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04-10-20 03:48:00,

by James Corbett
October 04, 2020

Just when you thought the coronascam couldn’t get any stupider, along comes a new curveball.

Take that, conspiracy theorists! Now Trump has the ‘rona! So when your 74-year-old, obese, out-of-shape God Emperor dies of the COVID, even you crazy anti-maskers will swallow the COVID fear porn and submit to the Great Reset, right?

(The true believers aren’t worried, though. Apparently when you spell “well” with a capital I, it means you’re using 18-dimensional Candyland to actually win the presidential (s)election from your hospital bed . . . or something.)

But while the world was distracted by the latest round of “who’s got the cooties” they might have missed this headline:

COVID-19 Fatality Rate “Worst Miscalculation” in Human History – PhD Student in Epidemiology

You could be forgiven for having missed this little doozy when it dropped five weeks ago, but let’s take a moment to examine it, shall we?

The story focuses on Ronald B. Brown of the School of Public Health and Health Systems at the University of Waterloo, who published a paper in Cambridge Press’ Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness journal this past August arguing that Anthony Fauci’s testimony to Congress on March 11 of this year was not just misleading, but downright disastrous.

Long story short: Brown contends that Fauci’s testimony confused case fatality rate and infection fatality rate leading to the “miscalculation” that the novel coronavirus was ten times deadlier than the average flu.

Brown reached out to a number of media outlets about this, seemingly the biggest story of the year, but he only received one response. That response came from John C.A. Manley, an independent Canadian journalist fighting the mainstream COVID narrative at As Brown told Manley about his paper: “The manuscript cites the smoking-gun, documented evidence showing that the public’s overreaction to the coronavirus pandemic was based on the worst miscalculation in the history of humanity, in my opinion. My manuscript underwent an intensive peer-review process.”


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In the Worst of Times, the Billionaire Elite Plunder Working Class America


03-09-20 09:25:00,

Photograph by Nathaniel St. Clair

In the midst of a global pandemic, unprecedented economic collapse, mass unemployment, hunger and desperation, the stock market is booming and the richest of the rich are richer than ever before.

Since March, more than 58 million people in the U.S. have filed for unemployment. The Internal Revenue Service now predicts that the U.S. economy will have almost 40 million fewer jobs in 2021 than they predicted before the pandemic, as a result of the prolonged economic depression. As it becomes widely recognized that the economy is not going to “bounce right back” into full activity – even when coronavirus cases do eventually decline – and that the current depression will continue for a long time, companies are doing anything they can to drive their stock prices higher.

Desperate to maintain their profits, many large corporations are planning massive layoffs and acknowledging that currently furloughed workers are not going to have jobs to come back to. The Wall Street Journal reports that a recent study found, “nearly half of U.S. employers that furloughed or laid off staff because of COVID-19 are considering additional workplace cuts in the next 12 months.” The companies say low-paid workers will be the first to be cut.

Twice as many workers had their pay cut by July 1 as during the Bush-Obama recession that began in 2009, according to the Washington Post. More than 10 million private sector workers have had their wages cut or been forced to work part-time.

Car company Tesla forced all workers to take a 10 percent pay cut from mid-April until July. In the same period, Tesla stock skyrocketed, and CEO Elon Musk’s net worth has now quadrupled from $25 billion to over $100 billion. Business software company Salesforce announced record sales levels one day and layoffs of 1,000 workers the next. The company’s stock rose 26 percent.

Among small businesses, another study found that 50 percent of all small-business employees who were furloughed since March are still without work. Twenty-eight percent are still furloughed; 22 percent have been permanently laid off. Even in the government’s rigged and severely undercounted unemployment statistics, the number of people who have been unemployed 15-26 weeks is nearly double what it was at the height of the 2009 recession — and exponentially higher than at any other time since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

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None Of The World’s Worst People Are In Prison: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


07-08-20 05:24:00,

Exactly zero of the world’s worst people are in prison.


The main obstacle to humanity forming a collaborative relationship with each other and our ecosystem isn’t because of “human nature”, it’s because manipulative psychopaths keep working their way into power. Finding a way to deal with psychopathy would solve most of our problems.


Some people find it offensive that I say Trump is no worse than his predecessors. I find it offensive that they ignore the barbarism of Trump’s predecessors.


The way politicians pretend to despise their opponents’ depraved actions and then get all cuddly later proves they’re not each other’s enemy, they’re yours.


