52 Years Ago, a Pandemic Flu Killed 100,000 in the US and Nothing Shut Down—Not Even Woodstock


16-05-20 10:13:00,

By Matt Agorist

Mainstream media across the planet continue to refer to the COVID-19 outbreak as the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu of 1918. We are told that the economy shut down during the Spanish flu and people were ordered into quarantine, but it couldn’t stop the death toll from reaching 650,000 Americans. Now, the government has made harsh and sweeping regulations, shut down entire sections of the US economy, largely based on a model from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), which says roughly 72,000 Americans will die from COVID-19.

No one here is claiming that this virus is not serious and should not be taken serious. However, it is our duty as a free people to question the nature of the government’s reaction, especially when the economic ramifications could be far deadlier than the virus itself — with experts predicting a famine of biblical proportions that could kill millions.

When the virus passes and the suffering continues to persist, a lot of people will be asking the question, “was all of this worth it?”

Rest assured that governments across the world will be patting themselves on the back for their draconian reactions, police state, and mass surveillance programs that nearly all of them rolled out during this pandemic. But we may really never know if the lockdown helped to stop the spread or merely suppressed it.

As mentioned above, the mainstream media has referred to COVID-19 repeatedly as the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu. However, if the models are correct and the death rate stays in decline, this will not be the case. As of Monday, there are 248,000 confirmed deaths world wide, with 67,710 of those deaths in the United States. According to the current rate of new cases and hospitalizations as documented by IHME, experts are predicting a death toll of 72,000.

“In 1968,” says Nathaniel L. Moir in National Interest, “the H3N2 pandemic killed more individuals in the U.S. than the combined total number of American fatalities during both the Vietnam and Korean Wars.”

Just 52, years, ago, however, another flu, (H3N2), known as the Hong Kong flu,

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21 Years Since the Beginning of NATO Aggression against Yugoslavia – Global Research


25-03-20 08:52:00,

Flowers Laid At Memorials To Victims Of Aggression

On the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the beginning of NATO’s armed aggression against Serbia (the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), representatives of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals and the Club of Generals and Admirals of Serbia today laid the flowers at the Memorial to Children Victims of NATO Aggression in the Tašmajdan Park and at the Memorial to All Victims of NATO Aggression “Eternal Flame” in the Friendship Park, Beograd. 

During NATO aggression lasting from 24 March through 10 June 1999, NATO missiles killed 1100 soldiers and police officers and more than 2500 civilians, including 89 children. With the exception of the military and police personnel, the accurate list of casualties has not been established as yet, despite a recent statement announcing that relevant efforts would be stepped up. There is even less certainty about how many citizens lost their lives in the meantime, either due to injuries sustained by wounding, or due to malignant diseases caused by the use of weaponry filled with depleted uranium and other banned weapons and ordnances, or during the course of demining of unexploded ordnances, especially the cluster bombs.

A series of formerly scheduled conferences, exhibitions and other manifestations of citizens’ associations in the country and abroad, marking this anniversary had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Also cancelled were scheduled international conferences in Belgrade, Moscow and Paris, where the latest, in addition to the conference, should have been comprising a movie premiere of “Balkans Borders”, dedicated to the landing of the Russian Army units at the ‘Slatina’ Airport near Priština, June 10-11th, 1999.


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Two Years After the Skripals Were Poisoned the Mainstream Media and Governments Are Still Lying | New Eastern Outlook


23-03-20 11:05:00,


A little over two years ago, on 3 March 2018, two persons were found in a distressed state on a park bench in the English provincial city of Salisbury. The two were identified as Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal. Both were taken to hospital where they eventually recovered and were discharged.

Sergei telephoned his mother, and elderly lady living in Moscow, on 26 June 2019, 15 months after his hospitalisation. Apart from that sole telephone calls, he has not been publicly seen or heard from since. Yulia was interviewed at an undisclosed venue on 18 July 2018. She has not been heard from since either.

Sergei was a resident of Salisbury where he moved in 2010 as part of a prisoner swap with Russia where he had been serving a prison term for betraying his country by spying on behalf of the British. The British government has never even tried to offer an explanation as to why the Russian government would do nothing to Sergei for eight years and then suddenly decide he needed to be eliminated. Yulia was a resident of Moscow, engaged to be married, and visiting her father. She had a return flight to Moscow booked.

What followed the finding of the Skripals in a distressed and unconscious state was an extraordinary series of statements by then British prime minister Theresa May. She accused Russia of attempting to murder Sergei and made a series of other allegations. The kindest thing that could be said about her allegations and those of others speaking on behalf of the British government, is that they were made before any proper inquiry has been completed; when the two Skripals were incapacitated in hospital; and any resemblance to facts or truth was at best coincidental.

The British government was joined by a number of other western governments in expressing the outrage at what the United Kingdom government had said happened, and expelling Russian diplomats as a gesture of their strong condemnation of what the United Kingdom government had described as the “facts”.

The Australian government, although entirely unaffected by what was alleged to have occurred, joined the frenzy and expelled two Russian diplomats from the embassy in Canberra.

In a joint press conference on 27 March 2018 with then foreign minister Julie Bishop,

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Nine Years Ago: The US-NATO-Israel Sponsored Al Qaeda Insurgency in Syria. Who Was Behind the 2011 “Protest Movement”? – Global Research


17-03-20 11:34:00,

Author’s note

Nine years since the beginning of the war on Syria in March 2011, so-called “progressives” have supported the so-called “opposition”, which is largely made up of Al Qaeda affiliated mercenaries.  A US-NATO led war of aggression is portrayed as a “civil war”.

President Bashar Al Assad is casually described as a dictator who is killing his own people. The millions of deaths resulting from US-NATO led wars are not an object of concern.

The anti-war movement died in the wake of the Iraq war (April 2003). Responsibility to Protect (R2P) and counterterrorism prevail.

The war on Syria started nine years ago in Daraa  on the 17th of March 2011.

The following article first published in May 2011 examines the inception of the jihadist terrorist insurgency.

It recounts the events of March 17-18, 2011 in Daraa, a small border town with Jordan. 

Media reports have finally acknowledged that the so-called “protest movement” in Syria was instigated by Washington. This was known and documented from the very inception of the Syrian crisis in March 2011.

It was not a protest movement, it was an armed insurgency integrated by US-Israeli and allied supported “jihadist” death squads? 

From Day One, the Islamist “freedom fighters” were supported, trained and equipped by NATO and Turkey’s High Command. According to Israeli intelligence sources (Debka, August 14, 2011): 

NATO headquarters in Brussels and the Turkish high command are meanwhile drawing up plans for their first military step in Syria, which is to arm the rebels with weapons for combating the tanks and helicopters spearheading the Assad regime’s crackdown on dissent. … NATO strategists are thinking more in terms of pouring large quantities of anti-tank and anti-air rockets, mortars and heavy machine guns into the protest centers for beating back the government armored forces. (DEBKAfile, NATO to give rebels anti-tank weapons, August 14, 2011) 

This initiative, which was also supported by Saudi Arabia the UAE and Qatar, involved a process of organized recruitment of thousands of jihadist “freedom fighters”, reminiscent of  the enlistment of  Mujahideen to wage the CIA’s jihad (holy war) in the heyday of the Soviet-Afghan war: 

Also discussed in Brussels and Ankara,

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75 years after Russia & America worked TOGETHER to defeat Hitler, Trump SNUBS Putin’s Moscow celebrations invite


10-03-20 06:58:00,

While the ‘Russiagate’ hoax kept millions entertained in the fantasy world of US cable news, it also had plenty of real-world consequences. Now another can be added to the list: the White House’s absence from Moscow on May 9.

