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20-05-20 10:43:00,

So do not be afraid of them, since there is nothing hidden that should not be revealed, and no secret that should not be revealed”.
Jesus Christ – from the Gospel of Matthew (10, 26)

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

For the avoidance of misunderstandings, I state that I do not want to dwell on the need or not for a global vaccination plan: a too complex and controversial topic on which unfortunately there is no real world scientific debate but a univocal thought of the dominant mainstream out of which every minimal objection is considered. an act of aggrieved majesty.

I want to demonstrate the anti-ethics of an immunization plan promoted by millions of dollars by Bill Gates, prophet of the current pandemic, who is in a blatant macroscopic conflict of interest having deals with big pharma destined to speculate on it and by financing the political parties of the rulers who decided to test it in Italy and will be called to evaluate it in the future in the whole world for the emergency from CoVid-19.

This circumstance has taken on disturbing contours after the multiple discoveries documented by Gospa News on the economic support of American and European DEM rulers for the experimentation of dangerous and lethal laboratory superviruses in China in a project that seems suited not only to the dominance in the health field but also in geopolitical and warlike.

In the previous 19 reportages we have exposed clues, authoritative opinions and scientific research on the theory of a pandemic triggered by a bacteriological weapon of deadly mortality and complexity, to the point of appearing (even to scientists) calibrated to target specific ethnic groups, after being built with biogenetic engineering.

Whether this happened by chance, in the now more lucrative than noble mission of looking for vaccines, or for a deliberate conspiracy for other evil purposes, as it now seems almost certain, is what we are trying to verify in every possible direction.

Today we try to make the second synthesis of the last 9 (like the one in Bio-Weapon 10, link below) in order to make it easier for those who have been discouraged by the biblical length of others to read it.

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