Will the Lee Jae-myung case be followed by a Song Young-gil case?

On April 17, 2023 Lee Jae-myung, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, the country’s main opposition party, made a public apology, not in relation to his own personal situation, but in relation to past events which primarily involved Song Young-gil, his predecessor as party leader. Song Young-gil was the leader of the Democratic movement in the 1980s, and also served as mayor of Incheon, served three terms as a deputy in the National Assembly

Waiting for the launch of North Korea’s first military intelligence satellite

This author will discuss the current round in the confrontation between the two Koreas in his next article, and pause for a moment to look at a more significant event. On April 18 Kim Jong-un, General secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and head of state of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, headed a working party visiting the National Aerospace Development Administration. He was accompanied by technicians, specialists in the field of scientific

The Chinese leader’s new “Global Security Initiative” and the latest AUKUS summit

On March 15, two days after the conclusion of China’s annual “Two Sessions”, Xinhua News Agency reported an equally remarkable event that was in fact a continuation of the previous one. The Chinese Communist Party officials hosted a video conference, which was titled “Path towards Modernization: The Responsibility of Political Parties,” in which the Chinese President introduced the Global Civilization Initiative, while speaking to a number of overseas colleagues. It should immediately be noted that

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on the country’s declining birth rate

During Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s keynote speech on January 23, at the winter session of Japan’s parliament, among the key internal and external problems confronting the country’s government was the country’s continuous birth rate decline (over the past few years), mentioned practically for the first time.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

The Tehran-Seoul Scandal: A New Development or a Rerun of the old?

During President Yoon Suk-yeol’s visit to the United Arab Emirates, a “diplomatic misunderstanding” (the wording of the ROK Foreign Ministry) occurred, which, according to Yoon’s political opponents, destroyed the sisterly relations between Tehran and Seoul. Since the days of Lee Myung-bak, South Korean special forces have been stationed in the UAE to train local troops.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

China’s New Foreign Minister Tours Africa

On January 9 of this year, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang began an eight-day trip to the African continent, having been appointed to the post just ten days earlier (December 30, 2022). The Chinese foreign minister visited Ethiopia, Gabon, Angola, Benin, and Egypt during his trip. He also paid visits to the headquarters of the African Union and the Arab League in their respective capitals.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Echoes of the Itaewon tragedy

The investigation into the October 29 tragedy in Seoul’s Itaewon district, in which 168 people were killed in a stampede, has finally concluded. Both the official investigation team and the parliamentary inquiry launched by the opposition Democratic Party announced their findings. And, because it was obvious from the start that the investigation would be highly politicized,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

On the first steps of the People’s Republic of China’s updated foreign leadership policy

One of the most significant outcomes of the CPC’s 20th Congress, held at the end of September, and the 1st Plenum of the Central Committee of the ruling party in China, held a month later, was a radical change in personnel, both in the leadership and in the state administration that implements the party’s decisions.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

China is becoming increasingly involved in Central Asia

Over the last two decades, China’s economic and political rise has made it a key player in global politics, particularly for neighboring Central Asia (CA). China’s desire for active economic cooperation with the region, as well as its willingness to invest large sums in the implementation of projects that Central Asian countries require,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Fumio Kishida’s latest overseas tour

The NEO has already drawn attention to the increased activity on the international stage displayed on various occasions by members of the current Japanese cabinet, especially Prime Minister Fumio Kishida himself. This activity was reaffirmed by his week-long overseas trip, which began on January 9 of this year and included Italy,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

The Republic of Korea is taking over the world using the Covid-19 pandemic

South Korea found the answer to conquering the world years ago. Taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Republic of Korea (ROK) has gone on the offensive on new fronts. While others shake their fists and brandish their missiles, the South Koreans rely on soft power – they have been promoting their culture in other countries for years.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. visits China

From January 3 to 5, 2023, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. was on a visit to China at the invitation of Chinese leader Xi Jinping. In itself, this fact has taken an important place in the list of events developing in Southeast Asia, which is characterized by an intensifying all-round struggle between the leading world powers for influence on the countries of this sub-region.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

South Korea and its cyber front

Generally, when it comes to cybercrime, the author writes about North Korean hackers, but an overview of what the issue of hackers in the ROK in general looks like is also noteworthy. First, some general statistics on hacker attacks in the ROK.    » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

China’s COMAC C919 Passenger Jet and a Leap for Multipolarism

Right at the end of 2022 the first of China’s COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China) C919 airliner jets was delivered to a domestic Chinese airline company, China Eastern Airlines. Reuters in an article titled, “China Eastern takes delivery of the world’s first made-in-China C919 jet,” would report: The world’s first C919,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

A new step to the dangerous line: now with drones?