US President Donald Trump has rejected Vladimir Putin’s invitation to the Russian capital to mark the 75th anniversary of the World War II victory over Nazi Germany, according to Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Trump’s non-attendance, which could be seen by many in Russia as an extraordinary affront to Soviet Russia’s disproportionate sacrifice in annihilating fascism, marks an incredible U-turn after he previously showed a willingness to come to the May 9th parade. It can only be presumed that fear of being seen in Moscow during an election year forced the president’s hand, given he has endured years of bizarre smears about his supposed connections to Russia.


Despite almost perpetually frosty relations between the two countries, the US has always recognized the sacrifice of Russia during the Second World War. With an estimated 27 million Soviet deaths, it played a huge role in defeating the Axis powers. 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the victory, and Russia is set for a triumphant celebration. Everyone is acutely aware of the fact this will probably be the last major celebration in which a significant number of veterans will be able to take part, given even the youngest survivors are now in their 90s.

Through tensions, crises, and even the looming threat of nuclear war, many American leaders attended Victory Day parades in Moscow. In 1995, the 50th anniversary, President Bill Clinton observed the parade on Red Square, along with a vast array of other foreign leaders. In 2005, the 60th anniversary, President George W. Bush was in attendance.

“We do not yet know at what level the United States will be represented at the Victory Day celebrations. Indeed, through diplomatic channels, we received information that the president will not come,” Peskov told reporters.

The first official invitations to foreign heads of state came at the 2019 G20 Summit, with President Putin formally inviting US President Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Confirmed attendees thus far include the Presidents of Austria,

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Two Years After Handing It The Biggest Ever Bailout Loan, IMF Finds Argentina Debt Levels Are “Unsustainable”


20-02-20 08:32:00,

Back in the summer of 2018, when the IMF handed Argentina an unprecedented $56 billion bailout loan, the largest in IMF history, some warned that this is a case of deja vu similar to the 2001/2002 precedent when Argentina eventually defaulted on its foreign creditors, while humiliating the IMF which had signed off on Argentina’s economic policies that ended up in bankruptcy court. The IMF, however, was confident that this time would be different, and rushed – under now-ECB head Christine Lagarde – to hand to Argentina the greatest amount of money the IMF had ever disbursed to a struggling nation.

It turned out that this time wasn’t different, and after completing a week of meetings in Argentine, the IMF – which so generously handed out other people’s money to prop up the crumbling, corrupt Latin American nation less than two years aqo – finally threw in the towel and admitted that Argentina’s debt load is unsustainable, paving the way for the government to ask private bondholders to take on losses as it prepares to renegotiate its obligations.

The last time IMF officials commented on Argentina’s debt was in the fourth review of the credit line in July 2019, when they called it “sustainable, but not with a high probability.”

Oops. But it gets better.

A “meaningful contribution” will be necessary from private bondholders to restore the country’s debt sustainability, the IMF wrote in a statement Wednesday following talks with Argentine officials during its first technical mission in Buenos Aires under Alberto Fernandez’s presidency.

“The primary surplus that would be needed to reduce public debt and gross financing needs to levels consistent with manageable rollover risk and satisfactory potential growth is not  economically nor politically feasible,” the Fund said, in what may be the most embarrassing moment in the Fund’s history.

Why embarrassing? Because as Hector Torres, a former executive director at the Fund who represented South American countries, said last summer, “The IMF has put a lot in — not just money, but prestige,” to avoid a default. “The fact that the arrangement is not performing well right now is an embarrassment,” he said. Little did he know just how embarrassing it would get.

As discussed previously,

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Fifteen years before Kennedy, Zionists murdered Forrestal


27-01-20 02:56:00,

Israel as serial murderer

In the 1990s, a couple of bestsellers brought to the knowledge of a large public the fact that JFK’s assassination in 1963 solved an intense crisis over Israel’s secret nuclear program. In one of his last letters to Kennedy, quoted by Seymour Hersh in The Samson Option (1991), Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion complained: “Mr. President, my people have the right to exist […] and this existence is in danger.”[1] The nuclear option was judged vital for Israel, and JFK opposed it. A Haaretz review of Avner Cohen’s book Israel and the Bomb (1998) puts it this way:

“The murder of American President John F. Kennedy brought to an abrupt end the massive pressure being applied by the US administration on the government of Israel to discontinue the nuclear program. Cohen demonstrates at length the pressures applied by Kennedy on Ben-Gurion. […] The book implied that, had Kennedy remained alive, it is doubtful whether Israel would today have a nuclear option.”[2]

Also openly discussed by Israeli historians today are the close connections between Ben-Gurion’s network in the U.S. and what Tel-Aviv professor Robert Rockaway calls “Gangsters for Zion”, including the infamous “Murder, Incorporated”, run by Bugsy Siegel and then by Mickey Cohen, Jack Ruby’s mentor.

That Israel had the motive and the means of killing JFK does not prove that Israel did it. But I am quite certain that today, most smart Israelis assume and half-approve that Ben-Gurion ordered the elimination of JFK in order to replace him by Lyndon Johnson, whose love for Israel is also now widely celebrated, to the point that some speculate he might have been a secret Jew.

In Ben-Gurion’s mind, making Israel a nuclear state was a matter of life and death, and obliterating any obstacle was an absolute necessity. In Netanyahu’s mind today, preventing Iran—or any other enemy of Israel—from becoming a nuclear state is of the same order of necessity, and would surely justify eliminating another U.S. president in order to replace him by a more supportive Vice President.

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Over 100 Years Ago the US Government Lied Us into World War I – Global Research


15-01-20 07:23:00,

You may think “fake news” is a fairly recent development made possible by the internet and social media. But a little over 100 years ago President Woodrow Wilson created an official fake news agency to persuade the American people to support the United States entry into WWI.

But first a little perspective on what drove Wilson’s unorthodox methods.

Woodrow Wilson was elected President of the United States in 1912. Politically, he was a novice having only served two years as governor of New Jersey prior to his elevation to the Presidency. Wilson’s lack of political experience made him easy to manipulate by the seasoned political pros who surrounded him. “Colonel” Edward M. House, a well-connected associate of the Rothschild international banking dynasty was handpicked as an informal advisor to President Wilson.

The Rothschilds were working hard behind the scenes to foment a global war so their banks could fund the massive costs of military conflict. Colonel House was their man in the White House to “nudge” the new President in the right direction. In the fall of 1914 WWI erupted with the assignation of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo, Bosnia. France, Britain and Russia faced off against Germany and her allies Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey), and Bulgaria.

But the United States had no compelling reason to join the fray and the vast majority of the nation wanted nothing to do with the war. Indeed, Wilson ran for his second Presidential term in 1916 under the slogan, “He kept us out of war!” Colonel House used Wilson’s grandiose ego by persuading him that he could go down in history as the man who ended world wars forever with a League of Nations, today’s modern day United Nations.

There was only one major problem. Wilson would have no credibility with the combatants to pitch his League of Nation’s idea unless America shared in the bloody conflict. And to accomplish that trick House hatched a plan to turn the hearts and minds of ordinary US citizens into clamoring for war! This was accomplished with a brazen propaganda campaign of “fake news” that painted Germany and her allies as heartless monsters that threatened the globe.

America Enters the War

Great Britain used a naval blockade in an attempt to starve the German people into submission.

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Ten Years Ago in the Aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake: The Militarization of “Emergency Aid”. Was it a Humanitarian Operation or an Invasion? – Global Research


11-01-20 03:06:00,

Ten years ago:

This article was written three days after the January 12, 2010 earthquake which led to the devastation of Haiti.

