The Lebanese Crisis and its Aftermath

Lebanese legislators have failed for the seventh time to elect a successor to former president Michel Aoun, even as the absence of a president hinders efforts to rescue an economy that has fallen into the abyss.  Parliament is split between supporters of the Hezbollah group and its opponents,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

US, China Defense Ministers meet on the sidelines of the 9th ADMM-Plus Forum

The results of the meeting between Chinese leader Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden, which took place on November 14 on the sidelines of the G20 summit, have been given different evaluations. By official representatives of both countries and independent commentators alike. Which is natural, since,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

New UK PM Enters Whilst the Rest of the World Gangs Up Against the Schoolyard Bully, America

The ongoing debacle in Ukraine demonstrates that the US and the “allies of the willing” are no longer the main power block in the world. There are new camps forming, alliances, and these are often connecxted to old colonial wounds and shared pain. Collectively they are ganging up against the schoolyard bully,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Why is Soros leaving Tajikistan?

As per the statement posted on the website of the Open Society Foundation (“Open Society” or Soros Foundation – which was declared an undesirable organization in Russia back in 2015), the so-called “charity” of American billionaire George Soros, whose fortune is estimated by Forbes at $6.7 billion,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Bahrain: what the recent elections have shown

The fraudulent parliamentary elections in Bahrain (a small kingdom in the Persian Gulf) were roundly condemned in many countries, as all opposition parties were officially banned from participating. Those who could have stood for election and competed with the ruling regime were instead sentenced to death, sexual violence,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Afghanistan and regional security in Central Asia

Having an important geostrategic position and being an essential link in the development of cooperation between Central and South Asia as well as in regional security issues, Afghanistan has attracted a lot of attention from its regional neighbors. The Central Asian countries, objectively interested in multifaceted cooperation with all their neighbors,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

ROK Prosecutors’ Office is tightening its noose on Lee Jae-myung

Although the latest article on how the investigation into possible abuse and corruption by people close to opposition leader Lee Jae-myung is going was not so long ago, new facts and new cases are emerging one after the other. Continuation of the Seongnamgate The last episode ended with the arrest of one of Lee’s closest associates,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Egypt: outcome of UN Climate Change Conference

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, from November 6, just ended. However, it did not meet the official deadline (due to end on November 18) and was extended until November 20 due to Western obstruction. It was only then, after desperate debate and discussion,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Weapons handed over to Ukraine returned to Western criminals

A year ago, the whole world was actively debating the fate of United States weapons supplied to Afghanistan, which ended up in the hands of terrorists and criminal gangs. It should be recalled that according to Joe Biden, the total US military spending in 2001-2021 on military operations in Afghanistan exceeded $2 trillion,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

China factor in recent international fora

The phrase “shifting the center of gravity of global processes to the Indo-Pacific” has long been a well-established meme, i.e. it reflects a fairly obvious reality. In this regard, the fact that from November 8 to 19 this year in Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand, in the three countries of the (sub)region of Southeast Asia,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Africa to fortify the architecture of peace and security on the continent

In recent decades, the issue of ensuring the security of African states has become particularly acute. This is as a matter of fact, due to the numerous problems that have accumulated on the continent, including high levels of poverty, the dissatisfaction of the population of several countries with the policies of the authorities,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Tokayev’s policies will focus on Russia, China and the West

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev was re-elected as the President of Kazakhstan. He was supported by 81.31% of voters in the snap election on November 20.  Thus, Tokayev confirmed his legitimacy and the citizens of the republic opted for New Kazakhstan, the program proposed by the head of state. The election was calm,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

The Fear of Fear Itself: The Gripping Truth Out of Ukraine

Scarcity and who is getting rich from it is the only geopolitical question that matters today. The proxy military actions in Ukraine are all over the news. Of course, it is. Death, destruction, and war machines have always been popular entertainment. The real war, the battle waged by the elites on us all,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Did North Korea invent a teleporter?

This author wrote in an earlier publication about the attempts to accuse the DPRK of supplying weapons to Russia, however, barely two months after the provocative New York Times article, the United States has revisited the issue, and at an even higher level. On November 2,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Why is Ukraine asking the West for longer-range missiles?