On December 26, 2022, there was an incident between North and South that some media outlets immediately hyped as “peninsula on the brink of war”: five North Korean drones crossed the inter-Korean border, with one of them flying over northern Seoul. This was the first such incident in five years.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

How the Itaewon tragedy is being made into a Sewol for ROK President Yoon Suk-yeol

In 2014, South Korea was rocked by the Sewol ferry tragedy, including a failed rescue operation.  To be honest, it failed for objective rather than subjective reasons, but the outcome of the tragedy made the public look for the culprits and the Democratic Party, being in opposition at the time,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Ruling bloc approves “radical changes” to Japan’s security strategy

On December 12, Japan’s ruling party coalition, composed of 90% Liberal Democratic Party MPs plus 10% Komeito Party MPs, agreed on changes to the national security strategy that will form the basis of three government documents. Two of them, on general security issues as well as defense aspects,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Why is China improving ties with the Arab world?

For a long time, Western propagandists insisted that Chinese diplomacy was successful only in Central and Southeast Asia. As for the Middle East, Beijing allegedly had no experience in this region and no prospects for developing ties with the Arab world. However, the visit of Chinese leader Xi Jinping to the Middle East and his meetings with the leadership of Saudi Arabia,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

End of second general strike by truck drivers in ROK

On December 9, South Korea’s Cargo Truckers Solidarity Union voted to end their 16-day strike. The decision brought to an end the second round of Yoon Suk-yeol’s stand-off with the left-leaning trade unions, which we have already discussed in previous articles. The strikers were demanding permanent status for the current temporary minimum wage scheme,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Second general strike by truck drivers in ROK

Do you recall the summer story about the truckers’ strike in South Korea? It is now reoccurring and, in the author’s view, is not so much part of the workers’ struggle for their rights as an instance of the political confrontation between conservatives and democrats.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Moon Jae-in Under Attack: the North Korean Issue

In a previous article, the author described how the authorities were closing in on Moon Jae-in. However, the most serious anti-Moon allegations are not those related to corruption, but those regarding the “North Korean issue,” as they put into question Moon’s main achievement – the improvement of inter-Korean relations.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

ROK Prosecutors’ Office is tightening its noose on Lee Jae-myung

Although the latest article on how the investigation into possible abuse and corruption by people close to opposition leader Lee Jae-myung is going was not so long ago, new facts and new cases are emerging one after the other. Continuation of the Seongnamgate The last episode ended with the arrest of one of Lee’s closest associates,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

China factor in recent international fora

The phrase “shifting the center of gravity of global processes to the Indo-Pacific” has long been a well-established meme, i.e. it reflects a fairly obvious reality. In this regard, the fact that from November 8 to 19 this year in Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand, in the three countries of the (sub)region of Southeast Asia,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Did North Korea invent a teleporter?

This author wrote in an earlier publication about the attempts to accuse the DPRK of supplying weapons to Russia, however, barely two months after the provocative New York Times article, the United States has revisited the issue, and at an even higher level. On November 2,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

No DPRK nuclear test yet

North Korea has conducted a total of six nuclear tests since 2006 and a seventh is believed to be just around the corner – in 2022, Western experts have named seven or eight dates on which Kim Jong-un will definitely detonate a nuclear bomb. In late October,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Japan plans to buy “Tomahawks”

A report published in late October (citing a certain “government source”) by one of Japan’s leading newspapers, Yomiuri Shimbun, that the country’s leadership had sent an inquiry to its counterparts in the United States regarding the possibility of purchasing Tomahawk cruise missiles from Raytheon,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

South Korea strengthens its economic presence in Africa

As the struggle for multipolarity and resources in Europe and Asia continues, another field of strategic confrontation between world powers is gradually taking shape. The fragmented African continent, with sensitive hotbeds of simmering and re-emerging conflicts, but rich in natural resources, is increasingly attracting investors from all over the world.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Olaf Scholz, Germany’s Chancellor, visits China

On November 4, Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz flew to Beijing for talks with the Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang – a remarkable development, given the current state of the Great Global Game. The visit was surprising for a number of reasons – and here,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Moon Jae-in is still under attack

South Korea’s current conservative government is closing in on the former president, and he is under attack on several fronts at once. On the one hand, there have been several crude attempts to harass him, using illegal methods, and these have been blocked by the courts.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Is Lee Jae-myung heading for the premiership or for prison?

On August 28, 2022 the Democratic Party of Korea, currently the main opposition party in South Korea, elected Lee Jae-myung, a former presidential candidate, as its new Chairman. He obtained 77.77% of the votes.  His victory means that he has the support of the largest faction in the Democratic Party,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Exchange of fire in the Yellow Sea

On October 24, 2022 the armed forces of North and South Korea both announced that they had fired warning shots after a North Korean ship crossed the Northern Limit Line (NLL) in the Yellow Sea, the de facto maritime border between the two countries.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook