

Others still couldn’t resist a bit of mockery and tongue-in-cheek wordplay,

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A Few Words About the Europe Migrant Catastrophe | New Eastern Outlook

A Few Words About the Europe Migrant Catastrophe | New Eastern Outlook

03-09-18 01:20:00,


Europe has had enough. Critical mass over the refugee crisis has been reached. Any sane person could have predicted what the influx of millions of asylum seekers and economic migrants would do to a cohesive European Union. And today, European citizens are astonished at how their trust in leadership has led to a growing catastrophe. It’s time for Europe to reassess the EU and the course for the future.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was at the head of a cadre of European leaders that rammed ultra-liberalism down the throats of European Union citizens when the migrant crisis began. She was the poster girl for the liberal world order back in 2014 when the continent started being overrun with refugees. Today, Europe’s most popular leader looks like the sacrificial lamb the globalists will offer up to serve their destructive needs. The madness of importing millions of refugees from Africa and the Middle East will end up being all about Merkel and German idealism. But, her folly is only a bit part in the greater drama enacted by her colleagues in Brussels. Still, Merkel’s Bavarian CSU allies have given her until the end of the EU summit to reduce the burden of immigration on Germany. If she does not soften the impact of taking in 1.6 million migrants since 2014, she will certainly lose her job and reputation.

For those people who are astonished at the current situation, the logical question to EU leaders has risen; “What were they thinking?” And this is the right question for people of every country in the world. In Italy, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has taken a stand. The Italians don’t want another boat from Libya to land ferrying African migrants. In Malta, the government has taken legal action against the German NGO Mission Lifeline responsible for delivering 234 migrants from Libya to its shores. The boat is at the center of a growing concern over human trafficking from those who say these German NGO efforts are not “rescue missions,” but virtual slavery endeavors instead. Where once Angela Merkel’s rare form of liberalism impressed average Germans, today there’s savage dissent.

The political crisis for the EU is most fittingly illustrated in statements from French President Emmanuel Macron, who said Mission Lifeline defied “all the rules and the Libyan coast guard” and “played into the hands of smugglers” when it picked up these migrants off Libya.

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