Was it an Invasion or a Humanitarian Endeavour?  

It was an invasion coupled with economic plunder and destruction supported by the USAID and the United Nations, not to mention the Clinton Foundation.

It was an engineered crime against humanity.

The project consisted in destroying Haiti as a Nation State, transforming a country into a territory, taking over its resources, impoverishing its population.

The weaponization of Humanitarian is not limited to Haiti. 

Michel Chossudovsky, January 1o, 2020

*       *       *

Haiti has a longstanding history of US military intervention and occupation going back to the beginning of the 20th Century. US interventionism has contributed to the destruction of Haiti’s national economy and the impoverishment of its population.

The devastating earthquake is presented to World public opinion as the sole cause of the country’s predicament.

A country has been destroyed, its infrastructure demolished. Its people precipitated into abysmal poverty and despair.

Haiti’s history, its colonial past have been erased.

The US military has come to the rescue of an impoverished Nation. What is its Mandate?

Is it a Humanitarian Operation or an Invasion?

The main actors in America’s “humanitarian operation” are the Department of Defense, the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). (See USAID Speeches: On-The-Record Briefing on the Situation in Haiti, 01/13/10). USAID has also been entrusted in channelling food aid to Haiti, which is distributed by the World Food Program. (See USAID Press Release: USAID to Provide Emergency Food Aid for Haiti Earthquake Victims, January 13, 2010)

The military component of the US mission, however, tends to overshadow the civilian functions of rescuing a desperate and impoverished population. The overall humanitarian operation is not being led by civilian governmental agencies such as FEMA or USAID, but by the Pentagon.

The dominant decision making role has been entrusted to US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM).

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New Year’s Day in Syria, Bombing, Weapons, and Prayers


02-01-20 04:11:00,

new year in syria

New Year’s Day News in Syria includes a divine mass, a terrorist car bombing in al Raqqa, the Syrian Arab Army finding bodies of takfiri in trenches, more NATO weapons — including American TOW missiles — left behind, and another attack by Turkish occupation troops to ethnically cleanse Syrians from their homes and neighborhoods. 

Three civilians were murdered, four injured, homes, businesses, and other properties were damaged, New Year’s Day, in Slouk town of Tal Abyad, northern Raqqa countryside. Turkish regime invaders and their mercenary gangs have occupied Slouk since October, when they bombed the town, destroyed infrastructure, and forced the local population to abandon their homes.

A divine mass was held at the Mariamite Cathedral of Damascus on New Year’s Day. John X, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East for the Greek Orthodox led the service: We pray for peace in a one and integrated Syria.

The Patriarch led prayer for the return of all abductees kidnapped by the terrorists, including Greek Orthodox Bishop Paul Yazigi — brother of the Patriarch and Syriac Orthodox Bishop John Ibrahim, kidnapped by Jabhat al Nusra terrorists in April 2013 (the genetically modified Chechen ‘Syrian opposition’ leading Nusra did issue a long list of demands for their release, to which the government was reported to have agreed, to no avail.).

Syria News readers may recall that in July, American illegal in the SAR, Bilal Abdul Kareem — who should be on the US’ Specially Designated Persons list, for the assistance he gives to terrorists already on that list — did an extensive report on ”the trench digging campaign,” calling it “a chance for everyone to participate in jihad.”

American terrorist in Idlib interviewed other illegals, including the Saudi whale on the Designated list, Muhaysini. None of these demons were left in the trenches.

Jihad is not invading someone else’s home, committing massacres, and getting fat. Kareem, like the other savages, blaspheme Islam and engage in degenerate Saudi Wahhabism.

On New Year’s Day, the rabid Erdogan’s criminal troops, along with various takfiri gang underlings,

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JFK, MLK, RFK, 50 Years of Suppressed History: New Evidence on Assassination of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy. – Global Research


23-11-19 04:12:00,

Today November 22, 2019, we commemorate the passing of JFK. November 22, 1963, the assassination of JFK in Dallas, Texas. Fifty-six years ago.

January 21, 2019. Martin Luther King Day

First published by GR on November 15, 2013 coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, November 22, 1963). 

April 4, 2018 is the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King‘s Passing.

June 6, 2018 is the Anniversary of the Passing of Robert F. Kennedy,

Their Legacy will live forever.


In the last 50 years there have been two major threats to life on our planet.  The first, the nuclear arms race and its near disaster of 1962, was narrowly averted by President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy, who then set a course for peace. 

The second, the ticking climate bomb on its short “business as usual” fuse, has no solution in sight. (PART II of this essay forthcoming)

In both cases unseen forces have blocked a survival response to incalculable danger. We will examine these forces and suggest a way forward, modeled partially on action taken by JFK to avert nuclear war.

Mind is the Master power that moulds and makes,

And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes

The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,

Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills: —

He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass:

Environment is but his looking-glass. 

                                                      James Allen,1902

I. Introduction

Most people under 60 will not remember the harrowing Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, when the world was brought to the brink of nuclear war.  With the US leading the long-range missile race, short-range Soviet missiles had been quietly installed in Cuba.  Tension ignited when a US reconnaissance pilot was shot down over Cuba and killed. Kennedy, opposed to a war with Cuba, feared that his generals would overthrow him and escalate the crisis to a nuclear war that they believed to be winnable.

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Five Years On, Saudi Attacks on Yemen’s Farmers Are Pushing the Whole Country into Famine – Global Research


04-11-19 03:07:00,

The country of Yemen, known in the medieval period as “Green Yemen,” is one of the most extensively terraced areas of the world. There, Yemeni farmers transformed rugged mountain slopes into terraces and built dams like the Great Marib, a structure whose history spans long enough that it was mentioned in the Quran. During the medieval period, Yemen had one of the widest ranges of agricultural crops in all of the Middle East. 

Farhan Mohammed is one of the richest farmers in Qama’el, a rural village in the region of Baqim in northwestern Yemen. He owns 50 hectares of land which he uses to cultivate corn, pomegranates, and apples. Now, Farhan is struggling to keep his farm afloat after Saudi airstrikes targeted his fields, burning his crops and rendering the soil so toxic that it’s no longer able to sustain life. Saudi Arabia’s now nearly five-year-old project in Yemen has decimated the incomes of Farhan and most other Yemeni farmers. Fuel is hard to come by thanks to a Saudi-led coalition blockade and the fuel that is available has become prohibitively expensive. Airstrikes targeting farm fields and orchards have rendered large swaths of Yemen’s arable land too toxic to use.

Almost immediately after March 2015, when the war began, the Saudi-led Coalition began targeting Yemen’s rural livelihood, bombing farms, food systems, markets, water treatment facilities, transportation infrastructure, and even agricultural extension offices. In urban areas, fishing boats and food processing and storage facilities were targeted.

Before the war began, over 70 percent of Yemen’s population lived in villages dispersed in the mountains and small towns with irregular, and at times torrential, summer rainfall. These rural residents relied on agriculture and animal husbandry and grew fruits and vegetables to feed their own families and to sell to markets. Yet that way of life has all but disappeared since the Saudi attacks began, undermining rural livelihoods, disrupting local food production, and forcing rural residents to flee to the city.

Now, Yemen’s nationwide level of household food insecurity hovers at over 70 percent. 50 percent of rural households and 20 percent of urban households are now food insecure. Almost one-third of Yemenis do not have enough food to satisfy basic nutritional needs.