The anti-Russian hysteria instigated by Ukraine and Poland, supported by certain members of the current Russophobic military-political elite in the West, around the incident of the two missiles falling in Przewodów, has clearly confirmed not only the fragility of the current system of universal security, But also the fact of active search by neo-Nazis,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

No DPRK nuclear test yet

North Korea has conducted a total of six nuclear tests since 2006 and a seventh is believed to be just around the corner – in 2022, Western experts have named seven or eight dates on which Kim Jong-un will definitely detonate a nuclear bomb. In late October,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Japan plans to buy “Tomahawks”

A report published in late October (citing a certain “government source”) by one of Japan’s leading newspapers, Yomiuri Shimbun, that the country’s leadership had sent an inquiry to its counterparts in the United States regarding the possibility of purchasing Tomahawk cruise missiles from Raytheon,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

The next international exercises of the naval forces Malabar have commenced

On November 8, the ten-day naval exercise Malabar began in the area of the east coast of Japan with the participation of US warships, Japan itself, India, and Australia. For the past ten years, they have been held annually and represent a notable event in the process of changing the situation in the Indo-Pacific region,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Drones are changing the nature of armed conflicts

The last few years the use of remotely controlled unmanned aerial vehicles has radically changed the way armed conflicts are being waged. However, this approach cannot be described as new, as the first experiments with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in combat took place during the Second World War,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Olaf Scholz, Germany’s Chancellor, visits China

On November 4, Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz flew to Beijing for talks with the Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang – a remarkable development, given the current state of the Great Global Game. The visit was surprising for a number of reasons – and here,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Why is Qatar fighting Europe for gas and market justice?

The United States’ energy war unleashed against Russia, followed by the gas terrorism of sabotaging Russia’s gas pipelines to Europe, Nord Stream 1 and 2, is causing outright rejection of this adventurous policy on the part of the international community. It is not only the citizens of Europe,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Chronicle of the Taiwan Issue-12

Since the last Chronicle of the Taiwan Issue, a lot has happened both in terms of specific events and – far more – in verbal and informational space. The main focus of the world media was, of course, on the preparatory process, the course as well as the outcome of the 20th CPC National Congress as a whole and those aspects of it that touched on the Taiwan issue,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New

Russia-West: semantic hallucinations

           The end of October was hot. In the early hours of the morning of October 29, Ukrainian aerial drones and underwater drones attacked the Russian naval base in Sevastopol. The attack was repelled, although some ships were damaged, but it had severe political and economic consequences. The Ministry of Defense,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

The crisis in the West will steadily deepen

Western civilization is facing more and more problems. Over the past few decades, there have been many symptoms of a de facto decline of Western powers. Perhaps most clearly, these crises were reflected in the latest report of the so-called Club of Rome. Its authors believe that today’s “crisis is not cyclical,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Is Lee Jae-myung heading for the premiership or for prison?

On August 28, 2022 the Democratic Party of Korea, currently the main opposition party in South Korea, elected Lee Jae-myung, a former presidential candidate, as its new Chairman. He obtained 77.77% of the votes.  His victory means that he has the support of the largest faction in the Democratic Party,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Will Ursula von der Leyen be forced to resign, and will her deeds be investigated?

Europe has been rocked by large-scale protests over the last few weeks, and many politicians and media organizations in the EU see this as a reflection of public dissatisfaction with the policies of the European Commission and especially its head, Ursula von der Leyen. The main concern is the rising cost of living,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

OPEC – USA: new policy, new decisions

The reaction of Joe Biden’s administration to the decision by OPEC and its allies to cut production by two million barrels per day is clear enough to confirm growing tensions with oil producers, particularly Saudi Arabia. Although the decision was widely expected and did not actually have a major impact on oil prices,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Another half step to the dangerous line

Just when the author thought that, once the North Korean “nuclear counterattack exercise” was over, he could have a rest, this, unfortunately, would not come to pass!  The tension continues unabated and the dangerous line is one step closer. There have been many developments,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Germany has strengthened Turkey’s ties with Russia

The blatantly incorrect actions of the current German government towards Russia, in particular its active support for the fascist regime in Kiev and its passivity in the events surrounding Nord Stream, have forced Moscow to look for more reliable partners, including outside the EU. This was especially true of Russian cooperation in the gas sector,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook