Yet another chronicle of the Taiwan situation

The penultimate chronicle of events accompanying the development of the Taiwan problem, discussed more or less regularly in the NEO, described the state of the initial reaction of politicians, both in Taiwan itself and among leading players in the world, to the rather unexpected results of local authorities elections on the island in late November.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Why’s the West Desperate to Win in Ukraine?

Some powerful people – especially, the Neo-conservatives (Neocons) – in the US are getting desperate to defeat Russia in Ukraine. They think the US and NATO are not doing enough, leading Russia to win in Ukraine. Their basic premise is that the US must do much more than it has been doing i.e.,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

How the US is blackmailing countries that buy American weapons

Economic sanctions and blackmail have long been the preferred methods of conducting foreign policy and advancing the United States’ own geopolitical interests. In 2018, the US withdrew from the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program signed in May 2015, following which Washington began to implement the “maximum pressure” strategy on Iran.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

West Asia in a tangled web of lies and deceit due to US propaganda

The leadership of the social media giant Twitter (access to this social network is prohibited in the Russian Federation on the basis of Article 15.3 of the Federal Law “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection”) stated before the New Year that it had long adhered to clear positions on the spread of American influence abroad,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Bretton Woods Entities Have No Way Out Of The Woods!

I wonder just what per cent of the population even knows about Bretton Woods and its implications for the global system. What goes around comes around, and the US and its economic allies, under the guise of the IMF and World Bank, Bretton Woods Entities that emerged in the wake of World War Two,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

US escalates military tension with China

Tensions between the US and China, which have reached an intense level in recent decades, especially under Donald Trump, have continued to escalate with the arrival of the Joe Biden administration in the White House. At the same time, despite deep contradictions between Republicans and Democrats on most political and international issues (in recent years),  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

US Patriot Missiles in Ukraine: A Desperate & Dangerous Escalation

US appears to be in the process of transferring its Patriot air defense missile system to Ukraine. CNN in its article, “Exclusive: US finalizing plans to send Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine,” claims the US will approve and then quickly ship the system or systems into Ukraine in just days after the decision is made.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

House Republicans Will Sell Everyone “Down The Middle “River” or Road!

When Nicolae Ceasencu decided, on December 21st 1989, to make what turned out to be his last speech it is generally agreed he didn’t know what was coming next. The revolution which would depose him hours later was already in full swing, and he knew why – the people didn’t believe in him anymore,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

The decline and fall of the US world order is inevitable

Unlike Russia, China and many other countries that prefer to follow the world order based on international law and the UN Charter, since early 1990s, i.e. after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, in public speeches by American, and by several other Western politicians, there were persistent calls for a “rules-based international order,” representing the so-called exclusively “Western values.” Thus,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Drugs flood Europe through the Armed Forces of Ukraine

According to the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), the volume of drug consumption in EU countries has increased markedly this year. And this is despite the fact that in Europe, as a result of the activities of law enforcement agencies, hundreds of illegal drug laboratories are being liquidated,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

“Star Wars” between the US and the East

Since 1957, space has become an arena of active rivalry between scientific thought and economic-technical capabilities between Moscow and Washington. For a long time, the USSR was the leader in the peaceful exploration of space, launching Sputnik 1, the first artificial Earth satellite, and sending the first human being into outer space (Yuri Gagarin),  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Russia & VT Exposes US Bio Weapons in Georgia-Ukraine

Jeffrey Silverman, Georgian Bureau Chief for Veterans Today, has been interviewed by several Russian TV channels concerning his work over the years in exposing US bio weapons programmes in Georgia and countries of the former Soviet Union, with special emphasis on Ukraine, and on the latest breaking news,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

The US factor in current China-EU relations

The countries of the European continent, which the EU bureaucracy also claims to represent, are among China’s top three partners in foreign trade and economic relations. The other two are a dozen Southeast Asian countries that form ASEAN, and the US. In turn, trends in trade and economic relations cannot be considered outside the context of global political processes,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

What did Macron Tell Biden?

‘This is not how you treat allies’ was, as various media reports in the US and Europe show, the message that the French leader gave to the US President Joe Biden during the former’s recent visit to the US. The message is a continuation of the logic i.e.,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

The next international exercises of the naval forces Malabar have commenced

On November 8, the ten-day naval exercise Malabar began in the area of the east coast of Japan with the participation of US warships, Japan itself, India, and Australia. For the past ten years, they have been held annually and represent a notable event in the process of changing the situation in the Indo-Pacific region,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Joe Biden and the ‘energy crisis’ in the West

The decision of OPEC+ to introduce a deep cut to its oil production definitely came as a shock to the West (the US and the EU). Democrats, including Joe Biden in the US, were quick to point fingers to Saudi Arabia as the culprit. In fact, many Democrats are already demanding that the Kingdom be penalized for its actions.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Drones are changing the nature of armed conflicts

The last few years the use of remotely controlled unmanned aerial vehicles has radically changed the way armed conflicts are being waged. However, this approach cannot be described as new, as the first experiments with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in combat took place during the Second World War,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

US ambassadors lead in abuse of power

Against the backdrop of recent turbulent international events in various parts of the world, it is not only them that have attracted increased international and media attention, but also the various “stunts” pulled by a number of ambassadors in their political dances on the diplomatic podium.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Chronicle of the Taiwan Issue-12

Since the last Chronicle of the Taiwan Issue, a lot has happened both in terms of specific events and – far more – in verbal and informational space. The main focus of the world media was, of course, on the preparatory process, the course as well as the outcome of the 20th CPC National Congress as a whole and those aspects of it that touched on the Taiwan issue,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New

OPEC – USA: new policy, new decisions

The reaction of Joe Biden’s administration to the decision by OPEC and its allies to cut production by two million barrels per day is clear enough to confirm growing tensions with oil producers, particularly Saudi Arabia. Although the decision was widely expected and did not actually have a major impact on oil prices,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Will the US and Germany answer for the energy crisis they caused?

