The Unz Review:ㅤNEW BOOK: The Paleolibertarian Guide to Deep Tech, Deep Pharma & the Aberrant Economy, by Ilana Mercer

State ideology and the corporate creed have converged. Between them, they suborn the individual in one way or another Between the State and the Corporation, Homo sapiens has been reduced to a Hobbesian, hedonistic version of homo economicus and a sad iteration of homo solitarius The Paleolibertarian Guide To Deep Tech, Deep Pharma & The Aberrant Economy is the first in a series of volumes, to form part of “The Paleolibertarian Guide” (TPG) compendium. “Deep

Cynthia and I will be hosting an event in Calgary (March 16)… and you’re invited

On the afternoon of Saturday, March 16, Cynthia and I will be hosting an event in Calgary, Alberta in order to discuss some pretty big concepts touching on history, geopolitics, science and, of course, the future. If you are in, or near Calgary Alberta, then you are, of course, invited. That said, we aren’t sure what size of a venue we should rent, so this email is for everyone in our network who would be