The Unz Review:ㅤONCE UPON A TIME… IN HOLLYWOOD or Welcome to Tarantinopolis — Some Thoughts on Sergio Leone’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN the WEST, Martin Scorsese, and JOKER, by Jung-Freud

“I’m practically crying, and I haven’t even read it.” – Trudi Fraser It’s almost as if Terry Gilliam believes ignorance is knowledge, or a kind of creative strength. While directing BRAZIL, he insisted on not having read George Orwell’s 1984 and only having heard of it. So, the movie is essentially Gilliam going off tangents on his impression of 1984’s basic concept(from hearsay, articles, movies, etc). Though critics were divided, it had its share of

PRC-ROK Relations: Cultural Exchanges

After THAAD was deployed in the Republic of Korea in 2016, China restricted access to its market for South Korean (pop) culture content, including games, movies, TV series and popular music. Korean artists were banned from touring in China. However, the Chinese government did not issue any official decrees on this matter: restrictions were imposed by rejecting requests for permits.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook