Waking Up? More Are Skeptical Of The Narrative

From Ron Paul live stream Aug 4, 2020 http://LibertyHowl.com

According to a recent Axio-Ipsos poll, Americans are increasingly skeptical of the official case and death reports being served up by politicians and the mainstream media. Are we getting closer to the awakening needed to put an end to Covid tyranny?

Plus, New York Times admits that lockdowns will kill more than Covid; What is happening to Australia; Houston Mayor threatens residents; and the real danger to Americans is not Covid according to this important map.


Don’t Do Your Own Research!!! – PropagandaWatch – corbettreport

Treat yourself, or give the gift of Liberty —
( history, economics)


Did the Minneapolis police really tell the citizens that they’re on their own? – Eric July

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Lockdown Protests – The Great Awakening WorldWide (Huge Compilation Mai 2020)

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Protests around the world against lockdowns, government and tyranny. Huge compilation of protests everywhere in the world, fighting for Freedom! Like this video and please subscribe! Thank you :D

0:08 – Lansing – Michigan (USA)
0:34 – Augusta – Maine (USA)
0:56 – Stuttgart – Germany
1:13 – Munich – Germany
1:29 – Berlin – Germany
1:41 – Sacramento – California (USA)
2:07 – Huntington Beach – California (USA)
2:39 – San Diego – California (USA)
3:01 – Ventura – California (USA)
3:24 – Brasilia – Brazil
4:06 – Ljubljana – Slovenia
4:30 – Maribor – Slovenia
4:55 – Poznan – Poland
5:13 – Toronto – Ontario (CAN)
5:32 – Vancouver – British Columbia (CAN)
5:47 – Winnipeg – Manitoba (CAN)
6:10 – Edmonton – Alberta (CAN)
6:25 – Trenton – New Jersey (USA)
6:57 – Rochester – New York (USA)
7:17 – Carson City – Nevada (USA)
7:38 – Concord – New Hampshire (USA)
8:02 – Beirut – Lebanon
8:29 – Hong Kong
8:55 – Belgrado – Serbia
9:28 – Kiev – Ukraine
9:45 – Chayanda – Sakha-Yakutia – Russia
10:00 – Plateau Residence – Nigeria
10:21 – Sangrareddy – Hyderabad – India
10:39 – Tel Aviv – Israel (Correct: Video shows protest against government forming)
11:00 – Chicago – Illinois (USA)
11:15 – Springfield – Illinois (USA)
11:29 – Salem – Oregon (USA)
12:00 – Raleigh – North Carolina (USA)
12:21 – Indianapolis – Indiana (USA) (Correction)
12:35 – Seattle – Washington State (USA)

9-11: Fear is the Foundation of Most Governments

James Madison warned us: “Perhaps it is a universal truth that the loss of liberty at home is to be charged to provisions agst. danger real or pretended from abroad.”

18 years ago today, the terrorist attacks of September 11th. No one should be surprised that power hungry government people have been using this event as an excuse to keep expanding their own power ever since. We were warned this would happen.

Path to Liberty: September 11, 2019

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Madison to Jefferson May 1798

9-11 Solidified the Destruction of our Freedom

9/11 Solidified the Destruction of Our Freedom

Enemy of the People?

John Adams, Fear

John Dickinson, Oppose a Disease

Part 2: Six Day War Massacre: USS Liberty Veterans Reveal Truth About Israeli Attack

Today on TRUNEWS we share part two of our discussion about the murderous betrayal Israel carried out against the most decorated vessel in U.S. history. We are joined by survivors, Larry Bowen, William “Mickey” LeMay, and Bob Scarborough, to detail the intentional butchering of Americans, chronicled in the new book, “Erasing the Liberty.” Rick Wiles, Matt Skow, Larry Bowen, William “Mickey” LeMay, Bob Scarborough. Airdate: 5/28/19.


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Glenn Greenwald on Donald Trump, NSA Surveillance, Facebook, Russiagate, Syria, Israel, Gaza & Yemen

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