The Dark History of the Royals

Queen Elizardbeast is dead, long live King Charles?! Yes, for those lucky souls who are so blissfully detached from the 24/7 newsfeeds that you haven't heard yet,  » Lees verderㅤAnimation: De populairste websites volgens webverkeer (1993-2022)

10-09-22 07: 40: 00, Visual Capitalist door James Eagle De populairste websites sinds 1993 In de afgelopen drie decennia is het internet in een verbijsterend tempo gegroeid. In 1993 waren er minder dan 200 websites beschikbaar op het World Wide Web. Fast forward naar 2022, en dat aantal is gegroeid tot 2 miljard. Deze animatie van James Eagle geeft een historische kijk op de evolutie van het internet, en toont de populairste websites door de

The agenda of world domination by the World Economic Forum

✔︎ FACT CHECKED: See sources at end of post Since the beginning of time, power hungry madmen have attempted to seize control over the entire world. Egyptian pharaohs, Asian emperors, European warlords, Roman emperors, Russian tsars, and British kings waged relentless wars, trying to gain absolute power over the rest of humanity. One world empire succeeded the other: the Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Roman, Chinese, Spanish, British empires all had one goal: conquer the nations, and if

The Media Matrix

Media. It surrounds us. We live our lives in it and through it. We structure our lives around it. But it wasn't always this way.  » Lees verder

The Unz Review:ㅤA Negative Review of Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition, by Kevin MacDonald

A rather negative review of my book Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition: Evolutionary Origins, History, and Prospects for the Future appeared by someone who calls himself thezman. I am not familiar with his blog, but he seems to be basically on the right side of things as indicated by its blogroll, which includes, AmRen, Steve Sailer, etc. Since most people are not going to wade through a 500+-page book, this is my version

The Unz Review:ㅤChauvinism of Jews, Greeks, &Amp; Romans and the Mediterranean Sea as the Petri Dish of History — Why Did Northern Europe Come to Civilization Later But Make Unprecedented Progress? — Britain as New Rome and Its Problematic Template for Anglo-Americanist Globalism, by Jung-Freud

It’s been said over and over, we need to support Israel because it’s part of Western Civilization even though, ironically enough, Jews are at the forefront of unraveling whatever that has held the West together as a people, culture, history, and territory. We have a situation where Jews, who are said to represent the West, push mass non-white immigration on the West, making the West less Western but in the name of ‘Western Values’ that

The Unz Review:ㅤTownsman of a Stiller Town, by Jared Taylor

It is with the deepest sorrow that we announce the unexpected death of Chris Roberts. He was an invaluable member of the AmRen staff, and as our primary public contact, was personally known to many of you. The cause of his death is not known. Roberts, who worked for us from July 2016 to October 2017 and again, beginning in November 2019, was a constant source of energy and new ideas. His title — Director

The Coming War On China (China Documentary) | History Documentary | Reel Truth History

The Coming War on China, from award winning journalist John Pilger, reveals what the news doesn’t – that the world’s greatest military power, the United States, and the world’s second economic power, China, both nuclear-armed, may well be on the…

9/11, Trump and the Israeli connection. (Johnny Gat Mirror)

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Reexamining History with Noam Chomsky: US Elite’s view of European Fascism before WW2

This is the beginning of a new series called "Reexamining History" in which we explore history and surface facts that are usually suppressed and/or ignored in mainstream historical literature. In this part of Reexaming History, we talk to Prof.Noam Chomsky…

The Federal Reserve: Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money Ep 4

Bonus Presentation here: Who owns the Federal Reserve? You are about to learn one of the biggest secrets in the history of the world... it's a secret that has huge effects for everyone who lives on this planet. Most…