Op de anti-spiegel is een paar dagen uit de lucht

01-08-22 04: 00: 00, De komende dagen zal ik weinig of geen tijd hebben om te schrijven, omdat ik onderweg zal zijn in een zeer interessant onderzoek.Aangezien ik, als er een dag geen nieuwe artikelen zijn, onmiddellijk mails krijg of de Anti-Spiegel gehinderd wordt of dat mij hier in de Donbass iets is overkomen, deel ik u mede dat er tot mogelijk donderdag geen of slechts zeer weinig artikelen bij de Anti-Spiegel zullen verschijnen. De

The Unz Review:ㅤWill the West’s Suicide Bring World Peace?, by Kevin Barrett

In The Grand Chessboard, Zbigniew Brzezinski speculated about the American unipolar hegemon’s ultimate geostrategic nightmare: “a new ‘antihegemonic’ coalition, formed around the three powers with the greatest geopolitical stake in reducing America’s primacy in Eurasia.” Those three powers, of course, are Russia, China, and Iran. Such a development, Brzezinski observed, would “bring together the world’s leading Slavic power, the world’s most militant Islamic power, and the world’s most populated and powerful Asian power, thereby creating

The Unz Review:ㅤAmy Wax Needs Your Help, by Jared Taylor

I believe Professor Amy Wax of University of Pennsylvania Law School is the bravest, most outspoken dissident academic in America today. She has said countless sensible things about race, immigration, the sexes, and Western Civilization, but what seems most to outrage the Left is that she never backs down. Every time an academic is made to grovel for saying something obviously true, it’s a defeat for all of us. Penn Law has clearly decided to

The Unz Review:ㅤJULY DIARY (13 ITEMS): Badenoch?; Bugocalypse?; Is Sean Hannity Chinese? ETC.!!, by John Derbyshire

Thought for the month There were once many kind people, and even unkind ones pretended to be good because that was the thing to do. Such pretense was the source of hypocrisy and dishonesty so much exposed in the realist literature at the end of the last century. The unexpected result of this kind of critical writing was that kind people disappeared. Kindness is not, after all, an inborn quality—it has to be cultivated, and

The Unz Review:ㅤUS Publisher: What if COVID Outbreak Is Part of the Pentagon’s Biowarfare Plan?, by Ekaterina Blinova

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the state news agency of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), has recently accused the US of being a “sponsor of biological terrorism”, adding that allegations that Washington is behind the COVID-19 pandemic are “by no means fortuitous”. Pyongyang’s assumptions with regard to Washington’s potential role in the COVID-19 pandemic apparently stem from a bombshell report by professors Jeffrey D Sachs and Neil L Harrison, published in May

Inflatie en recessie: de economische crash van de EU

01-08-22 04: 00: 00, De EU stevent af op de grootste financiële en economische crisis uit haar geschiedenis. De reden is het anti-Russische beleid, de EU-burgers moeten de prijs betalen.De VS zijn zojuist in een recessie beland als gevolg van hun anti-Russische beleid, dat de regering daar probeert te verhullen.Ondanks onweerlegbare kengetallen, zal de EU de VS volgen in een recessie. Vooral de torenhoge energieprijzen als gevolg van de anti-Russische EU-sancties zullen de EU-economieën de

The Unz Review:ㅤSputnik Scoops the Daily Mail, by Ron Unz

In the Anglosphere’s increasingly globalized media landscape different publications naturally seek out their own specific market-niches. The New York Times promotes the official narrative of the establishmentarian mainstream, though larded these days with an increasingly irritating dollop of “wokeness.” The Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal provide the most authoritative daily business reporting, as well as news coverage that is generally more sober and less skewed than that of the Times. And London’s Daily

The Unz Review:ㅤInflation Reduction Act: Another DC Lie, by Ron Paul

The Affordable Care Act, No Child Left Behind, and the USA PATRIOT Act received new competition for the title of Most Inappropriately Named Bill when Senate Democrats unveiled the Inflation Reduction Act. This bill will not only increase inflation, it will also increase government spending and taxes. Inflation is the act of money creation by the Federal Reserve. High prices are one adverse effect of inflation, along with bubbles and the bursting of bubbles. One