Biden will probably be the next US president unless something drastic happens (which of course is always possible), and anti-imperialists are at least somewhat aware that this will likely mean an increase in military interventionism and cold war escalations. We should all start getting real and preparing for that.

I guarantee that anyone who’s made a thorough study of opposing US imperialism suspects it will get worse, maybe a lot worse, under Biden and his ventriloquist team. But they’re afraid to say so because being perceived as supporting the Trump disaster can hurt your reputation.


Always side against US imperialism. You’ll always be right, you’ll always look cool, you’ll win every argument, and history will always vindicate you.


People who accept cold war escalations against China and/or Russia simply haven’t thought hard enough about what nuclear war is, what it would mean, and the way it would be likely to happen.


“Of course I know the US lies about everything and circulates propaganda constantly, I’m not a fool,” said the Smart Internet Person. “But also for some strange reason it’s become very very important to me over the last year that we all hate China.”


Chinagaters are all the dumbest things about Russiagaters plus all the dumbest things about Republicans.


These are US military bases. One of the two countries in question is behaving aggressively, the other is behaving defensively.

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‘Worst crisis since WWII’: Italy shuts down ALL non-essential businesses in desperate bid to contain coronavirus spread


22-03-20 10:54:00,

Italian PM Giuseppe Conte has ordered all business and activities that are not vital for providing basic necessities to be closed, extending the nationwide shutdown in the wake of the pandemic claiming record numbers of lives.

Calling the crisis the “most difficult” in Italy’s post-war period, Conte announced that only “activities deemed vital for national production will be allowed” until at least April 3.

We are slowing down the country’s production engine but we are not stopping it

The PM urged the population to keep calm, stay at home and resist hoarding supplies. He promised that all supermarkets and pharmacies, as well as banking services and essential public transport, will remain open.

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Italian Army hauls Covid-19 victims’ bodies to lesser-hit regions as medics decide who gets help first in makeshift tents (VIDEOS)

While it wasn’t clear which factories and businesses will be considered vital to keep Italy running, the government is expected to issue an emergency decree, detailing the new measures and making them effective immediately.

The death toll from the Covid-19 illness in Italy has reached nearly 5,000, with a staggering 793 people confirmed dead on Saturday alone. The Mediterranean nation surpassed China earlier this week to become the worst-hit country in the world with the total number of cases at over 53,000.

The Russian president voiced his support for the leadership in Rome and the Italian people when he spoke with Conte on Saturday, promising to provide protective gear, mobile sanitizers and other medical equipment to Italy. Eight teams of Russian military medics and virology experts are already on standby and could be deployed to Italy as early as Sunday, once Rome greenlights the move.

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Putin offers to send medical personnel & equipment to help Italy contain coronavirus outbreak

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America Is The 4th Worst Abuser Of Biometric Privacy Rights In The World – Activist Post


08-01-20 11:45:00,

By MassPrivateI

Does anyone really believe America is still the land of the free?

Since 9/11, DHS, the FBI, the CIA, and countless other alphabet soup agencies have turned the United States into a public surveillance monstrosity.

In 19 years, one terrorist attack has done what no one else could have dreamed of: turn America’s freedoms into a distant memory.

Abusing citizens’ rights and privacy used to be the hallmark of dictatorships and police states like the CCCP or North Korea.

A recent study conducted by Comparitech, rated 50 countries from best to worst at protecting citizens’ biometric data.

The study found that America is one of the world’s worst abusers of citizens’ biometric privacy.

While China topping the list perhaps doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, residents of (and travelers to) other countries may be surprised and concerned at the extent of biometric information that is being collected on them and what is happening to it afterward.

This really should not come as a surprise, because last year Comparitech revealed that American and Chinese cities lead the world in spying on their citizens. Last week, I wrote an article explaining how 2019 would go down as the year that facial recognition and corporate surveillance became commonplace in America.

Activist Post Recommended Book: The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Comparitech‘s recent study on biometric privacy compared how 50 countries collect and use data to identify innocent people:

  • Many countries collect travelers’ biometric data, often through visas or biometric checks at airports
  • Every country we studied is using biometrics for bank accounts, e.g. fingerprints to access online app data and/or to confirm identities within the banks themselves
  • Despite many countries recognizing biometric data as sensitive, increased biometric use is widely accepted
  • Facial recognition CCTV is being implemented in a large number of countries, or at least being tested
  • EU countries scored better overall than non-EU countries due to GDPR regulations protecting the use of biometrics in the workplace (to some extent)

The USA is the 4th worst abuser of citizens’ biometric privacy

Comparitech warns,

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