Consortium News:ㅤNew York Times Spins Lemkin’s Work on Genocide

Raphael Lemkin’s application of the term genocide to the Ottoman Turk’s systematic mass slaughter of the Armenians predated the Holocaust, write Mischa Geracoulis and Heidi Boghosian. Detail on The New York Times‘ building on 8th Avenue. (Kevin Prichard Photography, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0) By Mischa Geracoulis and Heidi Boghosian Common Dreams On Jan. 11, The New York Times published an article by Isabel Kershner and John Eligon titled “At World Court, Israel to Confront

The Unz Review:ㅤA Fable for Race Realists, by Kevin Barrett

I discovered the great Latin American fabulist Augusto Monterroso through a bilingual Arabic-Spanish edition of La Oveja Negra y Demas Fabulas (The Black Sheep and Other Fables). I have read through it slowly several times, checking the Spanish words I don’t know against the Arabic, and the fewer Arabic ones against the Spanish. Monterroso is a master ironist of elegant concision, so he repays that kind of plodding, methodical, savor-each-word approach. He is muy famoso

The Unz Review:ㅤSpineless Fatboy Elon Visits Auschwitz with Ben Shapiro, by Andrew Anglin

 Blogview Andrew Anglin Archive Spineless Fatboy Elon Visits Auschwitz with Ben Shapiro ◄ ►Bookmark◄❌► ▲ ▼Toggle AllToC▲ ▼Add to LibraryRemove from Library • B Search Text Case Sensitive  Exact Words  Include Comments 🚨🇺🇸🇮🇱 Elon Musk and Ben Shapiro visited the concentration camp Auschwitz today as they co-sign the GENOCIDE of 23,000 civilians in Gaza. — Jackson Hinkle 🇺🇸 (@jacksonhinklle) January 22, 2024 I saw this headline and thought it was a joke. Surely, this is a

The Unz Review:ㅤWhy a Soft Landing Might be Possible But Is Not a Desirable Outcome, by Robert Stark

Harry Dent is a bearish financial journalist and trends forecaster, who early last year, insisted that there would be an epic crash in June. In a recent interview, Dent seemed almost irate about markets taking so long to crash. Basically Dent said that if the bubble does not burst this year, he will retire from economic forecasting. The question is whether it has just taken longer for the bubble to burst, or have we entered