As you may know, the wars of the last century took place mainly because of energy resources, which the industry and economy of the developing world began to need particularly strongly. This is especially evident in the events of World War II, which not only demonstrated the struggle for spheres of influence in general,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

The United States and Britain continue secret biological research in Central Asia.

Despite numerous publications about military research in secret US biology laboratories in the post-Soviet space and demands to place their activities under strict international control, there is, unfortunately, no qualitative improvement of the situation in this matter. Therefore, it is not surprising that at the recent 22nd Meeting of the SCO Council of Heads of State,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Missed Yoon and Biden summit

After describing Yoon’s trip to the Anglo-Saxon world a little earlier, it is worth discussing how it affected the ROK’s relations with the US and the UK. For, although Yoon’s opponents have called it a “failure”, the situation is in fact somewhat more complicated. It cannot be said that Yoon’s trip worsened the ROK’s relations with the US or the UK.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Chips and Science Act passed in the US

The adoption of the so-called “Chips Act” in the USA in August of this year, with the addition of the word “science” in the title (not accidentally, as will be discussed below), is an extremely noteworthy event from many different perspectives. And, perhaps most of all, from a political perspective.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Debt agony throws the US against the Arab world

Due to the US administration’s policy of continuous borrowing, including to finance the armed conflict in Ukraine, amid record inflation and fears of an impending recession, public debt exceeded $31 trillion for the first time. The Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates, but tighter lending policies are causing the federal government to spend $500 billion on servicing the national debt.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Where will Europe have to move its industrial production?

The vulnerability of the world, especially Europe, to importing fossil fuels from abroad was already shown by the oil crisis of the 1970s. Europe began to gradually cope with it only a decade later. In a way, the winning move at that time was to actively build nuclear power plants in order to produce high-tech energy themselves.  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

What is the Likelihood of a “Reset” in Australia-New Zealand Relations?

On May 23, 2022 parliamentary elections resulted in the swearing-in of Anthony Albanese, head of Australia’s victorious Labor Party, as the country’s new Prime Minister. Many analysts were confident that Australia would see a major shift in its foreign policy as a result of the political reshuffle,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

China Stands against the United States’ Violation of International Law

To date, US-China relations have steadily deteriorated. One of the reasons for the cooling of relations between the two countries is Beijing’s growing ambition to gain control of the South Pacific region, while Washington intends to thwart China’s growing military and economic power. To maintain their current position in the region,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

US Hard at Work Preparing Taiwan for War with China

The years leading up to World War I and World War II are often referred to by historians as “diplomatic fever,” because of active mobilization of several powers around the world in both overt and covert alliances. However, such activity was not aimed at preventing conflict,  » Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Over de eerste ministeriële bijeenkomst van de lidstaten van het IPEF

19-09-22 08: 50: 00, Op 8-9 september vond in Los Angeles de eerste bijeenkomst plaats van de ministers van Handel van de lidstaten van het Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity, dat om de een of andere reden vaak wordt afgekort tot alleen IPEF (in plaats van bijvoorbeeld IPEFP). De Amerikaanse president Joe Biden kondigde in mei 23 van dit jaar in Tokio in de marge van een Quad -top, " Lees verder bij de bron:

Aziatische en NAVO-landen raken actief betrokken bij de “strijd om het Noordpoolgebied”

18-09-22 08: 05: 00, Tijdens de Koude Oorlog vochten Washington en Moskou hard om de dominantie in het Noordpoolgebied. Maar deze spanningen namen af in de 1990s, een periode van "toenadering tussen het Westen en Rusland". Er werd zelfs een Arctische Raad opgericht, die de staten van de regio samenbracht en hen in staat stelde hun beleid te coördineren. " Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

Joe Biden, het Amerikaans militair-industrieel complex, en wapenleveranties aan Oekraïne en Taiwan

11-09-22 02: 53: 00, Het is een publiek geheim dat geld een doorslaggevende rol speelt in Amerikaanse presidentsverkiezingscampagnes - al die advertenties en advies- en PR-diensten moeten betaald worden. Bovendien, zoals de strategie van de Democraten duidelijk heeft gemaakt, is het organiseren van straatprotesten en media- en andere voorlichtingscampagnes een dure aangelegenheid - en is er veel niet-budgettaire financiering nodig. " Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook

VS en de tweefrontenoorlog met Rusland en China

10-09-22 04: 44: 00, De totale machteloosheid van de huidige Amerikaanse autoriteiten (zelfs zichtbaar aan het gezicht van hun president) die streven naar een unipolaire wereld, tegen de achtergrond van de voortdurende verwijdering van de Verenigde Staten van de "wereldtroon", dwingt mentaal uitgeputte Amerikaanse strategen om in meer en meer falende avonturen te springen. " Lees verder bij de bron: New Eastern Outlook