New Zealand party accuses Facebook of election interference after being removed from platform for Covid-19 ‘misinformation’


15-10-20 07:53:00,

A New Zealand political party, Advance NZ, has cried foul after its Facebook page was removed, allegedly for containing falsehoods about the coronavirus pandemic. The ban comes just two days before a general election.

In a statement, Facebook said that the page had been scrubbed due to “repeated violations” of its policy prohibiting misinformation about Covid-19 that could lead to physical harm. 

The move comes just two days before New Zealand holds a general election. A spokesperson for Facebook insisted that the decision was in keeping with clearly laid out guidelines and was not politically motivated. 

Party co-leader Billy Te Kahika explained in a video message posted to Instagram that Advance NZ’s page was shuttered as the party hosted a live broadcast on the platform. He described the move as “amazing” and a threat to “democratic New Zealand.” 

In a statement, Te Kahika denounced Facebook for “election interference” and argued that his party has been “bravely questioning the government’s approach to Covid-19.” 

The party’s platform includes a list of coronavirus-related issues, including staunch opposition to mandatory vaccination, and calling for the creation of a medical advisory board that is independent of the World Health Organization (WHO).  

This isn’t Advance NZ’s first run-in with Facebook. Last month, the platform removed a video posted by the party, following complaints that the clip wrongly accused the New Zealand government of legislating for forced vaccination. 

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The party is currently polling at about one percent. 

The removal of the party’s page comes amid growing debate over the role social media platforms play in elections. Facebook has been widely criticized for its army of “fact checkers” who police content on the site, with many arguing that the initiative is designed to crack down on unwanted political speech. 

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New Zealand and Australia: The Police State Goes Live – Activist Post


22-08-20 12:28:00,

By The Conscious Resistance

Derrick Broze breaks down a number of disturbing stories coming out of Australia and New Zealand involving police violence and violations of civil liberties.

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Russia and New Zealand, the Dialogue Continues | New Eastern Outlook


10-02-20 07:35:00,

In 2019, the Russian Federation and New Zealand marked the 75th anniversary since diplomatic ties between the two nations had been established. At present, when Oceania and the entire Asia-Pacific region have become the battleground for the political and economic confrontation between China and the West, the Russian Federation is preparing to join the ranks of other powerful regional players. And this may, undoubtedly, signal a new stage of New Zealand–Russia relations.

Diplomatic ties between the Soviet Union and New Zealand were established on 13 April 1944, in the midst of World War II. New Zealand joined the fighting together with its former colonial ruler Great Britain, and made a significant contribution to the battle against Hitler’s Germany and its allies, Japan and Italy. Not only did New Zealanders fight in the South Pacific region but also in Europe and North Africa too. In addition, they were among the defenders of Arctic convoys, which, at times of great peril, delivered necessary shipments to the USSR despite taking constant fire from Hitler’s troops. Altogether, approximately 140,000 New Zealanders were part of the war effort and 11,928 of them died as a result. Every year, members of the local Russophone community in Wellington place wreaths at the memorial dedicated to sailors from New Zealand who defended the Arctic convoys in the capital of the nation, on 9 May. It is well known that remembering the Second World War is especially important for Russia and the memory of New Zealanders’ valiant efforts during the conflict cannot but affect the relationship between the two countries.

The USSR actively purchased agricultural products from New Zealand. In fact, at one point in time, the Soviet Union was the biggest importer of its mutton, which has always been one of New Zealand’s most important exports. At present, Russia and New Zealand are also collaborating in the agricultural sphere, and both see room for development in this area.

New Zealand is thriving, but it is a fairly small country and does not have a highly developed military sector. Therefore, this nation clearly comprehends that its security and prosperity depend on the entire Asia-Pacific region as well as the world. It also understands the importance of maintaining law and order all over the world;

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New Zealand minister calls ‘ridiculous’ anti-vaxx parents ‘pro-plague’


08-05-19 04:28:00,

New Zealand’s education minister said parents who chose to not vaccinate their children are “pro-plague,” amid his frustration over refusals to immunize kids.

Education Minister Chris Hipkins made the comments while criticizing one New Zealand health board’s suggestion that unvaccinated children stay home from school for two weeks over confirmed local measles cases. Hipkins said children of anti-vaxxers should not be denied their right to education, as they are the ones most deserving to “learn about science.”

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Those people who are anti-vaccination are pro-plague. It is a ridiculous position, it is not based on science,” said Hipkins. “Kids should not be excluded from their education because their parents are pro-plague.”

Hipkins went on to criticise “ridiculous” parents being “irresponsible” over their children’s immunization, and pleaded with anti-vaxxers to change their stance before the country faces a measles outbreak like that seen in the US.

Questioned on the issue, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern stood by Hipkins’ comments and added that people should avail of “modern medicine to try and protect kids from illnesses that can cause grave damage, even death.”

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The current measles outbreak in the US is on course to become the biggest since the highly infectious disease was declared eliminated in the country in 2000, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The recent outbreak has been blamed on the wider ongoing anti-vaccinations movement.

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New Zealand: The Criminalization of Dissent


28-03-19 12:56:00,

New Zealand is in a state of mass hysteria in the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings, which even a few mainstream media pundits are starting to question, and some are calling for calm reason. A few honest liberals are also questioning the demand for the introduction of “hate speech laws.” Hypocrisy and unreason have flooded New Zealand more so than the voices of calm, however, as there is a large amount of political mileage that can be made.

This has made some strange bedfellows, as imams have shared platforms with Trotskyites and “rainbow socialists” in condemning the bogeyman of “white supremacy” and “Right-wing extremism” as a “global threat to mankind,” in the view of one such imam. What then do Trotskyites, liberals, and “rainbow socialists” on the one hand, and Muslims on the other, really make of one another? The doctrines are incompatible, but hypocrisy submerges the differences. The slogan “we are one; they are us,” that has become as pervasive as something out of Mao’s Little Red Book during the Cultural Revolution, has become a mantra to prove one’s commitment to the totalitarian atmosphere of liberal dogma. Cynical politicization of the tragedy is the unifying factor. Any who are reticent are looked on not merely as heretics, but as potential murderers. The atmosphere makes the dreaded “McCarthyism” of Left-liberal nightmares pale in comparison. Anyone critical of multiculturalism and issues such as the United Nations’ Global Compact on Migration is fair game. The term “Alt Right” is bandied about in association with “white supremacy,” Donald Trump, Viktor Orbán, ad infinitum, and into the center of this ever-expanding hit-list has been placed the Australian gunman, Brenton Tarrant.

Heirs of Robespierre

Analyzing two articles – “The ‘growing’ white nationalist group with a ‘harmful and violent’ ideology” and “White nationalists ‘will re-emerge’ after falling silent over Christchurch mosque shootings” by Dominion Post reporter Thomas Manch – is instructive as to the mind-set of liberal totalitarians who perhaps aspire to become Robespierre’s heirs.

Manch focuses on the Identitarian youth group, the Dominion Movement (DM), which I know something about. Dominion Movement recently celebrated its first year, when dozens of delegates from around New Zealand gathered for a convention and social.

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