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11 Years Ago Today Satoshi Nakamoto Published The Bitcoin White Paper


01-11-19 09:05:00,

Authored by Marie Huillet via CoinTelegraph,

Today, Oct. 31, marks eleven years since the publication of the Bitcoin white paper by the still-mysterious person or group pseudonymously identified as Satoshi Nakamoto.

11 years ago today… pic.twitter.com/SH2cLDmtdQ

— Bitcoin (@Bitcoin) October 31, 2019

A revolutionary text

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System — published on Oct. 31, 2008 —  outlined a tamper-proof, decentralized peer-to-peer protocol that could track and verify digital transactions, prevent double-spending and generate a transparent record for anyone to inspect in nearly real-time. 

The protocol represented a cryptographically-secured system — based on a Proof-of-Work algorithm —  in which Bitcoins (BTC) are “mined” for a reward by individual nodes and then verified by other nodes in a decentralized network.

This system contained the possibility of overcoming the need for intermediaries such as banks and financial institutions to facilitate and audit transactions — a major disruption to a siloed, monopolized field of centralized financial power.

image courtesy of CoinTelegraph

304033233% all-time-price appreciation

Eleven years on, Bitcoin is consistently setting new records for its network hash rate — a measure of the overall computing power involved in validating transactions on the blockchain at any given time. 

More power and participation establishes greater network security and attests to widespread recognition of the profitability potential of Bitcoin mining. 

As of the middle of this month, network data revealed that since the creation of the very first block on the Bitcoin blockchain on Jan 3, 2009 — known in more technical language as its “genesis block” — miners have received combined revenue of just under $15 billion. 

The figure includes both block rewards — “new” bitcoins paid to miners for validating a block of transactions — as well as transaction fees, which broke the $1 billion mark this week. 

Bitcoin’s first-ever recorded trading price was noted on Mar. 17, 2010 — on the now-defunct trading platform bitcoinmarket.com, at a value of $0.003. 

The cryptocurrency’s appreciation thus stands at a staggering 304033233% as of press time,

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The Myth of the Cold War: 74 Years Ago, Secret September 1945 Plan to “Wipe the Soviet Union off the Map” – Global Research


15-09-19 07:06:00,

Seventy four years ago, on September 15, 1945, the US released a secret document which consisted in waging a coordinated nuclear attack directed against 66 major urban areas of the Soviet Union, which at the time was an ally of the US.

The Pentagon estimated that a total of 204 atomic bombs would be required to “Wipe the Soviet Union off the Map”.

The Cold War is a myth. A US-led “hot war” against the Soviet Union was formulated at the height of World War II. For the US, the Cold War was a continuation of World War II.

The Manhattan project was launched in 1939, two years prior to America’s entry into World War II in December 1941. The Kremlin was fully aware of the secret Manhattan project as early as 1942.

The Manhattan project was largely directed at the Soviet Union.

Were the August 1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks used by the Pentagon to evaluate the viability of  a much larger attack on the Soviet Union consisting of more than 204 atomic bombs?

The formulation of the secret September 15, 1945 document was preceded by an August 30, 1945 document which was dispatched by Major General Lauris Norstad  to the head of the Manhattan Project General Leslie Groves 

This document [outlined] “a total of 15 “key Soviet cities” to be struck with US atomic weapons, headed by the capital Moscow. This was followed by another 25 “leading Soviet cities” listed for annihilation, topping this latter group was Leningrad, almost destroyed during the Nazi siege finally lifted in late January 1944.”  

The above nuclear plans were being composed three days before the Second World War had even officially concluded (on 2 September 1945), and a mere two weeks following Japan’s surrender. (Shane Quinn, Global Research, May 28, 2019)

The key documents to bomb 66 cities of the Soviet Union (15 September 1945) were finalized 5-6 weeks after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings (6, 9 August 1945). The US Nuclear Attack against the USSR had been planned as early as 1942.

The 1945 documents confirm that the US was involved in the “planning of genocide” against the Soviet Union.  

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9/9-9/11. 18 Years Ago, 2 Days before 9/11: Shah Masood, leader of the Northern Alliance assassinated – Global Research


13-09-19 03:18:00,

This article was originally published on the 9th of September 2003.

Eighteen years ago, on the 9th of September 2001, the leader of the Northern Alliance Commander Ahmad Shah Masood was mortally wounded in a kamikaze assassination.

It happened two days before the 9/11 attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon. Masood died from wounds suffered in the suicide attack on the Saturday (9/15) following  9/11.

In the wake of the September 11 attacks, the killing of Ahmad Shah Masood was barely mentioned. The broad media consensus was that the two events (9/9 and 9/11)  were totally unrelated.

Yet the Northern Alliance had informed the Bush administration through an official communiqué that Pakistan’s ISI was allegedly implicated in the assassination:

“A Pakistani ISI-Osama-Taliban axis  [was responsible for] plotting the assassination by two Arab suicide bombers.. ‘We believe that this is a triangle between Osama bin Laden, ISI, which is the intelligence section of the Pakistani army, and the Taliban’” (The Northern Alliance’s statement was released on 14 September 2001, quoted in Reuters, 15 September 2001)

“Opposition foreign affairs spokesman Abdullah Abdullah told AFP the assassination bid was plotted by the ruling Taliban militia, bin Laden and their allies in Pakistan’s intelligence agency.

‘This was a premeditated plan. They have tried it several times in the past as well but all of them have been thwarted,’ he said.

‘Pakistan’s ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence), the Taliban and Osama bin Laden appear to be behind this plot.’” (AFP, 10 September 2001)

September 11

Now it just so happens that Pakistan’s ISI was allegedly also implicated in 9/11.

Several intelligence and media reports (including the FBI, Indian Intelligence, and AFP ) have pointed to the role of Pakistan’s ISI in financing the 9/11 attacks.

The FBI confirmed in late September 2001, in an interview with ABC News (which went virtually unnoticed), that the 9-11 ring leader, Mohammed Atta,, had been financed from “unnamed sources” in Pakistan.

(See http://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO111A.html )

The findings of the FBI are confirmed by AFP and the Times of India, quoting an official Indian intelligence report (which had been dispatched to Washington).

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Illegal for 20 years, torture of Palestinians by Shin Bet goes on


11-09-19 08:29:00,




Twenty years ago last week, Shin Bet security services interrogations changed overnight. The High Court of Justice ruled in detail and at length on the methods used in Shin Bet interrogation rooms, and…

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    9/11 After 18 Years – PaulCraigRoberts.org


    09-09-19 11:19:00,

    There is no one to support your website but you

    9/11 After 18 Years

    Paul Craig Roberts

    I would appreciate hearing from readers whether they have come across a report in the print, TV, or NPR media of the highly professional four-year investigation of WTC Building 7’s demise.  The international team of civil engineers concluded that the official story of Building 7’s destruction is entirely false.  I reported their findings here: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2019/09/04/the-official-story-of-the-collapse-of-wtc-building-7-lies-in-ruins/ 

    I suspect that the expert report is already in the Memory Hole.  Popular Mechanics, Wikipedia and CNN cannot label a distinguished team of experts “conspiracy theorists.”  Therefore the presstitutes and assorted cover-up artists for the 9/11 false flag attack on the United States will simply act as if no such report exists. The vast majority of people in the world will never hear about the report. I doubt that the real perpetrators of 9/11 will even bother to hire their own team to “refute” the report as that would bring the report into the news, the last place the perpetrators want it to be.

