This is Israel’s last ever Zionist election | Opinion


12-09-19 02:28:00,



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Neither Netanyahu nor his crude, illiberal, annexationist, political arsonist ‘friends’ comprehend the magnitude of the storm they’re about to bring down on Israel’s security – and its most foundational ideas

For decades commentators have warned that the politico-military and societal processes underway in Israel pose severe dangers to our national future, and therefore that each of the previous round of elections…

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    Zionist Dwarf Ben Shapiro Exhorts Americans to Attack Iran, Gets DESTROYED in Comments Which Reflect Mood of Country


    26-06-19 08:42:00,

    Trump knows he can’t escalate. People aren’t buying this wars for Israel BS anymore.

    This post first appeared on Russia Insider

    An interesting straw poll of how attitudes are changing in America.

    It is a mystery why Shapiro has any audience at all, considering his highly irritating way of speaking, jabbering away like angry chipmunk, but some powerful people REALLY want these views out there, so they push him hard, … but we digress.

    Shapiro’s audience are boomers, Jews, and other assorted not too bright conservatives who have a high tolerance for nails scratching on a chalk board.

    And even they aren’t buying his warmongering.

    Here is his call for holy war for Israel:

    Here is the reaction of his audience:

    The 15% of viewers who upvoted the video are either: A) Jews, or B) YouTube’s algo goblins, trying to put some lipstick on a neocon midget.

    Here is a fair sampling of the thousands of priceless comments:

    This post first appeared on Russia Insider

    Anyone is free to republish, copy, and redistribute the text in this content (but not the images or videos) in any medium or format, with the right to remix, transform, and build upon it, even commercially, as long as they provide a backlink and credit to Russia Insider. It is not necessary to notify Russia Insider. Licensed Creative Commons

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    The Zionist Idea Has Never Been More Terrifying than It Is Today – Global Research


    12-05-19 12:05:00,

    On this seventy-first annual commemoration of Palestine’s Jewish-state Nakba, let’s resolve not to continue to oversimplify things.

    Whether you believe the American rabbi and historian Arthur Hertzberg’s assessment of the Zionist idea as “unprecedented … an essential dialogue between the Jew and the nations of the earth”, rather than a matter between Jews and God, or you believe the assessment of Ass’ad Razzouk, researcher and contributor to the PLO Research Center’s 1970 Arabic translation of Hertzberg’s book, that Zionism, at its heart, emerged naturally from Jewish religious sources and is thoroughly influenced and motivated by traditional Jewish religious ideas, both conscious and unconscious, the fact remains that there exists a complex picture of the relationship between Judaism and Zionism.

    To Palestinians, the intersection between Judaism and Zionism has always been considered the most dangerous aspect of Israel’s existence as a Jewish state in Palestine today.

    The focus today among the international activist community advocating for Palestine is on Zionism’s modern European political and ideological roots, a focus that represents Zionism as no different from any other form of European colonialism, as a settler-colonial movement foreign to the Middle East.

    This “narrative”, if you will, has made great inroads in concentrating international attention, especially through the human rights formulations of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. But I believe, by itself, such a theoretical framework for the Palestinian decades-long struggle for justice and liberation is insufficient to effect change, not only because of the ongoing complicity of Western powers in the Nakba, but also because, by itself, this narrative cannot sufficiently move the hearts and minds of Israelis and Jews worldwide.

    Only a resurgence of the progressive and developed principles of Reform Judaism, as expressed in a series of rabbinical conferences in German lands in the 1840s and in the U.S. in the second half of the 19th century, will have the necessary ideological power to defeat Zionism.

    Upon the partitioning of Palestine and the establishment of Israel as a Jewish state, Herzl’s expectation that rabbis would devote their energies in the service of Zionism came to fruition; Zionism has long gained the great masses of religious Jews around the world and “redirected their love of Zion from its spiritual and longing sense and its traditional supplicatory character” to political Zionism,

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    Zionist Democrats Demand That Ecuador ‘Hand Over’ Assange

    Zionist Democrats Demand That Ecuador ‘Hand Over’ Assange

    19-10-18 08:09:00,

    Leading US House Democrat demands that Ecuador’s president “hand over” Julian Assange
    By Mike Head 
    18 October 2018
    The US is increasing its pressure on Ecuador to evict WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from its London embassy, where he took political asylum in June 2012. He would then be arrested immediately by British police and subjected to extradition proceedings to face trumped-up espionage charges in the US that could see him jailed for life or even executed.
    On Wednesday, the top-ranking Democrat on the House Foreign Relations Committee sent a threatening letter to Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno insisting that he “hand over” Assange to the “proper authorities” as a precondition for improving relations with the United States.
    In a bipartisan letter, Eliot Engel, a New York Democrat (fanatic zionist. svh), and former Foreign Relations Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Florida Republican (fanatic zionist. svh), declared: “We are very concerned with Julian Assange’s continued presence at your embassy in London and his receipt of Ecuadorian citizenship last year.”
    Julian Assange
    Engel’s role makes even more explicit the leading part being played by the Democrats in the drive to lock away Assange for good and silence WikiLeaks itself. In June, on the eve of a visit to Ecuador by Vice President Mike Pence, 10 Democratic Party senators called on the Trump administration to demand that the Ecuadorian government renege on the political asylum it provided Assange six years ago.
    Written in bullying and contemptuous language, the Engel-Ros-Lehtinen letter warns that any further “significant progress” and “warming” in Washington’s relationship with Moreno’s government on a “wide range of issues,” including “economic cooperation” and financial aid, depends on Ecuador terminating Assange’s political asylum.
    The letter effectively confirms that if Assange is forced to leave the embassy, on whatever pretext, the British government will deliver him into the hands of the US. Prime Minister Theresa May’s government has repeatedly refused to give Assange an assurance he will not be extradited to the US.
    “On numerous occasions, Mr. Assange has compromised the national security of the United States,” the letter states. “He has done so by publicly releasing classified government documents along with confidential materials from individuals connected to our country’s 2016 presidential election.”
    The thousands of secret US files published by WikiLeaks document US war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq,  » Lees verder

