James Corbett:



James Corbett: “How everyone can stand up for their freedom”

22.11.2021 | www.kla.tv/20669

Currently, no country is safe from having its inhabitants existentially regulated by blatant Covid vaccination regulations and green vaccination certificates or passports. For these certificates or passports are obviously a fundamental part of the new economic control system, which is to be installed globally at the instigation of a few financial giants. But do all people have to accept these incapacitating coercive measures uncritically and passively like rain and snow? The investigative journalist James Corbett says a clear no and proves it with many examples in which people have broken through these apparently hopeless situations/desperate entrapments by courageous action. In his film contribution “The Corbett Report Solution Watch”, Corbett presents a catalog of measures that shows, as if it were appetizers, how every citizen, even every school child, can sustainably thwart the threat posed by vaccine mandates and passports.

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James Corbett: “How everyone can stand up for their freedom”

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