    The 9/11 Commission report was not an investigation and ignored all forensic evidence. The NIST simulation of Building 7’s collapse was rigged to get the desired result.  The only real investigations have been done by private scientists, engineers, and architects.  They have found clear evidence of the use of nano-thermite in the destruction of the twin towers.  More than 100 First Responders have testified that they experienced a large number of explosions inside the towers, including a massive explosion in the sub-basement prior to the time the airliners are said to have hit the tower.  Numerous military and civilian pilots have said that the flight maneuvers involved in the WTC and Pentagon attacks are beyond their skills and most certainly beyond the skills of the alleged hijackers.  Wreckage of the airliners is surprisingly missing from impact sites.  And so on and so on. That Building 7 was a controlled demolition is no longer disputable. 

    On the basis of the known evidence, knowledgable and informed people have concluded that 9/11 was an inside job organized by Vice President Dick Cheney, his stable of neoconservatives, and Israel for the purpose of reconstructing the Middle East in Israel’s interest and enriching the US military/security complex in the process.

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    Eight Years Ago: Regime Change at the IMF: Christine Lagarde and The Frame-Up of Dominique Strauss-Kahn – Global Research


    03-07-19 07:36:00,

    This article was first published on May 19, 2011.

    Author’s Note and Update

    In recent developments, Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the IMF is slated to become the next president of the European Central Bank (ECB). France’s president Emmanuel Macron acting on behalf of powerful banking interests was instrumental in Ms. Lagarde’s candidacy.

    What media reports fail to mention is that Lagarde is a corrupt official involved in financial fraud. Her appointment to head the ECB is not matter of political debate or concern. She is an obedient instrument of the financial and banking establishment which controls both the IMF and the European Central Bank.

    On December 20, 2016, A French court found IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde guilty of “negligence” in relation to a multimillion dollar Euro fraud while she was France’s finance minister in 2008. She is said to have approved “an award of €404m ($429m; £340m) transfer to businessman Bernard Tapie, [a crony of president Sarkozy] for the disputed sale of a firm.”

    “Ms Lagarde, who always denied wrongdoing, was not present in court, having left Paris for Washington DC.”

    The IMF board said it retained “full confidence” in her leadership. (BBC, December 20, 2016)

    No questions asked: Despite her involvement in financial fraud at tax payers’ expense,  the French government at the time confirmed that they had full confidence in Ms. Lagarde.

    Her leadership as head of the IMF has not been questioned. Christine Lagarde was reappointed in February 2016 to a second five-year term at the IMF.

    Despite her record, she is now considered (July 2019) for the position of president of  the European Central Bank (ECB).

    Eight years ago, Flashback to May-June 2011. The Dominique Strauss Khan (DSK) Honey Trap Scandal was instrumental in Lagarde’s accession to the IMF. And her role in the Euro 400 million financial transfer was casually ignored.

    Regime Change: Dominque Strauss Khan (DSK), managing director of the IMF was framed and Christine Lagarde was appointed to replace him.

    Media focus at the time centered on the story of  the alleged victim, the hotel housemaid, rather than on who was pulling the strings behind the scenes in what visibly was a political frame-up.

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    Jon Rappoport: My 65 Years as a Free Writer — And Censorship | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


    18-06-19 12:37:00,

    By Jon Rappoport

    How would you like to be thinking this?  “I’m a censor.  I spend my waking hours keeping people from writing and speaking, by cutting off their access to the public.  That’s my job and I love it.  I love the feeling of shutting someone down…”

    I picked up a pen and started writing when I was 16, in 1954.  I knew I had struck gold.  WRITING.   Freedom.   Words.   Sentences.  Poetry.  Images.  Ideas.  This was my universe.  It wasn’t run by some tin-pot teacher or official.  I could keep making worlds.  What could be better?

    I’ve never changed my mind about that.  So when someone tells me—or a faceless company tells me—that I’m censored, I don’t take to it kindly.  And I immediately know the faceless ones are rank filthy idiots. Or scrupulously clean robots.  Either way, they’ve jumped species.  Downward.

    Why did they censor me?  Was it my articles about toxic vaccines, about freedom of the individual vs. the State, about the CIA, about Obama, about Trump, about political liars, about medical drugs killing millions of people?  Lots to choose from.  Who really cares what it was exactly?  It was CENSORSHIP.

    I wasn’t laying out charts for building H-bombs.  WordPress shut down my blog without notice or warning or explanation.  However, I see no reason to stop writing.  So I’m keeping on.  I’ve got people employing “other means” to get the blog back up.  Regardless, here I am.

    You’re reading this either because you’re already subscribed to my email list or someone forwarded to you this email.

    If you’re in the latter category, then the best way to get my daily articles is go to my home page, NoMoreFakeNews.com and sign up for the email list in the upper left corner.  You’ll get articles in your inbox.  Thank you for your support.

    “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.” —Noam Chomsky

    The real job of society is educating people so they are “immune” to other people’s views.  What does that mean?  This immunity, what is it?  It’s the ability to understand and analyze someone else’s statements and make a decision about them. 

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    Truckers Face Years in Prison for Transporting LEGAL Hemp Because of Cops “Just Doing Their Jobs”


    19-05-19 05:54:00,

    By Matt Agorist

    Because government is the antithesis to freedom, industrial hemp has been banned nationwide since 1937 ostensibly due to the plant’s similarities to marijuana. Many have speculated that this move was also due to the fact that cannabis is in direct competition with the pharmaceutical industry by providing far safer alternative treatments as well as directly competing with the petrochemical industry. However, all this changed in December after President Donald Trump signed the Agriculture Improvement act of 2018, legalizing industrial hemp on a national scale. But thanks to a police state, dependent on locking people in cages for a plant, three truckers in Idaho are facing horrific prison sentences for carrying it.

    Andrew D’Addario, Erich Eisenhart and Denis Palamarchuk have all been arrested in Idaho for transporting this incredibly beneficial textile crop that cannot get you high. Thanks to cops who “are just doing their jobs,” Eisenhart and D’Addario are scheduled to be sentenced next month after being found guilty of transporting this plant. Palamarchuk is due in court in October.

    In Palamarchuk’s case, police falsely claimed that the nearly 7,000 pounds of hemp in his truck was marijuana. Only after police broke the same law they arrested him for — by transporting the plant across state lines for testing — did they realize it was actually hemp.

    “With all the federal eyes looking at the Idaho case, what’s interesting is that the state shipped product to Kentucky to be tested,” observed Beau Whitney, a senior economist with New Frontier Data, a cannabis intelligence firm.  “I don’t know how they got it there, but I found it really fascinating.”

    Despite the federal government ending prohibition of the hemp plant last year, backwards police state-addicted politicians in states like Idaho continue to kidnap and cage people for it.

    “It’s absolutely horrific,” said Idaho Representative Ilana Rubel (D-Boise), a legislator who is working to get the charges dropped, told Freight Waves.

    “It’s like a nightmare out of a novel,” she said. “These are hardworking people working for a trucking company. This is what they do for a living – take this load from here to there.

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    Jon Rappoport: My 65 Years as a Free Writer — And Censorship


    16-05-19 03:21:00,

    By Jon Rappoport

    How would you like to be thinking this?  “I’m a censor.  I spend my waking hours keeping people from writing and speaking, by cutting off their access to the public.  That’s my job and I love it.  I love the feeling of shutting someone down…”

    I picked up a pen and started writing when I was 16, in 1954.  I knew I had struck gold.  WRITING.   Freedom.   Words.   Sentences.  Poetry.  Images.  Ideas.  This was my universe.  It wasn’t run by some tin-pot teacher or official.  I could keep making worlds.  What could be better?