    Zionist Terror

    Zionist Terror

    11-06-18 09:09:00,

    Ik kwam zojuist mijn oude vriend, de bestseller-auteur en mainstream-opiniemaker Geert Mak in de regen op straat tegen. Na elkaar te hebben begroet, vertelde Geert mij dat hij van oordeel is dat Europa zo snel mogelijk met Rusland om de tafel moet gaan zitten, om de opgelopen spanningen te deëscaleren. De VS heeft heel andere belangen dan 'wij,' aldus Mak, die benadrukte dat de macht van 'onze' Atlantische bondgenoot ingrijpend aan het afnemen is. Kortom, ik hoorde wat ikzelf al enige jaren op mijn weblog schrijf. Opvallend hoe een Nederlandse opiniemaker binnen zo'n betrekkelijk korte tijd zo wezenlijk van oordeel kan veranderen.  Immers, Mak’s gevaarlijke anti-Rusland hetze was een treffend voorbeeld van zijn opportunisme. Mei 2014 beweerde op de Hilversumse televisie de zogeheten ‘chroniqueur van Amsterdam, Nederland, Europa en de VS,’ dat er sprake was van een 'Russische gevaar,’ aangezien ‘meneer Poetin’ aan ‘landjepik’ deed en dat de Russische president d…

    America Has Been at War 93% of the Time – 222 out of 239 Years – Since 1776 By Washington's Blog Global Research, December 26, 2017 Washington's Blog 20 February 2015 Region:  Theme: 

    A sign marks the entrance to White Earth Indian Reservation in Mahnomen County, Minn. (J. Stephen Conn / CC 2.0) WHITE EARTH RESERVATION, Minn.—Candice (not her real name) awoke with a start. Someone was pulling down her sweatpants. It was a male friend. “Stop!” she shouted. He kept groping her. She kicked him and he fell off the bed. She dashed out of the bedroom, tripping and tumbling down the stairs. Gripped with fear, she heard his footsteps behind her in the dark and forced herself to stand upright as she staggered out to the porch. Candice was still intoxicated. She got into her car and drove into a ditch. A white police officer pulled up. She struggled to hold back tears as she told him about the attempted rape. All the officer saw was a drunk and disorderly Native American woman. He dismissed Candice’s report of sexual assault as a lie she had made up to avoid getting a DUI.  » Lees verder

    Zionist Fascism

    Zionist Fascism

    29-04-18 07:22:00,

    Het hoofd van Artsen zonder grenzen die gestationeerd zijn in Gaza heeft in onderstaande Video verklaard dat Israël niet alleen live ammunitie gebruikt maar dat het ook niet om normale kogels gaat.
    Ze vertelt dat ze al meer als 600 gewonden hebben behandelt die neergeschoten waren en dat getal is al hoger als dat ze in heel 2014 (!!) hebben behandelt.
    Ook vertelt ze dat de wonden buitengewoon ernstig zijn en dat velen van de gewonden nooit meer normaal …

    See More

    April 27 at 6:55pm

    Het hoofd van Artsen zonder grenzen die gestationeerd zijn in Gaza heeft in onderstaande Video verklaard dat Israël niet alleen live ammunitie gebruikt maar dat het ook niet om normale kogels gaat.
    Ze vertelt dat ze al meer als 600 gewonden hebben behandelt die neergeschoten waren en dat getal is al hoger als dat ze in heel 2014 (!!) hebben behandelt.
    Ook vertelt ze dat de wonden buitengewoon ernstig zijn en dat velen van de gewonden nooit meer normaal zullen kunnen lopen en lichamelijk gehandicapt zullen blijven.
    Dit door het gebruik van buitengewone kogels die als het ware exploderen in het lichaam waardoor de botten compleet vernietigd worden en gepaard gaan met heel veel bloedverlies.

    Ze verklaarde ook dat veel van de gewonden kampen met zware infecties aan de wonden die heel moeilijk te behandelen zijn in Gaza en roept Israël op toestemming te geven deze gewonden buiten Gaza te laten behandelen.
    Maar zoals we hebben gezien bij de pas overleden Journalist, Ahmed Abu Hussein (24) is dat niet iets waar Israël snel toestemming voor zal geven.
    Hij overleed aan zijn verwondingen oa omdat Israël geen toestemming gaf om hem naar Ramallah over te plaatsen pas na 2 dagen lieten ze hem gaan met alle gevolgen van dien.
    Israël is niet bezig met het helpen van gewonden maar met het maken van zoveel mogelijk gewonden.
    Ernstige gewonden.
    Israël is bezig met zoveel mogelijk,voornamelijk jeugdige, Palestijnen lichamelijk gehandicapt te maken.
    Dat bewijst deze verklaring van het hoofd van de Artsen zonder grenzen Marie-Elisabeth Ingres uit Frankrijk zonder meer.  » Lees verder