    I’ve never changed my mind about that.  So when someone tells me—or a faceless company tells me—that I’m censored, I don’t take to it kindly.  And I immediately know the faceless ones are rank filthy idiots. Or scrupulously clean robots.  Either way, they’ve jumped species.  Downward.

    Why did they censor me?  Was it my articles about toxic vaccines, about freedom of the individual vs. the State, about the CIA, about Obama, about Trump, about political liars, about medical drugs killing millions of people?  Lots to choose from.  Who really cares what it was exactly?  It was CENSORSHIP.

    I wasn’t laying out charts for building H-bombs.  WordPress shut down my blog without notice or warning or explanation.  However, I see no reason to stop writing.  So I’m keeping on.  I’ve got people employing “other means” to get the blog back up.  Regardless, here I am.

    You’re reading this either because you’re already subscribed to my email list or someone forwarded to you this email.

    If you’re in the latter category, then the best way to get my daily articles is go to my home page, NoMoreFakeNews.com and sign up for the email list in the upper left corner.  You’ll get articles in your inbox.  Thank you for your support.

    “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.” —Noam Chomsky

    The real job of society is educating people so they are “immune” to other people’s views.  What does that mean?  This immunity, what is it?  It’s the ability to understand and analyze someone else’s statements and make a decision about them. 

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    33 Years Later: Chernobyl’s Deadly Effects Estimates Vary


    24-04-19 08:16:00,

    Authored by John Laforge via Counterpunch.org,

    April 26 marks the 33rd anniversary of the 1986 radiation disaster at Chernobyl reactor Number 4 in Ukraine, just north of Kiev the capital.

    It is still nearly impossible to get scientific consensus on the vast extent of the impacts. The explosions and two-week long fire at Chernobyl spewed around the world something between one billion and nine billion curies of radiation — depending on whose estimates you choose to believe. The accident is classified by the UN as the worst environmental catastrophe in human history.

    Chernobyl’s radioactive fallout has been blamed for hundreds of thousands of deaths, but the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) acknowledges only 56 deaths among firefighters who suffered and died agonizing deaths in the disaster’s immediate aftermath. However, the IAEA’s officially chartered mission is “to accelerate and enlarge the contributions of nuclear power worldwide.” Because of its institutional bias, one can dispute nearly everything the IAEA says about radiation risk.

    Also on the low-end of fatality estimates is the World Health Organization which has to have its radiation studies approved by the IAEA! In 2006, the WHO’s “Expert Group concluded that there may be up to 4,000 additional cancer deaths among the three highest exposed groups over their lifetime (240,000 liquidators; 116,000 evacuees, and the 270,000 residents of the Strictly Controlled Zones).” The WHO added to this 4,000 the estimate that “among the five million residents of areas with high levels of radioactive cesium deposition” in Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine” predictions suggest “up to 5,000 additional cancer deaths may occur in this population from radiation exposure…”

    Alternately, Ukraine’s Minister of Health Andrei Serkyuk estimated in 1995 that 125,000 people had already died from the direct effects of Chernobyl’s radiation. Serkyuk said a disproportionate share of casualties were among children, pregnant women and rescue workers or “liquidators.” Liquidators were soldiers ordered to participate in the removal and burial of radioactive topsoil, heavy equipment, trees, and debris, wearing no protective clothing, respirators or radiation monitors.

    On January 10, 2010 The Guardian reported that “reputable scientists researching the most radiation-contaminated areas of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine” dispute the IAEA estimates that only 56 firefighters died “and that about 4,000 will die from it eventually.” The paper noted for example,

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    After 7 Years of Deceptions About Assange, the US Readies for Its First Media Rendition – Global Research


    14-04-19 09:49:00,

    For seven years, from the moment Julian Assange first sought refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, they have been telling us we were wrong, that we were paranoid conspiracy theorists. We were told there was no real threat of Assange’s extradition to the United States, that it was all in our fevered imaginations.

    For seven years, we have had to listen to a chorus of journalists, politicians and “experts” telling us that Assange was nothing more than a fugitive from justice, and that the British and Swedish legal systems could be relied on to handle his case in full accordance with the law. Barely a “mainstream” voice was raised in his defence in all that time.

    From the moment he sought asylum, Assange was cast as an outlaw. His work as the founder of Wikileaks – a digital platform that for the first time in history gave ordinary people a glimpse into the darkest recesses of the most secure vaults in the deepest of Deep States – was erased from the record.

    Assange was reduced from one of the few towering figures of our time – a man who will have a central place in history books, if we as a species live long enough to write those books – to nothing more than a sex pest, and a scruffy bail-skipper.

    The political and media class crafted a narrative of half-truths about the sex charges Assange was under investigation for in Sweden. They overlooked the fact that Assange had been allowed to leave Sweden by the original investigator, who dropped the charges, only for them to be revived by another investigator with a well-documented political agenda.

    They failed to mention that Assange was always willing to be questioned by Swedish prosecutors in London, as had occurred in dozens of other cases involving extradition proceedings to Sweden. It was almost as if Swedish officials did not want to test the evidence they claimed to have in their possession.

    The media and political courtiers endlessly emphasised Assange’s bail violation in the UK, ignoring the fact that asylum seekers fleeing legal and political persecution don’t usually honour bail conditions imposed by the very state authorites from which they are seeking asylum.

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    20 Years Ago, the NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia Established a New Criminal World Order – Global Research


    27-03-19 03:08:00,

    It is an attempt to make the whole world “get used to the fact” that in the new American-centered world order, where the US and their satellites are allowed to violate the basic provisions of the UN Charter and the entire international law brazenly and with impunity.

    Today is the tragic date: 20 years ago, on March 24, US-led NATO coalition forces launched a war against Yugoslavia justifying it using a provocation in the Kosovar village of Racak (later investigation proved that the separatist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) organized the provocation).

    We have discussed this international crime for a long time and in great detail in the series of articles published in the newspaper Zavtra (Tomorrow), in the reports of the Soderzhatelnoe Edinstvo (Substantive Unity) discussion club, in the TV program called Sud Vremeni (The Judgment of Time) featuring Sergey Kurginyan, episode 27. Here is just a brief outline of the main objectives of the perpetrators (primarily the US) and the strategic implications of these crimes.

    The main objectives of organizing the war against Yugoslavia “for the sake of Kosovo” were:

    1. Destabilizing Europe by activating the “Balkan Knot”, which historically has always been a place of explosive conflict. It should be noted that this “Balkan War”, as acknowledged by many Western experts, slowed the EU’s consolidation process for a long time, and in particular, the implementation of plans to create a single European currency as an alternative to the dollar.

    2. Forming cesspool of terrorism and international organized crime in Europe (and much more painful than the one created in Bosnia). Islamic terrorist activity in Kosovo with roots in Northern Africa, Chechnya, and Afghanistan has long been investigated, and it is well known, along with the fact that Albanian criminal leaders have seized the leading positions in organized crime all over Europe.

    3. A blatant and demonstrative crackdown against Yugoslavia as one Russia’s most enduring allies in the Balkans, its political system and armed forces. Therefore, humiliating Russia and weakening its geopolitical position.

    4. An unprecedented flagrant violation of international law in the middle of Europe. Including a military attack on Yugoslavia, a sovereign European country,

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    20 Years Since He Destroyed Yugoslavia and 16 Years Since He Destroyed Iraq, Tony Blair Remains a Menace to Peace – Global Research


    25-03-19 02:19:00,

    When it comes to the art of deception, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is a genius worthy of the worst nightmares of Eric Blair (known more commonly by his pen name George Orwell). But while Eric Blair once wrote that “war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength”, as a warning to future generations about how the manipulation of langue can be used to create a numbing of critical thinking among the masses, Tony Blair not only took the fiction of Eric Blair and turned it into real life, but he did so with even less resistance than that portrayed in the Orwell novel 1984.

    At its fundamental core, Blairism is neither a coherent nor an intelligent ideology. It is merely an avaricious lust for power that is cloaked in liberal sloganeering designed to trick people throughout the world into thinking that Blair’s declaration of war was somehow a declaration of a new kind of peace. In spite of his infamous dishonesty, Blair was actually quite forthcoming about his own doctrine for world domination in a post Cold War era. At a time when the wider world knew little if anything about George W. Bush, Tony Blair spoke in Chicago in April of 1999 and outlined his vision for how the western powers could not just economically, but militarily and politically dominate the world as never before.

    Like most of Blair’s rhetoric, in his Chicago speech there is more fluff than substance, there are contradictions disguised as linear thinking and there are more grandiose adjectives than in an American Super Bowl commercial. But if one is willing to take the journey through the heart of darkness that is Blair’s rhetoric, one can clearly see that in his famous Chicago speech, Britain’s then Prime Minister advocated a doctrine of hegemonic military domination that would have made the warriors of the Cold War blush – either with envy or with shock.

    During Blair’s speech, in the section headed international security, Blair presents a typically pontificating argument in which he seems to outline both the pros and cons of military invasion (aka intervention) against a sovereign nation that had not threatened Blair’s own nation, nor the safety and security of Britain’s allies (the US in particular).

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    Twenty years ago. NATO’s War on Yugoslavia: Bill Clinton Worked Hand in Glove with Al Qaeda: “Helped Turn Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base” – Global Research


    22-03-19 08:42:00,

    March 24, 1999, Twenty years ago. NATO’s War on Yugoslavia

    Bill Clinton supported Al Qaeda in Bosnia and Kosovo in the 1990s as confirmed by RPC Congressional documents;  Hillary Clinton has supported Al Qaeda and the Islamic State (ISIS-Daesh) in Syria.

    This article was first published in 2002.

    *       *      *

    Known and documented, since the Soviet-Afghan war, recruiting Mujahideen (“holy warriors”) to fight covert wars on Washington’s behest has become an integral part of US foreign policy.

    A 1997 Congressional document by the Republican Party Committee (RPC), while intent upon smearing President Bill Clinton, nonetheless sheds light on the Clinton administration’s insidious role in recruiting and training jihadist mercenaries with a view to transforming Bosnia into  a “Militant Islamic Base”.

    In many regards, Bosnia and Kosovo (1998-1999) were “dress rehearsals” for the destabilization of the Middle East (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen). 

    With regard to Syria, the recruitment of jihadists (according to Israeli intelligence sources) was launched prior to 2011 under the auspices of NATO and the Turkish High command in liaison with the Pentagon. 

    The RCP report reveals how the US administration – under advice from Clinton’s National Security Council headed by Anthony Lake –  “helped turn Bosnia into a militant Islamic base” leading to the recruitment through the so-called “Militant Islamic Network,” of thousands of Mujahideen from the Muslim world: 

    Perhaps most threatening to the SFOR mission – and more importantly, to the safety of the American personnel serving in Bosnia – is the unwillingness of the Clinton Administration to come clean with the Congress and with the American people about its complicity in the delivery of weapons from Iran to the Muslim government in Sarajevo. That policy, personally approved by Bill Clinton in April 1994 at the urging of CIA Director-designate (and then-NSC chief) Anthony Lake and the U.S. ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith, has, according to the Los Angeles Times (citing classified intelligence community sources), “played a central role in the dramatic increase in Iranian influence in Bosnia.


    Along with the weapons, Iranian Revolutionary Guards and VEVAK intelligence operatives entered Bosnia in large numbers,

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    Twenty Years Ago: NATO’s War of Aggression against Yugoslavia: Who are the War Criminals? – Global Research


    19-03-19 06:46:00,

    Twenty years ago in the early hours of March 24, 1999, NATO began the bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. “The operation was code-named “Allied Force ” – a cold, uninspired and perfectly descriptive moniker” according to Nebosja Malic. 

    This article was first written in early May 1999 at the height of the bombing of Yugoslavia. 

    The causes and consequences of this war have been the object of a vast media disinformation campaign, which has sought to camouflage NATO and US war crimes.

    It is important to note that a large segment of the “Progressive Left” in Western Europe and  North America were part of this disinformation campaign, presenting NATO military intervention as a necessary humanitarian operation geared towards protecting the rights of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo.

    The intervention was in violation of international law. President Milosevic at the Rambouillet talks had refused the stationing of NATO troops inside Yugoslavia.

    The demonization of Slobodan Milsovic by so-called “Progressives” has served over the years to uphold the legitimacy of the NATO bombings. It has also provided credibility to “a war crimes tribunal” under the jurisidiction of those who committed extensive war crimes in the name of social justice.

    The Just War thesis was also upheld by several prominent intellectuals who viewed the Kosovo war as: “a Just War”.

    In turn the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) was upheld by several “Leftists” as a bona fide liberation movement rooted in Marxism.

    The KLA –whose leader Hachim Thaci is now president of Kosovo– was a paramilitary army supported by Western intelligence, financed and trained by the US and NATO. It had ties to organised crime. It also had  links to Al Qaeda, which is supported by US intelligence.

    It is worth noting that the same “Leftists” who supported the KLA in 1999 are now supporting the Syrian “revolutionaries”  (affiliated to Al Qaeda and supported by US-NATO).

    Michel Chossudovsky, March 2006, updated March 2019

    *       *      *

    NATO’s War of Aggression against Yugoslavia: Who are the War Criminals?

    by Michel Chossudovsky,

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    Eight Years Ago: The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster in Perspective – Global Research


    05-03-19 11:40:00,

    Dr. Helen Caldicott’s March 18th, 2011 press conference in Montreal, sponsored by the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG)

    Our thanks to Felton Davis for the transcription from the GRTV Video recording and for the annotations.

    “One of the most deadly [nuclear byproducts] is plutonium, named after Pluto, god of the underworld. One millionth of a gram, if you inhale it, would give you cancer. Hypothetically, one pound of plutonium if evenly distributed could give everyone on earth cancer. Each reactor has 250 kilograms of plutonium in it. You only need 2.5 kilograms to make an atomic bomb, because plutonium is what they make bombs with. (Helen Caldicott, March 18, 2011)

    This press conference organized by Global Research was held in the context of Helen Caldicott’s public lecture to Montreal on March 18, 2011.

    First I want to present this report, produced by the New York Academy of Sciences, a report on Chernobyl.  It can be downloaded.(2)  They translated 5,000 articles from Russian for the first time into English.  It seems that nearly a million people have already died as a result of Chernobyl, despite what the WH0(3) says and the IAEA.(4)  This is one of the most monstrous cover-ups in the history of medicine.  Because everybody should know about this.

    Then we extrapolate through to Japan.  Japan is by orders of magnitude many times worse than Chernobyl.  Never in my life did I think that six nuclear reactors would be at risk.(5)  I knew that three GE engineers who helped design these Mark I GE reactors, resigned because they knew they were dangerous.(6)

    So Japan built them on an earthquake fault.  The reactors partially withstood the earthquake, but the external electricity supply was cut off, and the electricity supplies the cooling water, a million gallons a minute, to each of those six reactors.  Without the cooling water, the water [level] falls, and the rods are so hot they melt, like at Three Mile Island, and at Chernobyl.

    So the emergency diesel generators, which are as large as a house, got destroyed by the tsunami, so there is no way to keep the water circulating in the reactors.(7)  Also,

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    Twenty years Ago: NATO Aggression Against Serbia – Global Research


    28-02-19 02:19:00,

    An international conference on “GLOBAL PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT VS. WARS AND DOMINATION” will take place in the Serbian capital Belgrade from 22 to 24 March 2019. It is a commemoration “against forgetting the NATO aggression 1999”.

    Organizers are the “Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals”, the “Serbian Club of Generals and Admirals” and the “Serbian Guest Society” in cooperation with the “World Peace Council” (WPC). Two years after the war of aggression of the US-led NATO countries – including Germany – which was contrary to international law, I got to know the freedom-loving, courageous and cheerful Serbs with their touching folk songs and their beautiful country – and soon took them to my heart. Although German military attacked the Serbian people three times in the last century – in 1999 they tried to bomb Serbia back to the Middle Ages! – Germans are welcomed in Serbia like friends. The congress will therefore send out a message of peace that will unite peoples.

    A war that will not end

    The 1999 bombing of Serbia lasted 78 days. 1,031 soldiers were killed, 5,173 soldiers and policemen wounded, 2,500 civilians killed – including 78 children – and over 6,000 civilians wounded. The use of highly poisonous and radioactive uranium projectiles from US-led NATO (10 to 15 tons) proved to be particularly devastating for humans, animals and the environment (1). For the independent American analyst on radiation and public health, Leuren Moret, this war of aggression under the cynical code name “Merciful Angel” was the blueprint for the subsequent wars of aggression in the 1990s. As per Moret, Germany as NATO partner was one of the greatest beneficiaries of the smashing of Yugoslavia and the colonization of the Balkans. The German population let itself be deceived at that time by the bold lies of its own red-green government and its media, and the majority agreed to this war. (2)

    In a professional article “Uranium Ammunition: Trojans of the Nuclear War” Moret writes about disturbingly similar parallels between the wars in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan: 

    “The television and radio stations as well as the training facilities were bombed in all cities. (…) Cultural antiquities and historical treasures were recorded and destroyed as goals in all three countries,

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    Twenty-Eight Years of Continuous Aggression Against Iraq – Global Research


    21-01-19 12:06:00,

    Jan 17th marks the 28th anniversary of the brutal and destructive war the United States’ administration and allies waged on Iraq in 1991. A war that was waged with the pretext of getting the Iraqi Army out of Kuwait, while almost two decades later clearly shows the United States of America, NATO, and most of the allied armies in that gruesome war have continued a 17 year campaign of destruction in the Middle East with bases and troops on the ground, destroying, participating directly in regional destabilization through regime changes, mass killing and the displacement directly and indirectly of millions of the region’s citizens, to simply advance it’s declared and undeclared interests as a political colonial super power, with impunity to commit crimes globally without any accountability from the international community.

    Looking back to what is known as Gulf War II in 1991, it is very clear today that it marks the first failed attempt of the United States administration to occupy Iraq, and then other oil rich countries in the Middle East region. After inflicting a cataclysmic proportion of destruction and death, the United States administration imposed harsh comprehensive economic sanctions on the Iraqi population for more than 13 years. Resulting in more than 1.5 million civilians dead, most of which being children, women, and sick people [1 ]. The criminal sanctions then ended with the illegal invasion of Iraq, another brutal military operation in 2003 that has only produced waves of increasing US aggression against the Iraqi population that has not stopped to date.

    Destruction of Iraq’s population infrastructure by American Coalition in Gulf war II, 1991 [3]

    During the 1991 war, excessive military power and a number of prohibited weapons were used to destroy civilian life sustaining servicesthat was in no way related tothe Iraqi troops withdrawing from Kuwait.  The following data provides a comprehensive view of the destructive military power deployed by the American forces and that of its coalition during the bombing campaign of Iraqi cities within the first few days of Gulf war II[2 ].

    • Number of American coalition troops: 670,000 mostly Americans
    • Number of combat aircrafts: 2,250 mostly Americans (1800)
    • Total sorties flown from Jan. 17- Feb.

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    5 Outrageous New Year’s Predictions — Steemit


    06-01-19 11:09:00,

    by James Corbett
    January 5, 2019

    Sick of the same old, same old boring list of predictable, safe New Year’s predictions that are so vague they can’t possibly come true? (Weaponized narratives, indeed!)

    Yeah. So am I. So in the spirit of spicing things up for this post-holiday hangover season, let’s kick the year off with a bunch of outrageous predictions that probably won’t come true . . . but might at least get us thinking in the right direction.

    1. A grand jury will unravel the 9/11 plot and deliver justice for that crime.

    As Corbett Report listeners are already well aware, last year the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry filed a petition requesting the U. S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York to convene a special grand jury to investigate the unprosecuted federal crimes relating to the destruction of three World Trade Center Towers on September 11, 2001. And as viewers of New World Next Week are also aware, the U.S. Attorney responded to the Lawyers’ Committee on November 7th of last year in a letter claiming that he “will comply with the provisions of 18 U.S.C. § 3332 as they relate to your submissions.”

    So we all know what that means, right? Of course! It means that the government is going to investigate itself, find itself guilty for the crime of the false flag event that was 9/11, and deliver justice for the victims. Duh.

    All those who, in the past, have been known to mutter “conspiracy theorist” under their breath and roll their eyes when someone attempts to question the official, government-approved conspiracy theory of 9/11 will, of course, be thoroughly ashamed of their past ways and will seek to mend fences with their savvier, conspiracy-realist brethren. United at last, the whole world will watch as the gaggle of neocons that committed the crimes do the orange jumpsuit perp walk, and all of the congress critters on both sides of the aisle who have maintained the cover-up will be marching with them.

    Or, you know,

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    The Man Who Was Sentenced To 14 Years For Making ‘Anti-Gravity’ Vehicles | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


    27-11-18 10:57:00,

    It’s astonishing to me how the topic of anti-gravity is still be placed in the “conspiracy theory” realm. This isn’t the stuff of conspiracy theories or “fringe” science, it’s a field full of reputable scientists and scholars, and real-world examples that have come not only from hard evidence but from extremely credible witness testimony as well.  One thing is for certain when talking about such topics: one must delve into the black budget world.

    Take, for example, a recent investigation conducted by a Michigan State University professor and a former secretary from the Department of Housing and Development. Together, with a team of Ph.D students, they uncovered approximately $21 trillion that went missing and unaccounted for from the Department of Defense as well as the Department of Housing and Development. Why is this relevant? Because they discovered that the money was going to fund black budget, off the books programs that require no oversight from Congress.  This black budget world has been in operation for many years. You can read more about it here and here in two articles I’ve previously written on the subject.

    The black budget world encompasses a separate civilization (Richard Dolan, “Breakaway Civilization”) that has used tremendous amounts of resources in all areas, from science to archaeology, to move itself far ahead of the mainstream world technologically. How many people does it employ? Who is operating it? Many of these questions remain unknown, but if you follow the money it will give you perhaps somewhat of an idea.

    Any civilian who invents technology that rivals the black budget world has always been subjected to harassment, and has difficulty getting their innovations or inventions out to the public. That’s because these technologies have been ‘classified’, for if they were made public it would change everything, severely threatening the tremendous amount of power and control the global elite has over the human population.

    The technology that’s been developed within these programs could change the world, but instead it’s used within the military-industrial complex for self-serving purposes, or so it seems. Efficient energy-generating devices that could eliminate the use of oil, or any other modern day fuel source for that matter, have been subjected to patent suppression.

    For example,

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